Recent Reservoir Engineering Developments at Brady Hot Springs, Nevada


J.M. Rudisill

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Brady's Hot Springs, Nevada


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




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Brady's Hot Springs is a hydrothermal area located approximately 28Km northeast of Fernley, Nevada. manifestations of geothermal activity occur along a north - northeast trend fault zone (herein referred to as the Brady Thermal Fault) at the eastern margin of Hot Springs Flat, a small basin. Since September, 1959, Magma Power Company, its subsidiaries, and Union Oil Company (as Earth Energy Company) have drilled numerous wells in the area. In 1977 Magma's 160 acre lease in Section 12 was assigned to Geothermal Food Processors (GFP) for the purpose of providing heat from the wells on this acreage for the dehydration of food. GFP made application to the Geothermal Loan Guarantee Program (GLGP) assistance in financing the effort, and consequently the GLGP office turned to the USGS for a resource evaluation. in turn recommended that a pumped flow test was necessary to truly determine the ability of the acreage's wells to provide the requisite water flow rate, temperature, and composition for the plant's operating lifetime of at least 15 years. Consequently, Thermal Power Company was contacted and procured to design, arrange, conduct, and evaluate a pumped flow program to satisfy these questions.

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