System Approach to Geothermal Field Development


Seiichi Hirakawa


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




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Geothermal energy will play an important role. Thanks to the great endeavors of those engzged in the geothermal field development in Japan, it has becone possible to generate 50MW/hr of electricity per unit field. Up to this day, as is often the case with its stage in the cradle, the main purpose has been to produce electricity from geothermal steam. The target of exploitation has mainly been the area by surface geological survey and the reservoirs are located not deeper tharn 1500 meters.

The technology for geothermal resource development necessitate full application of every essential technique in order to cope with the various types of objective geothermal resources, and, since it has direct influence on the profitability of investment, it needs to be evaluated from an overall viewpoint. The evaluation, at the same time, must be carried out efficiently, invoking various effective methods.

Therefore, it is expected to develop a simulation model which gives rational data for a judgement in working out strategies, such as the scale of the exploration, installation of utilities and schedules of investment and development. With a view to it, the model should be able to simulate both physical and economical phenomina through the life of the geothermal field, that is, from the beginning of exploration to development and utilization. It also should at once deterriine the optimum conditions the static and dynamic characteristics of the reservoir, the depth and the number of production and injection wells, the fittest layout and specifications of the site including surface facilities, the behavior of pressine, enthalpy 2nd other behaviors of the geothermal fluids flowing from the bottou to the hezd of the well and the costs associated with explotation, production and operation.

The purpose of this study is to develop simulation models for optimizing the scheme from exploration to utilization and to compose simulation programs for a digital computer.

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