Role of Earth Scientists in the Geothermal Energy and Volcanic Hazard Education in a Geothermal Field, East Java, Indonesia


M. Ghassan Jazmi SHALIHIN, Sukir MARYANTO, Adi SUSILO, Dwiandaru DARMAWAN, Rony P. NUGRAHA

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Earth science, earth scientist, geothermal field, volcanic hazard, disaster management, education, Indonesia


Stanford Geothermal Workshop







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The geothermal energy development in Indonesia still facing various challenges, despite the government plan to increase its utilization. One of the issues is the negative response from the local people or people resistance. In some geothermal projects, this problem is even the biggest obstacle that can stop a project activity. One of the factors that gave rise to the local people resistances perhaps due to a lack of understanding regarding with the positive impacts of the geothermal energy. Based on our study, some local people think that geothermal activities have an impact to their agricultural outcome and the environment around them. This problem may not be able to solve only by FPIC (Free, Prior, Informed, Consent). Earth scientist as one of the lead experts in the geothermal development activity must play an active role to educate the local people about the pros and cons of the activity. Universitas Brawijaya (UB) works together with Geoenergis to try in initiation the Geothermal Education Program to Students and Local People in East Java. The objective of this program is to give continuous geothermal education to the local people, so that they are well informed and support geothermal development activities in their surroundings. In addition, we also give awareness to the potential hazard that may possible to happen in the geothermal environment. This paper describes the initial planning & activities of our program, along with the future work plans.

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