Pressure Drawdown Analysis for the Travale 22 Well


A. Barelli, W.E. Brigham, H. Cinco, M. Economides, F.G. Miller, H.J. Ramey, J r . , and A. Schultz

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Travale, Italy


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Well Testing and Formation Evaluation



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This work presents preliminary results on the analysis of drawdown data for Travale 22. data were recorded in this well for over a period of almost two years. Both wellhead pressure and flow rate

In the past, Barelli et al. (1975) and Atkinson et al. (1977) presented the analysis of five pressure buildup tests. the Horner plot for these cases. They found that to have a good match in all cases, it was necessary to assume that the Travale 22 well is intersected by a partially penetrating vertical fracture in a parallel epiped whose bottom side is maintained at constant pressure (boiling front ), as shown in Fig. 2.

Atkinson et al. also presented an analysis for a pressure interface test run in the Travale-Radicondoli area. Travale 22 well was flowing and the pressure recorded at wells R1, R3, R5, R6, R9, and Chl (see Fig. 3). Analysis of these data showed t h at piessure interference in this reservoir can be matched by considering pure linear flow (Figs. 4 and 5 ). This indicated the possible presence of a vertical fracture intersecting the Travale 22 well. It was determined that fracture is oriented along the N73"W direction. In addition, the pressure interference data showed that no boundary exists within 2 kilometers from the fracture plane. It was mentioned that
linear flow should take place in both horizontal and vertical directions.

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