Thermodynamics and Economics Analysis of Utilization of Ionic Liquids in Kalina Cycle System 34


Deny Fajar RIANSYAH, Tubagus Ahmad Fauzi SOELAIMAN, Firman Bagsa JUANGSA, Azaria Haykal AHMAD

Key Words:

geothermal bottoming unit, absorption power cycle, Kalina Cycle, ionic liquids


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The world has an awareness of climate change due to extensively burning fossil fuels. Reducing the use of fossil fuels can be done by increasing the efficiency of fossil power plants and using renewable energy resources. Geothermal, as one of those resources, has been being developed in power plants by utilizing its unused brine for bottoming cycle. This study focused on Kalina cycle system (KCS) 34 with working fluid of ionic liquids of water-[EMIM][DMP] conducted to generate electricity from unused brine. The modeling of thermodynamic properties and KCS 34 were carried out using the MATLAB R2020b software. Thermodynamics analysis was conducted by finding the optimum point producing maximum net power and thermal efficiency, then an economics analysis was performed by calculating the estimated capital cost and the payback period as well as the gross income at its optimum point. In addition, the analysis was also carried out by comparing the performance with ammonia-water. The results of the optimization using water-[EMIM][DMP] have maximum net power and thermal efficiency of 8.81% and 343.23 kW, respectively, about 5.18% higher than ammonia-water with an estimated capital cost of $2,753,426.94, about 3.77% higher with a gross income of $319,055.66/year, about 5.38% higher. The use of water-[EMIM][DMP] requires a payback period of 9 years since the system started operating, about a month faster than ammonia-water.

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