Tracer Flow Model for Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs


J. Ramirez


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Final Session



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The model proposed has been developed to study the flow of tracers through naturally fractured geothermal reservoirs. The reservoir is treated as being composed of two regions: a mobil region where diffusion and convection take place and a stagnant or immobile region where only diffusion and adsorption are allowed. Solutions to the basic equations in the Laplace space were derived for tracer injection and were numerically inverted using the Stehfest algorithm. Eventhough numerical dispersion is present in these solutions, starting at moderate dimensionless time values, a definite trend was found as to infer the behavior of the system under different flow conditions. For practical purpouses, i t was found that the size of the mat r i x blocks does n o t seem to affect the tracer concentration response and the solution became equivalent to that previously presentedby Tang -- e t a l .

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