Reservoir Management - As Conceived and Applied on the Palinpinon Reservoir, Phillipines


Z.F. Sarmiento, A.E. Amistoso

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Palinpinon, Philippines; Negros


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Field Development



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The present exploitation of Palinpinon reservoir has revealed valuable information on the subsurface characteristics of the reservoir under large scale production. The initial behavior of the field has given signals that there is a need to implement appropriate strategies to optimise its capacity without jeopardizing the supply of adequate steam to the power plant. Some of the problems encountered such as reinjection returns, mineral deposition, ingress of acid fluid and other phenomena indicated the need to pursue an agressive monitoring capability and timely appraisal of the field response to design an approach which will best suit the optimum management of the reservoir. The results of reservoir monitoring are discussed as well as the policies applied in operating the field.

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