Stanford Geothermal Workshop
February 13-15, 2017

Monday 13th February 2017
Chair: Kewen Li

(0) "An Update on the Activities of the Department of Energy Geothermal Technology Office," Susan HAMM [Abstract]

(1) "DNA Barcoding for Fractured Reservoir Analysis – an Initial Investigation," Yuran ZHANG, Zhirui ZENG, Kewen LI, Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

(2) "Towards a Better Understanding of the Impact of Fracture Roughness on Permeability-Stress Relationships Using First Principles," Carla CO, David POLLARD, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(3) "Potential Utilizations of 3D Printed Fracture Network Model," Anna SUZUKI, Kewen LI, Roland, HORNE [Paper]

(4) "Application of UNFC-2009 to Geothermal Energy Resources," Graeme BEARDSMORE [Abstract]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 2(A): GENERAL 1
Chair: Humera Farah

(5) "Creating a Geothermal Atlas of Hungary," Aniko TOTH [Paper]

(6) "Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Geothermal Power Production," Thrainn FRIDRIKSSON, Almudena MATEOS, Yasemin ORUCU, Pierre AUDINET [Paper]

(7) "Improving a 2015 Map of Geothermal Resource Probability Across the State of Hawaii," Nicole LAUTZE, Donald THOMAS, Robert WHITTIER, Stephen MARTEL, Garrett ITO, Neil FRAZER, Graham HILL, Thomas MARTIN, Phil WANNAMAKER, Nicholas HINZ [Paper]

(8) "Case Study of Geothermal Power Plant in Metropolitan Paris Using NREL SAM," Patricia WASSEM, Kevin R. ANDERSON [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 2(B): MODELING 1
Chair: Christina Morency

(9) "Outcomes from a Collaborative Approach to a Code Comparison Study for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," M.D. WHITE, P. FU, and M.W. MCCLURE [Paper]

(10) "Investigation of Physical Mechanisms That Influence Injection-Induced Earthquake Sequence Statistics," Lauren ABRAHAMS, Jack NORBECK, and Roland HORNE [Paper]

(11) "Study of EGS Heat Recovery by Multi-Parallel Fracture Model at Desert Peak Field, USA," Haizhen ZHAI, Zheng SU, Nengyou WU [Paper]

(12) "Modeling Microseismic Activity in the Newberry Enhanced Geothermal System," Christopher SHERMAN, Joseph MORRIS [Paper]

Chair: D Keith Smithson

(13) "Development of a Downhole Technique for Measuring Enthalpy," Xuhua GAO, Grzegorz CIESLEWSKI, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(14) "Development of a Downhole Tool for Measuring Enthalpy in Geothermal Reservoirs," William C. CORBIN, Grzegorz CIESLEWSKI, Ryan F. HESS, Bonnie E. KLAMM, Lauren GOLDFARB, Timothy J. BOYLE, William G. YELTON [Paper]

(15) "Data Fusion for Hydrothermal Reservoir Characterization Through Use of Bayesian Statistical Inference and MCMC Maximum Likelihood Models," Cari D. COVELL, Ágúst VALFELLS, María S. GUDJONSDOTTIR, Hlynur STEFANSSON, Egill JULIUSSON, Halldór PALSSON, Birgir HRAFNKELSSON [Paper]

(16) "Algorithm for Optimal Well Placement in Geothermal Systems Based on TOUGH2 Models," Dagur HELGASON, Ágúst VALFELLS, Egill JÚLÍUSSON [Paper]

Chair: Ghanashyam Neupane

(17) "In-situ Temperature Determination at the Villarrica Geothermal System, Southern Chile: Implications from Laboratory Experiments for Geothermometry," Fabian NITSCHKE, Sebastian HELD, Ignacio VILLALON, Thomas NEUMANN, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

(18) "The Characteristics of Petrography and Fluid inclusions of Vein in Geothermal System of Ilan Plain, Taiwan," Chia-Mei LIU, Ching-Huei KUO, Yu-Huai CHEN, Yu-Wei TSAI, Huei-Fen CHEN, Sheng-Rong SONG [Paper]

(19) "The Flow Path of Geothermal Fluid Identification and the Reservoir Temperature Evaluation in the Geothermal Area of Ilan, Taiwan," [Presenter: Chia-Mei Liu], Ching-Huei KUO, Chia-Mei LIU, Chia-Jung CHIANG, Yu-Wei TSAI [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 3(A): EGS 1 -- Field Projects
Chair: Quanlin Zhou

(20) "An Update on the Proposed Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) at Fallon, NV," Doug BLANKENSHIP, Mack KENNEDY, James FAULDS, Andrew SABIN, John AKERLEY, Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT, Kelly BLAKE, Drew SILER, Nicholas HINZ, Andrew TIEDEMAN, Mike LAZARO, Jonathan GLEN, Steve HICKMAN, Colin WILLIAMS, Will PETTIT [Paper]

(21) "Hydraulic Fracturing Experiments in a Deep Mine at 1500 m Depth: Results from the kISMET Project," Curtis M. OLDENBURG, Patrick F. DOBSON, and The kISMET team [Paper]

(22) "First Hydraulic Stimulation in Fractured Geothermal Reservoir in Pohang PX-2 Well," [Presenter: Ki-Bok Min], Sehyeok PARK, Linmao XIE, Kwang-Il KIM, Saeha KWON, Ki-Bok MIN, Jaiwon CHOI, Woon-Sang YOON, Yoonho SONG [Paper]

(23) "Supercritical Geothermal Systems - A Review of Past Studies and Ongoing Research Activities," Patrick DOBSON, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Ernst HUENGES, Flavio POLETTO, Thomas REINSCH, Bernard SANJUAN [Paper]

Chair: Serhat Akin

(24) "Numerical Analysis of Transient Steam-Water Two-Phase Flow in Geothermal Production Wells with Multiple Feed Zones," Keisuke YAMAMURA, Ryuichi ITOI, Toshiaki TANAKA, Takaichi IWASAKI [Paper]

(25) "Experimental Investigation of Injection-driven Shear Slip and Permeability Evolution in Granite for EGS Stimulation," Zhi YE, Michael JANIS, Ahmad GHASSEMI, Stephen BAUER [Paper]

(26) "Effect of Carbon Dioxide Content on the Well and Reservoir Performances in the Kizildere Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Omer Inanc Tureyen], Abdurrahman SATMAN, Omer Inanç TUREYEN, Emine Didem Korkmaz BASEL, Aygun GUNEY, Erdinc SENTURK and Ali KINDAP [Paper]

(27) "Possibility of Ground Water Contamination and Possible Effects of Olkaria Geothermal Developments to Lake Naivasha," Joseph KERINA and Mike CHEGE [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 3(C): LOW TEMPERATURE 1 -- Heat Pumps
Chair: Aniko Toth

(28) "Hybrid Ground-Source Heat Pumps for Cooling Cellular Tower Shelters: from Campus Living Laboratory to Nationwide Deployment," Gloria Andrea AGUIRRE, Koenraad F. BECKERS, Maciej Z. LUKAWSKI, and Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

(29) "Influence of Different Moisture and Load Conditions on Heat Transfer Within Soils in Very Shallow Geothermal Application: an Overview of ITER Project," Eloisa DI SIPIO; David BERTERMANN [Paper]

(30) "Integration of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems and Gas Turbine for Heating Purpose of GT Surrounding Buildings," Babak DEHGHAN [Paper]

(31) "A New Method for Constant Temperature Thermal Response Tests," Murat AYDIN, Mustafa ONUR, Altug SISMAN [Paper]

Chair: Ezer Patlan

(32) "Improved Image of Intrusive Bodies at Newberry Volcano, Oregon, Based on 3D Gravity Modelling," Alain BONNEVILLE, Trenton T. CLADOUHOS, Kelly ROSE, Adam SCHULTZ, Chris STRICKLAND and Scott URQUHART [Paper]

(33) "High-Resolution Subsurface Imaging at Soda Lake Geothermal Field," Kai GAO and Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(34) "Microseismic Event Relocation Based on PageRank Linkage at the Newberry Volcano Geothermal Site," Ana C. AGUIAR and Stephen C. MYERS [Paper]

(35) "Correlation Between Joint Roughness Anisotropy on Deep Cores and Seismic Propagation Direction in Pohang EGS Site, Korea," Melvin DIAZ, Sehyeok PARK, Sun YEOM, Kwang Yeom KIM, Ki-Bok MIN [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 4(A): EGS 2
Chair: Mark White

(36) "Methods for Selective Plugging of Geothermal Short Circuits," Mitchell PLUMMER, Earl MATTSON, Yuran ZHANG, Yidong XIA [Paper]

(37) "Simulations of Carbon Dioxide Injection, Seismic Monitoring, and Well Logging for Enhanced Characterization of Faults in Geothermal Systems," Andrea BORGIA, Curtis M. OLDENBURG, Rui ZHANG, Yoojin JUNG, Kyung Jae LEE, Christine DOUGHTY, Thomas M. DALEY, Nikita CHUGUNOV, Bilgin ALTUNDAS, T.S. RAMAKRISHNAN [Paper]

(38) "Comparison of Experimental and Modeling Results of Fracture Sustainability in EGS Systems," Timothy KNEAFSEY, Seiji NAKAGAWA, Eric L. SONNENTHAL, Marco VOLTOLINI, Patrick F. DOBSON, J. Torquil SMITH, Sharon E. BORGLIN [Paper]

(39) "Experimental Investigation of Hydraulically Induced Fracture Properties in Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation," HU Lianbo, Ahmad GHASSEMI, John PRITCHETT, Sabodh GARG [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 4(B): TRACERS 1
Chair: Anna Suzuki

(40) "The Use of Amino-Substituted Naphthalene Sulfonates as Tracers in Geothermal Reservoirs," Peter ROSE and Scott CLAUSEN [Paper]

(41) "The pH Dependent Thermal Stability of the Naphthalene Sulfonic Acids 1, 5-NDS and 2-NSA," Lucjan SAJKOWSKI, Bruce W. MOUNTAIN, Terry M. SEWARD [Paper]

(42) "Improving the Conceptual Understanding Through a Recent Injection of 200 GBq of Iodine-125 at the Rotokawa Geothermal Field, New Zealand," Simon ADDISON, Lutfhie AZWAR, Jonathon CLEARWATER, Dario HERNANDEZ, Bruce MOUNTAIN, Andrea BLAIR, Paul SIRATOVICH [Paper]

(43) "An Inverse Model for Predicting Reservoir Structure and Thermal Lifetime Using Inert and Adsorbing Tracers," Adam J. HAWKINS, Don FOX, Matthew M. BECKER, and Jefferson W. TESTER [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 4(C): MODELING 2
Chair: Michelle Sullera

(44) "Simulation of Reinjection of Non-Condensable Gas-Water Mixture Into Geothermal Reservoirs," Eylem KAYA, Sadiq J. ZARROUK [Paper]

(45) "Comparison of a Fully Implicit and Sequential Formulation for Geothermal Reservoir Simulations," Zhi Yang WONG, Ruslan RIN, Hamdi TCHELEPI and Roland HORNE [Paper]

(46) "Approximate Solutions to Fracture-Matrix Heat Transfer for Numerical and Analytical Modeling of Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Quanlin ZHOU, Curtis M. OLDENBURG, Jens T. BIRKHOLZER, and Jonny RUTQVIST [Paper]

(47) "Numerical Simulation of the Sumikawa Geothermal Reservoir, Japan, Using iTOUGH2," Kenta KONDO, Ryuichi ITOI, Toshiaki TANAKA, Takaichi IWASAKI [Paper]

Chair: Alain Bonneville

(48) "Iterative Complexity Addition: A Method to Estimate Uncertainty in Geophysical Inversions," D Keith SMITHSON, Hlynur STEFANSSON, Egill JULIUSSON, Sam PERKIN [Paper]

(49) "Subsurface Structure in Oita Hot Spring Area Inferred from Gravity Data, Eastern Kyushu, Japan," Takashi ZAIZEN, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU, Jun NISHIJIMA [Paper]

(50) "Virtual Seismometers for Induced Seismicity Monitoring and Full Moment Tensor Inversion," Christina MORENCY and Eric MATZEL [Paper]

(51) "Seismic Zone at East Africa Rift: Insights Into the Geothermal Potential," Ezer PATLAN, Aaron A. VELASCO, Antony WAMALWA, and Galen KAIP [Paper]

05:30 pm SESSION M: Wine and Cheese Reception
Chair: Roland Horne

Wine and Cheese Reception

Tuesday 14th February 2017
08:30 am SESSION 5(A): GENERAL 2
Chair: Maria Gudjonsdottir

(53) "The Materal Corrosion Test Using Small Loop System at Geothermal Power Plant in Japan," Norio YANAGISAWA, Yoshio MASUDA, Kazumi OSATO, Masatake SATO, Kaichiro KASAI, Koji SAKURA, Toshihiko FUKUI [Paper]

(54) "Preliminary Corrosion Testing of Nickel Alloys in Simulated High Temperature Geothermal Environmenty," Andri Í. THORHALLSSON, Tindur JONSSON, Andri STEFANSSON, Sigrún Nanna KARLSDOTTIR [Paper]

(55) "Use of Supercritical and Subcritical Binary Models for Geothermal Power Plants and Effects of Geothermal Resource Temperature on Power Plant Design," Hilal KIVANC ATES, Umran SERPEN, Niyazi AKSOY [Paper]

(56) "P³ - International PetroPhysical Property Database," Kristian BÄR, Thomas REINSCH, Judith SIPPEL, Alexander STROM, Philipp MIELKE, Ingo SASS [Paper]

Chair: Simon Addison

(57) "Characteristics of the Cove Fort - Dog Valley - Twin Peaks Thermal Anomaly, Utah," Rick ALLIS, Mark GWYNN, Christian HARDWICK, Stefan KIRBY, Roger Bowers, Joseph MOORE, Stuart SIMMONS, Phil WANNAMAKER [Paper]

(58) "Conceptual Models of Geothermal Resources in the Eastern Great Basin," Stuart SIMMONS, Rick ALLIS, Joe MOORE, Mark GWYNN, Christian HARDWICK, Stefan KIRBY [Paper]

(59) "The Humboldt and Dixie Valley High-Temperature Geothermal Trends, Nevada, USA," Al WAIBEL [Paper]

(60) "Early Identification and Management of Calcite Deposition in the Ngatamariki Geothermal Field, New Zealand," Jaime Jose QUINAO, Etienne BUSCARLET and Farrell SIEGA [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 5(C): MODELING 3 -- Field Sites
Chair: Mitch Plummer

(61) "Inferring Geothermal Reservoir Processes at the Raft River Geothermal Field, Idaho, USA Through Modeling InSAR-measured Surface Deformation," Fang LIU, Pengcheng FU, Robert J. MELLORS, Mitchell PLUMMER, Tabrez ALI, Elena C. REINISCH, Qi LIU, Kurt L. FEIGL [Paper]

(62) "Modeling of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation at the kISMET Site Using a Fully Coupled 3D Network-Flow and Quasi-Static Discrete Element Model," Jing ZHOU, Hai HUANG, Earl MATTSON, Herb F. WANG, Bezalel C. HAIMSON, Thomas W. DOE, Curtis M. OLDENBURG and Patrick F. DOBSON [Paper]

(63) "Comparing Simulations and Experiments for Hydraulic Fracture Stimulations Performed at the Grimsel Test Site, Switzerland," Daniel VOGLER, Randolph R. SETTGAST, Christopher SHERMAN, Valentin GISCHIG, Joseph DOETSCH, Reza JALALI, Benoit VALLEY, Keith F EVANS, Martin O. SAAR, Florian AMANN [Paper]

(64) "Conceptual Model of Geothermal Resources of Alaşehir in the Continental Rift Zone of the Gediz Within the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey," Nevzat OZGUR [Paper]

Chair: Miao Zhang

(65) "Overview and Preliminary Results from the PoroTomo Project at Brady Hot Springs, Nevada: Poroelastic Tomography by Adjoint Inverse Modeling of Data from Seismology, Geodesy, and Hydrology," Kurt L. FEIGL and PoroTomo Team [Paper]

(66) "High-resolution Shallow Structure Revealed with Ambient Noise Tomography on a Dense Array," Xiangfang ZENG, Clifford THURBER, Herb WANG, Dante FRATTA, Eric MATZEL, PoroTomo Team [Paper]

(67) "Seismic Interferometry Using the Dense Array at the Brady Geothermal Field," Eric MATZEL, Xiangfang ZENG, Clifford THURBER, Yan LUO, Christina MORENCY and The PoroTomo Team [Paper]

(68) "Monitoring Geothermal Reservoir Depletion Using Time-dependent Seismic Tomography," Najwa MHANA, Bruce R. JULIAN, Gillian R. FOULGER, Andrew E. SABIN [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 6(A): GENERAL 3
Chair: Eloisa Di Sipio

(69) "Assessment of the Geothermal Potential of the Gediz Graben, Manisa, Turkey," Selim CAMBAZOGLU, Arif Mert EKER, Gözde YAL, Osman SEN, Hüseyin DUNYA, Haluk AKGUN [Paper]

(70) "Exploration and Development of the Platanares, Honduras Geothermal System," Steven FERCHO, Doug PERKIN, Lara OWENS, Enrique PORRAS, Paul SPIELMAN, Greg RHODES, Ben DELWICHE, Patrick WALSH [Paper]

(71) "Petrographic and Thermal Evidence of High-Temperature Geothermal Activity from the MH-2B Slimhole, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho," Trevor A. ATKINSON, Dennis L. NEWELL, John W. SHERVAIS [Paper]

(72) "Assessment of Mineral Resources in Geothermal Brines in the US," Ghanashyam NEUPANE and Daniel S WENDT [Paper]

Chair: Thrainn Fridriksson

(73) "Tutuila, American Samoa: A Case History of Geothermal Exploration on a Deep Sea Island," Maxwell WILMARTH, Jill HAIZLIP, William CUMMING [Paper]

(74) "Phase II Play Fairway Analysis Activities for Structurally-Controlled Geothermal Systems in the Eastern Great Basin Extensional Regime, Utah, USA," Philip WANNAMAKER, Kristine PANKOW, Joseph MOORE, Gregory NASH, Virginie MARIS, Stuart SIMMONS, Christian HARDWICK, and Rick ALLIS [Paper]

(75) "Revision of the Conceptual Model for the Olkaria Geothermal System, Kenya," [Presenter: Valdís Gudmundsdóttir], Gudni AXELSSON, Valdís GUDMUNDSDÓTTIR, Andri ARNALDSSON, Halldór ÁRMANNSSON, Knútur ÁRNASON, Gunnlaugur M. EINARSSON, Hjalti FRANZSON, Saeunn HALLDÓRSDÓTTIR, Gylfi Páll HERSIR, Kennedy KAMUNYA, Steinþór NÍELSSON, Joyce OKOO, Ammon OMITI, Peter OUMA, Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON and Daniel SAITET [Paper]

(76) "Assessment of the Early Development Work for Kuyucak Geothermal Field, Turkey," Gözde YAL, Arif Mert EKER, Selim CAMBAZOGLU, Osman SEN, Haluk AKGUN [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 6(C): MODELING 4
Chair: Pengcheng Fu

(77) "Effect of Injected Cold Water on the Bottomhole Temperature Behavior," [Presenter: Omer Inanc Tureyen], Ceylan Name GURSES, Omer Inanc TUREYEN, Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

(78) "The Onset of Convection in Faulted Aquifers," Rebecca TUNG, Thomas POULET, Manolis VEVEAKIS, Sotiris ALEVIZOS, Klaus REGENAUER-LIEB [Paper]

(79) "Numerical Approach for Temperature Estimation in Geothermal Drilling Operation," Heneka PRIYANGGA, Auzan SOEDARMO, Konark OGRA, Aliya ZHABAGINA [Paper]

(80) "An UnCoupled Radial Flow Poroelastic Model with Local Thermal (Non) Equilibrium," Mario-César SUÁREZ-ARRIAGA and Fernando SAMANIEGO V [Paper]

Chair: Etienne Buscarlet

(81) "Geochemical Evaluation of Geothermal Resources of Camas Prairie, Idaho," Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Earl D. MATTSON, Nicolas SPYCHER, Patrick F. DOBSON, Mark E. CONRAD, Dennis L. NEWELL, Travis L. MCLING, Thomas R. WOOD, Cody J. CANNON, Trevor A. ATKINSON, Corey W. BRAZELL, and Wade C. WORTHING [Paper]

(82) "Geothermometry of the Breitenbush Hot Springs Area, Oregon, USA," Donnel MALKEMUS, Robert B. PERKINS, Carl D. PALMER [Paper]

(83) "Aqueous Rare Earth Element Patterns and Concentration in Thermal Brines Associated with Oil and Gas Production," Charles NYE, Scott QUILLINAN, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, and Travis L. MCLING [Paper]

(84) "Assessing the Scaling Potential in Hot Reinjection Wells in the Olkaria Geothermal Field, Kenya," Catherine Ndinda LEECH [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 7(A): DRILLING 1
Chair: Catalin Teodoriu

(85) "Thermal Spallation Drilling an Alternative Drilling Technology for Deep Heat Mining - Performance Analysis, Cost Assessment and Design Aspects," Michael A. KANT, Edoardo ROSSI, Dragana HÖSER, Philipp RUDOLF VON ROHR [Paper]

(86) "A Case Study of Radial Jetting Technology for Enhancing Geothermal Energy Systems at Klaipeda Geothermal Demonstration Plant," Rohith NAIR, Lies E.PETERS, Saulius SLIAUPA, Robertas VALICKAS, Sigitas PETRAUSKAS [Paper]

(87) "Innovative Drilling Technology for Supercritical Geothermal Resources Development," Shigemi NAGANAWA, Noriyoshi TSUCHIYA, Takashi OKABE, Tatsuya KAJIWARA, Kuniaki SHIMADA, Norio YANAGISAWA [Paper]

(88) "Enhancing the Drilling Process for Geothermal Resources by Combining Conventional Drilling and the Spallation Technology," [Presenter: Philipp Rudolf von Rohr], Michael A. KANT, Edoardo ROSSI, Dustin BECKER, Philipp RUDOLF VON ROHR [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(B): EGS 3
Chair: Zoheir Khademian

(89) "Use of the Experience Curve to Understand Economics for At-Scale EGS Projects," Tim LATIMER, Peter MEIER [Paper]

(90) "Probabilistically Assessing the Efficacy of Stimulation Strategies," Dimitrios KARVOUNIS, Stefan WIEMER [Paper]

(91) "Automatic Moment Tensor Analyses, In-Situ Stress Estimation and Temporal Stress Changes at the Geysers EGS Demonstration Project," Douglas S. DREGER, O. Sierra BOYD, Roland GRITTO [Paper]

(92) "Dependency of EGS Development on the Alignment Between Natural Fracture Set Orientations and Regional Stress State," Aleta FINNILA, Thomas DOE, Robert MCLAREN [Paper]

Chair: Mark Williams

(93) "Geothermal Resource Assessment of Alasehir Geothermal Field," Serhat AKIN [Paper]

(94) "Monitoring Injection Wells Injectivity Using Pressure Tubing in the Kawerau Field, New Zealand," [Presenter: Jaime Quinao], Morgane LE BRUN, Lutfhie AZWAR, Paul SIRATOVICH [Paper]

(95) "Approach to Develop a Soft Stimulation Concept to Overcome Formation Damage – A Case Study at Klaipeda, Lithuania," Maren BREHME, Guido BLÖCHER, Simona REGENSPURG, Harald MILSCH, Sigitas PETRAUSKAS, Robertas VALICKAS, Markus WOLFGRAMM, Ernst HUENGES [Paper]

(96) "Improved PetraSim/TOUGH2 Capabilities for the Simulation of Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Alison Alcott], Alfredo BATTISTELLI, Daniel SWENSON, Alison ALCOTT [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(D): GEOLOGY 1
Chair: Kristian Baer

(97) "Mafic Heat Sources for Snake River Plain Geothermal Systems," Dennis L. NIELSON, John W. SHERVAIS, Sabodh K. GARG [Paper]

(98) "Occurrences of Clay Minerals in Permeable Fracture Zones in the Granitic Basement of Geothermal Wells at Rittershoffen, France," Jeanne VIDAL, Patricia PATRIER, Albert GENTER, Daniel BEAUFORT [Paper]

(99) "Progress Report on the Nevada Play Fairway Project: Integrated Geological, Geochemical, and Geophysical Analyses of Possible New Geothermal Systems in the Great Basin Region," James E. FAULDS, Mark F. COOLBAUGH, Nicholas H. HINZ, Andrew SADOWSKI, Lisa A. SHEVENELL, Emma MCCONVILLE, Jason CRAIG, Drew L. SILER [Paper]

(100) "Effects of Hydrothermal Alteration on Petrophysics and Geochemical Mobility of Reservoir Rocks in Olkaria Northeast Geothermal Field, Kenya," Michael MWANIA [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 8(B): EGS 4
Chair: Ting Chen

(101) "Unconventional Geothermal Technology to Help the Climate Change Issue in the Densely Populated Areas of the World with a Demand for Higher Energy," Roy BARIA, Joerg BAUMGAERTNER, Hilka GLASS, Dimitra TEZA, Tony BENNETT, and Andrew JUPE [Paper]

(102) "An Innovative Computational Approach for Enhanced Geothermal System," Kamran JAHANBAKHSH, Masami NAKAGAWA, Mahmood ARSHAD, Lucila DUNNINGTON [Paper]

(103) "Role of Fluid Injection Pressure in Inducing Seismicity," Zoheir KHADEMIAN, Masami NAKAGAWA, Ryan GARVEY, Ugur OZBAY [Paper]

(104) "Modelling Wellbore Observed Fracture-Borne Fluid Heat Advection – Application to EGS Stimulation in Basement Rock," Peter LEARY, Peter MALIN and Rami NIEMI [Paper]

Chair: Peter Leary

(105) "Correlations for Joule-Thomson Coefficients of Geothermal Waters Containing CO2," Murat CINAR, Yildiray PALABIYIK, Mustafa ONUR [Paper]

(106) "Assessment of Sand-face Pressure and Temperature Behaviors of Single-Phase Liquid-Water Geothermal Reservoirs During Injection and Falloff Tests," [Presenter: Murat Cinar], Yildiray PALABIYIK, Murat CINAR, Ihsan Murat GOK, Mustafa ONUR [Paper]

(107) "Geomechanics Effect on Geothermal Reservoir Modelling," Ichwan ELFAJRIE, Zuher SYIHAB [Paper]

(108) "Tln-SFT – the Computer System to Apply the Log-Transformation Regression Method for the Estimation of Static Formation Temperatures of Geothermal Boreholes," Orlando Miguel ESPINOZA-OJEDA, Eduardo PACHECO and Edgar SANTOYO [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 8(D): GEOLOGY 2
Chair: Carl Palmer

(109) "Fracture Mechanical Properties of Damaged and Hydrothermally Altered Rocks, Dixie Valley, NV: Implications for Fault Conduit Development in Geothermal Systems," Owen A. CALLAHAN, Peter EICHHUBL, Jon OLSON, Nicholas C. DAVATZES [Paper]

(110) "Re-Evaluating Thermal Conductivity from the Top Down: Thermal Transport Properties of Crustal Rocks as a Function of Temperature, Mineralogy and Texture," Jesse MERRIMAN, Alan WHITTINGTON, Anne HOFMEISTER [Paper]

(111) "Applied Tectonic Geomorphology to Geothermal Exploration in the Tularosa Basin, New Mexico," Adam BRANDT, Brian PFAFF, Greg NASH [Paper]

(112) "Evaluating the Thermal Evolution History of a Geothermal System Through Correlation of Alteration Mineralogy and Down-Hole Temperature Isotherms. A Case Study of the Olkaria Northeast Field, Kenya," Victor OTIENO, Xavier MUSONYE [Paper]

06:30 pm SESSION T: Reception and Dinner
Chair: Roland Horne

Reception and Dinner

Wednesday 15th February 2017
08:30 am SESSION 9(A): GENERAL 4
Chair: Rick Allis

(114) "A Baseline Study of Nonproductive Time Related to Lost Circulation in Geothermal Drilling," Patrick COLE, Katherine YOUNG, Clayton DOKE, Neel DUNCAN, Bill EUSTES [Paper]

(115) "Probability of Drilling Success and Conceptual Well Design," Glenn MELOSH [Paper]

(116) "Implications of Drilling Technology Improvements on the Availability of Exploitable EGS Resources," Thomas S. LOWRY, Adam FORIS, John T. FINGER, Stephen PYE, Douglas A. BLANKENSHIP [Paper]

(117) "An Improved 2 m Survey Device and Its Application in Southeast Fujian in China," [Presenter: Xie Yangyang], ZHANG Yanjun, XIE Yangyang, YU Ziwang, HU Zhongjun, Zhang Tong [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(B): EGS 5
Chair: Graeme Beardsmore

(118) "Analysis of Magma Injection Beneath an Active Volcano Using a Hydromechanical Numerical Model," Alexey KIRYUKHIN, Jack NORBECK [Paper]

(119) "Analysis and Numerical Modelling of Pressure Drops Observed During Hydraulic Stimulation of GRT-1 Geothermal Well (Rittershoffen, France)," Gabriel MEYER, Clément BAUJARD, Régis HEHN, Albert GENTER, Mark MCCLURE [Paper]

(120) "Rate of Penetration of Geothermal Wells: a Key Challenge in Hard Rocks," Clément BAUJARD, Régis HEHN, Albert GENTER, Dimitra TEZA, Jörg BAUMGARTNER, Frédéric GUINOT, Antony MARTIN, Sepp STEINLECHNER [Paper]

(121) "The Use of 222Rn to Constrain Fracture Characteristics: Experiments Conducted at the Meso-scale Model Geothermal Reservoir Site at Altona, New York," John N. CHRISTENSEN, Adam HAWKINS, Shaun T. BROWN, Eric SONNENTHAL, Neil STURCHIO, Donald J. DEPAOLO [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(D): DIRECT USE 1
Chair: Earl Mattson

(122) "Geothermal in Mine Closure: Visualizing the Hydromechanical Properties of a Geothermally Facilitated Bioreactor," Lucila DUNNINGTON, Masami NAKAGAWA, Kamran JAHAN BAKHSH [Paper]

(123) "Update on Geothermal Direct-use Installations in the United States," [Presenter: Koenraad Beckers], Diana M. SNYDER, Koenraad F. BECKERS, Katherine R. YOUNG [Paper]

(124) "Performance, Cost, and Financial Parameters of Geothermal District Heating Systems for Market Penetration Modeling Under Various Scenarios," Koenraad F. BECKERS, Katherine R. YOUNG [Paper]

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10:15 am BREAK

Chair: Yarom Polsky

(126) "Binary Power Plant CO2 Life Cycle Emissions Including Isobutane Fugitive," Earl MATTSON, Lucia MALLOZZIA, Greg MINES [Paper]

(127) "Space Heating and Cooling Application Based on Low Enthalpy Geothermal Reservoirs with a Focus on Indian Subcontinent," Dwijen VAIDYA, Manan SHAH, Anirbid SIRCAR, Shreya SAHAJPAL [Paper]

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Chair: Jaime Jose Quinao

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(133) "Hg Air Survey at Makaroyen Village in Kotamobagu Geothermal Field, North Sulawesi, Indonesia," Hendra RIOGILANG [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(D): GEOPHYSICS 4
Chair: Mary Mann

(134) "Geothermal Exploration of Mount Baker Hot Springs Through Ground-Based Magnetic and Gravity Surveys," William D. SCHERMERHORN, Brent RITZINGER, Megan ANDERSON, Jeff WITTER, Jonathan GLEN, Corina FORSON, Pete STELLING, Dominique FOURNIER [Paper]

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(137) "Anisotropic Reverse-Time Migration for Imaging Fracture Zones at Eleven-Mile Canyon," Miao ZHANG, Kai GAO, Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

Chair: Yunsong Huang

(138) "Noble Gas Release and Flow Through a Granite and Basalt," Stephen BAUER, Payton GARDNER, Hyunwoo LEE [Paper]

(139) "Trial Deployment of a Surface Heat Flow Probe Over the Los Azufres Geothermal Region, Mexico," Graeme BEARDSMORE, Luis GUTIÉRREZ-NEGRÍN, Víctor GARDUÑO-MONROY, Orlando ESPINOSA-OJEDA, Salvador ALMANZA-ÁLVAREZ, Anson ANTRIASIAN, Shannon EGAN [Paper]

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(141) "Breaking Down Development Cost Barriers for Geothermal Reservoir Monitoring Systems ‘Anyone’ Can Program," Randy NORMANN [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 11(B): DIRECT USE 2
Chair: Eric Hass

(142) "Study on Cascaded Direct Use Application Using Geothermal Fluids in Wayang Windu Field," Nursanty BANJARNAHOR, Y.B. Agastyo NUGROHO, Jooned HENDRARSAKTI, Prihadi DARMANTO [Paper]

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(145) "A Tiny Solution to a Big Problem: the Use of Nanobubbles in Scale Reduction," Molly BARON, Masami NAKAGAWA [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 11(D): GEOPHYSICS 5
Chair: Lianjie Huang

(146) "Geophysical Investigations and Structural Framework of Geothermal Systems in West and Southcentral Idaho; Camas Prairie to Mountain Home," Jonathan M.G. GLEN, Lee LIBERTY, Erika GASPERIKOVA, Drew SILER, John SHERVAIS, Brent RITZINGER, Noah ATHENS, Tait EARNEY [Paper]

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(150) "Continental Heat Flow Data Update for México – Constructing a Reliable and Accurate Heat Flow Map," Orlando Miguel ESPINOZA-OJEDA, Rosa María PROL-LEDESMA and Eduardo R. IGLESIAS [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

Chair: Manolis Veveakis

(151) "A Biotechnology Application for Rare Earth Extraction from Geothermal Brines," Yongqin JIAO, Dan PARK, Aaron BREWER, Congwang YE, Laura LAMMERS, Tianyi KOU, and Yat LI [Paper]

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(153) "Design Optimization of Geothermal Wells Using an Improved Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient," Catalin TEODORIU, Adonis ICHIM, Gioia FALCONE [Paper]

Chair: Mark McClure

(154) "The Influence of Remedial Cementing on Thermal Well Design with Applications to Wellbore Integrity," Adonis ICHIM, Catalin TEODORIU, Gioia FALCONE [Paper]

(155) "Mitigating Problem in Geothermal Drilling Case Studies of Stuck Pipe and Lost Circulation," Wisnu Adi NUGROHO, Satria HERMAWAN, Brian Harits LAZUARDI [Paper]

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(157) "Analysis of Non-Productive Time in Geothermal Drilling Operations - A Case Study of Olkaria," Brenda NYOTA, Moses MURIGU [Paper]

12:00 am SESSION 13: Publication Only
Chair: Roland Horne

(158) "Increasing Energy Efficiency of Geothermal Circulating Systems," Andriy REDKO, Sergii PAVLOVSKIY, Nataliia KULIKOVA, Olexandr REDKO [Paper]

(159) "Analysis of Stuck Pipe in Menengai Geothermal Field in Kenya," Billy AWILI [Paper]

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(164) "Economic and Thermodynamic Evaluations of Using Geothermal Heat Pumps in Different Climate Zone (Case Study: Iran)," Hossein YOUSEFI, Maryam HAMLEHDAR, Sanaz TABASI, Younes NOOROLLAHI [Paper]

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12:00 am SESSION 14: Currently Unallocated
Chair: Roland Horne

(181) "Comprehensive Production Casing Stress Evaluation in Directional Geothermal Well," Bonar MARBUN, Eldy RUSLYANA, Jalu NUGROHO, Dodi DUHA, Edis JABBAR [Paper]

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