Silicic Acid Polymerization in Hydrothermal Solution


Gorbach V.A., Potapov V.V.

Key Words:

hydrothermal solution, orthosilicic acid, polymerization


Stanford Geothermal Workshop







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The experiments on orthosilicic acid polymerization in hydrothermal solutions were carried out. Hydrothermal separate from the reinjection pipes and productive wells of Verhne-Mutnovsky and Pauzhgetsky GeoPP's was sampled for the experiments. Two types of hydrothermal water from Mutnovskoye and Pauzhgetskoye hydrothermal fields were used in the experiments. Mineralization, pH, ions and silica concentrations were different in these two types of water. Silica acid polymerization was investigated at the wide range of temperatures 20-100 0C, ionic strength 0.01-1.0 mole/kg and pH = 4-9 of water solution. The data on silica concentration versus time at different temperatures, ionic strength and pH were obtained. The results of the research can be applied for the development of technology of silica extraction for increasing of efficiency of hydrothermal heat carrier using and for control of solids deposition at wells, pipes and heat equipment of GeoPPs.

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