Analysis of Production and Reservoir Performance at the Casa Diablo Geothermal Project


Richard J. Miller, Rosalinda Vasquez

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Long Valley Caldera, California


Stanford Geothermal Workshop




Field Data Analysis



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The Mammoth-Pacific geothermal project at Casa Diablo has been in production since January, 1985. The plant generates 7-8 MW of electric power using a binary system supplied by geothermal fluid production from four wells that produce about 3500 GPM of 340O F, low salinity geothermal fluid. The wells produce from a fault / fracture system that is apparently continually recharged from a deep " reservoir " with no significant drawdown in pressure or decline in flow rate over the 2 year period. Prior to the start of production a series of well tests were conducted to determine the pumped flow capacity of the original four wells and to d e term in e reservoir properties from pressured drawdown and build - u p analysis. Since the star t of operations a continuous record of production rate, flowing bottom-hole pressure, and temperature has been maintained. The well tests and product i o n records have been evaluated to d e t e r mine the nature of the reservoir and reservoir permeability and other proper t i e s. This paper presents the results of t h at evaluation.

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