Harnessing Energy and Water in the Salton Sea


Nikola LAKIC

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Geothermal Power, Hydro Power, Electricity, Importing Seawater, In-Line-Pump, In-Line- Generator, Solar Power, Renewable Energy, Heat Exchanger, Desalinization, Potable Water, Extraction of Lithium, Clean Environment, Wildlife Sanctuary, Tourism, Fishery.


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The Salton Sea in California is a terminal lake with reduced inflow from the Colorado River because of the water transfers related to the Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA). The Lake is shrinking and exposing the receding shoreline (toxic playa) to the elements and facing oncoming environmental disasters. The presented proposal is a long-term solution for the restoration of the Salton Sea. It includes an Architectural Plan that harmoniously incorporates several patented technologies into a self-sustaining organism. The presented proposal includes several options based on the same concept: 1) Dividing the Lake into three sections; 2) Importing seawater from the Ocean; 3) Harnessing prevalent geothermal energy. Dividing the lake into three sections (Central and two smaller Northern and Southern sections) and redirecting the New River and Alamo River back to Mexico – to stop pollution – and importing seawater into the central section of the lake - would provide a condition for tourism (exclusive real-estate, beaches, resorts, hotels, etc.), and vast wildlife sanctuary. The presented proposal also implements several breakthrough technologies such as a) harnessing solar energy in combination with a pipeline system; b) harnessing prevalent geothermal energy which is accessible in the Salton Sea area by using a completely closed-loop heat exchange system for the generation of electricity, desalinization of the lake and production of the potable water as a free by-product; c) Providing a concentrated salty brine as a free by-product which is a source for extraction of lithium, and providing a safe depot for waste material after extraction of Lithium.

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