Low Pressure Wells Generation on Steam Dominated Field


Ibrahim Abdus SALAM, Gamal HASTRIANSYAH, Fernando PASARIBU

Key Words:

Low Pressure Well, Production Test, Output Curve, Generation Capacity, Steam Dominated Field, Superheated Steam


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Reservoir Engineering



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Geothermal field should have monitoring wells that are used for reservoir monitoring. Some wells were originally intended as production wells but had non-commercial production test results, partly because the wellhead pressures were below operational pressure. These well were potential to become commercial using different power plants. This study will discuss low pressure category wells and the generation capability of each well. Observations were made on several steam domination wells beginning with the selection of a stable pressure in the production test activity and followed with data processing, output curve construction and the calculation of generation capacity. The result indicates that wells in low pressure category can be used as a solution to increase generation capacity by utilizing excess monitoring wells that already exist in the field.

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