Added Value of Optimizing Single Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump (LRVP) in Lumut Balai Geothermal Power Plant


Erwandi YANTO, Asep Mamat Rohmat SOLIHAT, Miran AFRIANA, Dzuriat KHASANI, Priatna BUDIMAN, Hadi SURANTO

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Non-Condensable Gas, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Gas Removal System, Steam Jet Ejector


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Field Studies



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Non-Condensable Gas (NCG) is a natural component of geothermal fluids that it’s not easy to condense by condensing process at the condenser. It has the ability to interfere with the heat transfer proses in the condenser by raising the temperature with the result that turbine isentropic efficiency isn’t effectively working. From the measurement, the average percentage ratio of NCG content to the total steam consumption in the Lumut Balai Geothermal Field area is 0.04% of the total steam consumption of 399 tons/55 MWe equivalent to 159.6 kg/h of NCG. The total content is relocated and dispersed to the environment by the Gas Removal System. The design capacity of Gas Removal System PLTP Unit 1 Lumut Balai using 1 x 100% Steam Jet Ejector and 2 x 50% Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump for 1.2% NCG of the total steam consumption at 55 MWe load equivalent to 4,660 kg/h NCG. An assessment of the use of a 1 x 50% LRVP Gas Removal System is carried out to optimize the use of electrical energy consumption for its use. Design data using 1 x 50% LRVP can cover 2,330 kg/h of NCG while the actual production of NCG is 159.6 kg/h, meaning that only about 6% of the capacity of 1 x 50% LRVP is used. This assessment obtained the parameter-rated vacuum condenser pressure of 63 mbara at 55 MWe. The projection of revenue growth in using self-consumption energy and adding electrical energy to the grid amounted to USD 195,828 per annum, while the actual cost saving from January-May 2022 with the amount around USD 51,275.

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