Heat and Mass Transfer Studies o f the East Mesa Anomaly


K.P. Goyal and D.R. Kassoy

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East Mesa, California; Imperial Valley


Stanford Geothermal Workshop







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Heat and mass transfer due to convection in a two-dimensional model of the East Mesa geothermal system are presented in this paper. These results are an extension of those presented by Goyal and Kassoy (1977). Geological, geophysical, geochemical, and borehole logging data suggests the existence of four different zones in this anomaly. Basement, the deepest :zone, is about 4 km from the surface (Combs and fiadley, 1977) and carries nearly vertical tensile fractures (Bailey, 1977). These fractures would increase the vertical permeability much more than the horizontal permeability. A clay- dominated zone overlies the basement and extends to about 1.9-2.2 km from the surface. The vertical permeability of the sediments in this zone is expected to be good near the fractures. The horizontal in this permeability is thought to be only moderate because of the presence of clay and dirty sands. Sands dominate the sedimentary zone from about 800-1900 meters depth. Both horizontal and vertical permeabilities in this zone are expected to be better than the underlying zone because of greater sand contents, continuity, and less compaction. The fourth zone, containing large amounts of clay, is represented by the upper 600 meters or so. The vertical permeability is probably very low in these sediments but the numerous shallow wells in them indicate that their horizontal permeability is good.

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