Stanford Geothermal Workshop
February 22-24, 2016

Monday 22nd February 2016
Chair: Roland Horne

(0) "The DOE Geothermal Technology Office - Status Update," Timothy REINHARDT, Lauren BOYD, Eric HASS and Susan HAMM

(1) "Uniquely Identifiable DNA-Embedded Silica Nanotracer for Fractured Reservoir Characterization," Yuran ZHANG, Timothy Spencer MANLEY, Kewen LI, Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

(2) "Thermal Forecasting Ability of Temperature-Sensitive Tracers," Morgan AMES, Philip BRODRICK and Roland HORNE [Paper]

(3) "Characterization of 3D Printed Fracture Networks," Anna SUZUKI, Stock SAWASDEE, Hiroshi MAKITA, Toshiyuki HASHIDA, Kewen LI, Roland N. HORNE [Paper]

(4) "Revisiting Stimulation Mechanism at Fenton Hill and an Investigation of the Influence of Fault Heterogeneity on the Gutenberg-Richter b-value for Rate-and-State Earthquake Simulations," Jack NORBECK, Mark MCCLURE, Roland HORNE [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 2(A): GENERAL 1
Chair: Patrick Dobson

(5) "The DOE Geothermal Data Repository and the Future of Geothermal Data," Jon WEERS, Arlene ANDERSON [Paper]

(6) "Transitioning Coal to Geothermal," Susan PETTY [Paper]

(7) "Resource Capacity Estimation Using Lognormal Distributions of Power Density Derived from Producing Fields and Area Derived from Resource Conceptual Models; Advantages, Pitfalls and Remedies," William CUMMING [Paper]

(8) "Refining the Definition of a Geothermal Exploration Success Rate," Anna M. WALL, Patrick F. DOBSON [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 2(B): MODELING 1 -- Code Comparison
Chair: Thomas Lowry

(9) "Challenge Problem Statements for a Code Comparison on the Fenton Hill Reservoir - an Invitation to the Geothermal Modeling Community," Mark WHITE, Derek ELSWORTH, Eric SONNENTHAL, Pengcheng FU, George DANKO [Paper]

(10) "Bringing Fenton Hill Into the Digital Age: Data Conversion in Support of the Geothermal Technologies Office Code Comparison Study Challenge Problems," Signe K. WHITE, Sharad M. KELKAR, Don W. BROWN [Paper]

(11) "Hydro-Mechanically Coupled Flow Through Heterogeneous Fractures," Daniel VOGLER, Randolph SETTGAST, Chandrasekhar ANNAVARAPU, Peter BAYER, Florian AMANN [Paper]

(12) "Thermo-Poroelastic Effects on Reservoir Seismicity," Ahmad GHASSEMI, Qingfeng TAO [Paper]

(13) "Investigating the Possibility of Using Tracer Tests for Early Identification of EGS Reservoirs Prone to Flow Channeling," Bin GUO, Pengcheng FU, Yue HAO, and Charles R. CARRIGAN [Paper]

Chair: Antonius Wahjosoedibjo

(14) "Field Management and Expansion Potential of the Momotombo Geothermal Field Using Numerical Simulation and Conceptual Modeling," Dennis KASPEREIT, William RICHARD, William L. OSBORN, Mary MANN, Magdalena PEREZ [Paper]

(15) "Characterizing Permeability Structures in Geothermal Reservoirs – A Case Study in Lahendong," Maren BREHME, Guido BLÖCHER, Mauro CACACE, Fiorenza DEON, Inga MOECK, Bettina WIEGAND, Yustin KAMAH, Simona REGENSPURG, Günter ZIMMERMANN, Martin SAUTER and Ernst HUENGES [Paper]

(16) "A Reduced Form Representation of Temperature Drawdown in Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Reservoirs for the Development of Optimal Management Strategies," Iti H. PATEL, Jeffrey BIELICKI, Thomas A. BUSCHECK [Paper]

(17) "A Reservoir Simulation of the Muara Laboh Field, Indonesia," Jantiur SITUMORANG, Rudy MARTIKNO, Alfianto Perdana PUTRA, Novi GANEFIANTO [Paper]

Chair: Ghanashyam Hari Neupane

(18) "Sheet Silicate Dissolution at Elevated Temperature: A Comparison of Dissolution Kinetics of Chlorite, Illite, and Biotite," Megan SMITH, Susan CARROLL [Paper]

(19) "Passivation of Metal Surfaces Against Corrosion by Silica Scaling," Daniela B. VAN DEN HEUVEL, Einar GUNNLAUGSSON, Liane G. BENNING [Paper]

(20) "Evaluation for Geothermal Resources in Granitic Systems," Fredolin JAVINO [Paper]

(21) "The Fluid Inclusion Study of Core in the Ilan Plain Geothermal System, Taiwan," Yu-Huai CHEN, Chia-Mei LIU, Ching-Huei KUO, Yu-Wei TSAI, Jyun-You WU, Sheng-Rong SONG [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 3(A): EGS 1 -- FORGE 1
Chair: Lauren Boyd

(22) "A Snake River Plain Field Laboratory for Enhanced Geothermal Systems: an Overview of the Snake River Geothermal Consortium’s Proposed FORGE Approach and Site," Robert PODGORNEY, Neil SNYDER, Roy MINK, Travis MCLING [Paper]

(23) "Stratigraphic and Structural Framework of the Proposed Fallon FORGE Site, Nevada," Nicholas H. HINZ, James E. FAULDS, Drew L. SILER, Brett TOBIN, Kelly BLAKE, Andrew TIEDEMAN, Andrew SABIN, Douglas BLANKENSHIP, Mack KENNEDY, Greg RHODES, Josh NORDQUIST, Stephen HICKMAN, Jonathan GLEN, Colin WILLIAMS, Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT, Wendy CALVIN [Paper]

(24) "EGS Concept Testing and Development at the Milford, Utah FORGE Site," Rick ALLIS, Joe MOORE, Nick DAVATZES, Mark GWYNN, Christian HARDWICK, Stefan KIRBY, John MCCLENNAN, Kris PANKOW, Stephen POTTER, Stuart SIMMONS [Paper]

(25) "Geologic Setting of the West Flank: A FORGE Site Adjacent to the Coso Geothermal System," Andrew SABIN, Kelly BLAKE, Mike LAZARO, Dave MEADE, Douglas BLANKENSHIP, Mack KENNEDY, Jess MCCULLOCH, Steve DEOREO, Stephen HICKMAN, Jonathan GLEN, Ole KAVEN, Martin SCHOENBALL, Colin WILLIAMS, Geoff PHELPS, James FAULDS, Nick HINZ, Wendy CALVIN, Drew SILER, Ann ROBETSON-TATE [Paper]

(26) "Establishing the Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE) on the Newberry Volcano, Oregon," Alain BONNEVILLE, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Adam SCHULTZ [Paper]

Chair: Xiuhua Zheng

(27) "Improved Injection Strategies at Blue Mountain, Nevada Through an Improved Conceptual Model, Tracer Testing, and Injection-production Correlation," Michael W. SWYER, Matt UDDENBERG, Yini NORDIN, Trenton T. CLADOUHOS, and Susan PETTY [Paper]

(28) "Understanding Poroelastic Stressing and Induced Seismicity with a Stochastic/Deterministic Model: an Application to an EGS Stimulation at Paralana, South Australia, 2011," Jeremy RIFFAULT, David DEMPSEY, Rosalind ARCHER, Sharad KELKAR, Satish KARRA [Paper]

(29) "Modelling of Chemical and Thermal Changes in SJ4-1, San Jacinto Geothermal Field, Nicaragua," R.C.M. MALATE, L.L. PRADO and J.A. GUIDOS [Paper]

(30) "Geomechanical Interpretation of Local Seismicity During 2012 Tolbachik Volcano Eruption," Alexey KIRYUKHIN, Sergey FEDOTOV, Petr KIRYUKHIN [Paper]

Chair: yarom polsky

(31) "Hydraulic Well Stimulation in Low-Temperature Geothermal Areas for Direct Use," Cari COVELL, María S. GUÐJÓNSDÓTTIR, Sverrir THÓRHALLSSON [Paper]

(32) "Introducing a Short-term Holistic Approach for More Efficient Ground-coupled Heat Pump Systems," Christopher STEINS, Michael HEGER, Reinhold KNEER [Paper]

(33) "Two-step Geothermal Absorption for Utilization of Low-temperature Geothermal Heat to Provide Space Cooling to Buildings," Xiaobing LIU, Zhiyao YANG, Kyle R. GLUESENKAMP, Ayyoub M. MOMEN [Paper]

(34) "Engineering Approach in Classification of Geothermal Resources of the Slovak Republic (the Western Carpathians)," Branislav FRICOVSKY, Radovan CERNAK, Daniel MARCIN, Katarina BENKOVA, Anton REMSIK, Marian FENDEK [Paper]

Chair: Frank Horowitz

(35) "Propagation of Velocity Model Errors in Earthquake Absolute Locations: Application to the Rittershoffen Geothermal Field," Emmanuel GAUCHER, Xavier KINNAERT, Ulrich ACHAUER, Thomas KOHL [Paper]

(36) "Sources of Subsidence at the Salton Sea Geothermal Field," Andrew BARBOUR, Eileen EVANS, Stephen HICKMAN, and Mariana ENEVA [Paper]

(37) "Using Gravity and Magnetics to Delineate Structural Controls on Geothermal Fluids, Northern Cache Valley, Idaho," Wade WORTHING, Tom WOOD, Jonathan GLEN, Travis MCLING, Pat DOBSON, Brent RITZINGER, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Michael THORNE [Paper]

(38) "Geodetic Measurements and Numerical Models of Deformation: Examples from Geothermal Fields in the Western United States," S Tabrez ALI, John AKERLEY, Elena C BALUYUT, Nicholas C DAVATZES, Janice LOPEMAN, Joseph MOORE, Mitchell PLUMMER, Paul SPIELMAN, Ian WARREN and Kurt L FEIGL [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 4(A): EGS 2 -- FORGE 2
Chair: Holly Thomas

(39) "Thermal and Geochemical Anomalies in the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer: Contributions to a Conceptual Model of the Proposed FORGE Test Site," John WELHAN [Paper]

(40) "Geomechanical Characterization of Rock Core from the Proposed FORGE Laboratory on the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho," Rohit BAKSHI, Ahmad GHASSEMI, Mostafa Eskandari HALVAEI [Paper]

(41) "Geophysical Signatures of the Milford, Utah FORGE Site," Christian L. HARDWICK, Mark L. GWYNN, Rick ALLIS, Phillip E. WANNAMAKER, Joe MOORE [Paper]

(42) "Rock Physics Modeling for the Potential FORGE Site on the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho," Dario GRANA, Sumit VERMA, Robert PODGORNEY [Paper]

(43) "The Geology, Geochemistry, and Hydrology of the EGS FORGE Site, Milford Utah," Stuart SIMMONS, Stefan KIRBY, Clay JONES, Joe MOORE, Rick ALLIS, Adam BRANDT, Greg NASH [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 4(B): TRACERS 1
Chair: Morgan Ames

(44) "Tracer Testing at Kizildere Geothermal Field, Turkey, Using Naphtalene Sulphonates," Serhat AKIN, Aygun GUNEY, Erdinc SENTURK, Raziye SENGUN, Sanem KILINCARSLAN [Paper]

(45) "Meso-scale Field Testing of Reactive Tracers in a Model Geothermal Reservoir," Adam J. HAWKINS, Don B. FOX, Jefferson W. TESTER, Matthew W. BECKER [Paper]

(46) "Measuring Hydraulic Connection in Fractured Bedrock with Periodic Hydraulic Tests and Fiber Optic Distributed Sensing," Matthew BECKER, Matthew COLE, Thomas COLEMAN [Paper]

(47) "Comprehensive Tracer Testing in the Hellisheidi Geothermal Field in SW-Iceland 2013-14," Bjarni R. KRISTJANSSON, Gudni AXELSSON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Ingvi GUNNARSSON and Finnbogi ÓSKARSSON [Paper]

(48) "Organic Molecules as Sorbing Tracers for the Characterization of Fracture Surface Areas in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS)," Mario SCHAFFER, Wiebke WARNER, Tobias LICHA [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 4(C): MODELING 2
Chair: Peter Leary

(49) "Inverse Numerical Modeling of Rantau Dedap Geothermal Field After Six Exploration Wells," Alexandre BACQUET, Alfianto PERDANA PUTRA, Grimur BJORNSSON, Andri ARNALDSSON [Paper]

(50) "Accelerating Calibration of Natural State Geothermal Models," Elvar K. BJARKASON, Michael J. O'SULLIVAN, John P. O'SULLIVAN, Angus YEH [Paper]

(51) "3-D Preliminary Reservoir and Isothermal Models Based on Exploration Data," Mona Natalia SIAHAAN, SURYANTINI, Angga Bakti PRATAMA [Paper]

(52) "A Framework for Robust Analysis and Visualization of Geothermal Prospectivity," Dylan R. HARP, Youzuo LIN, William GLASSLEY, David E. DEMPSEY, Satish KARRA, Mark PERSON and Richard MIDDLETON [Paper]

(53) "Modeling Heat Flow in the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer," Mitchell PLUMMER, Carl D. PALMER, Travis MCLING, A. Jeffrey SONDRUP [Paper]

Chair: Roland Gritto

(54) "Surface Reflection Seismic and Vertical Seismic Profile at Brady's Hot Springs, NV, USA," John H. QUEEN, Thomas M. DALEY, Ernest L. MAJER, Kurt T. NIHEI, Drew L. SILER, James E. FAULDS [Paper]

(55) "Least-Squares Reverse-Time Migration with Compressive Sensing for Sparse Seismic Data," Youzuo LIN, Lianjie HUANG, John QUEEN, Joseph MOORE, and Ernest MAJER [Paper]

(56) "Building a High-Resolution Velocity Model with Full-Waveform Inversion: A Case Study for Soda Lake Geothermal Field," Kai GAO, Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(57) "Anisotropic Seismic-waveform Inversion: Application to a Seismic Velocity Model from Eleven-Mile Canyon in Nevada," Yu CHEN, Kai, GAO, Lianjie HUANG, Andrew SABIN [Paper]

(58) "Three-dimensional Elastic-waveform Inversion with Compressive Sensing for Imaging Geothermal Fields Using Sparse VSP Data," [Presenter: Lianjie Huang], Ting CHEN, Kai GAO, Youzuo LIN, Lianjie HUANG, John QUEEN, Joseph MOORE, Ernest MAJER [Paper]

05:30 pm SESSION M: Wine and Cheese Reception
Wine and Cheese Reception

Tuesday 23rd February 2016
08:30 am SESSION 5(A): GENERAL 5 -- Play Fairway 1
Chair: Stuart Simmons

(60) "Technical Feasibility Aspects of the Geothermal Resource Reporting Methodology (GRRM)," Alex BADGETT, Katherine R YOUNG, Pat DOBSON [Paper]

(61) "Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis: Phase I Summary," Laura GARCHAR, Alex BADGETT, Angel NIETO, Kate YOUNG, Eric HASS, Mike WEATHERS [Paper]

(62) "A Comparison of Two Geothermal Play Fairway Modelling Methods as Applied to the Tularosa Basin, New Mexico and Texas," Gregory NASH, Carlon BENNETT, Benjamin BARKER, Joseph MOORE, Adam BRANDT, Stuart SIMMONS, Brigitte SWANSON [Paper]

(63) "Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis of the Snake River Plain: Phase 1," John W. SHERVAIS, Jonathan M. GLEN, Dennis NIELSON, Sabodh GARG, Patrick DOBSON, Erika GASPERIKOVA, Eric SONNENTHAL, Charles VISSER, Lee M. LIBERTY, Jacob DEANGELO, Drew SILER, James P. EVANS [Paper]

Chair: Catalin Teodoriu

(64) "Recent Expansions of Power Plants in Guris Concession in the Germencik Geothermal Field, Turkey," Omer Inanc TUREYEN, Abdullah GULGOR, Bayram ERKAN, Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

(65) "An Expanded Matrix to Scope the Technical and Economic Feasibility of Waste Heat Recovery from Mature Hydrocarbon Fields," Jawhara AL-MAHROUQI, Gioia FALCONE [Paper]

(66) "Geothermal Gradient in the Oilfields in China," Changwei LIU, Kewen LI, Youguang CHEN, Jinlong CHEN [Paper]

(67) "Developing Geothermal Energy in Croatia by Using Oil Wells for Power Generation," Umran SERPEN and Niyazi AKSOY [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 5(C): MODELING 3
Chair: Maruti Mudunuru

(68) "Analysis of Natural Fracture Shear Slip and Propagation in Response to Injection," Amirhossein KAMALI, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

(69) "Pressure Analysis and Balanced Drilling in Yangyi Geothermal Field of Tibet by Coupling with Temperature," ZHENG Xiuhua, DUAN Chenyang, YE Hongyu, WANG Zhiqing [Paper]

(70) "Modeling Bottom Hole Cooling," Ceylan Name GURSES, Omer Inanc TUREYEN, Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

(71) "Multi-scale Evaporator Architectures for Geothermal Binary Power Plants," Adrian S. SABAU, Ali H. NEJAD, James W. KLETT, Adrian BEJAN, and Kivanc EKICI [Paper]

Chair: Alain Bonneville

(72) "Three-Dimensional Structural Model Building and Induced Seismicity Analysis at the Geysers Geothermal Field, Northern California," Craig HARTLINE, Mark WALTERS, Melinda WRIGHT, Corina FORSON, Andrew SADOWSKI [Paper]

(73) "3D VSP Experiment Design Study of the Raft River Geothermal Field," Gregory NEWMAN and Petr PETROV [Paper]

(74) "Preliminary 4D Seismic Tomography Images for the Geysers, 2008-2014," Timur TEZEL, Bruce R. JULIAN, Gillian R. FOULGER, Ceri NUNN, Najwa MHANA [Paper]

(75) "Toward the Construction of a 3D Velocity Model for Raft River Geothermal Field Using Ambient Noise," Xiaoning YANG, Lianjie HUANG, Ileana TIBULEAC, Ernest MAJER, Katie FREEMAN, Steve JARPE [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 6(A): GENERAL 6 -- Play Fairway 2
Chair: John Shervais

(76) "Hawaii Play Fairway Analysis: Discussion of Phase 1 Results," Nicole LAUTZE, Donald THOMAS, Nicholas HINZ, Garrett ITO, Neil FRAZER, David WALLER [Paper]

(77) "GIS Methodology for Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis: Example from the Snake River Plain Volcanic Province," Jacob DEANGELO, John W. SHERVAIS, Jonathan M. GLEN, Dennis NIELSON, Sabodh GARG, Patrick DOBSON, Erika GASPERIKOVA, Eric SONNENTHAL, Charles VISSER, Lee M. LIBERTY, Drew SILER, James P. EVANS, Sean SANTELLANES [Paper]

(78) "Low-Temperature Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis for the Appalachian Basin," Teresa JORDAN, Erin R. CAMP, Jared SMITH, Calvin WHEALTON, Franklin G. HOROWITZ, Jery R. STEDINGER, Jefferson W. TESTER, Maria RICHARDS, Zachary FRONE, Rahmi BOLAT, Matthew HORNBACH, Cathy CHICKERING PACE, Beatrice MAGNANI, Brian ANDERSON, Xiaoning HE, Kelydra WELCKER [Paper]

(79) "Discovering Geothermal Systems in the Great Basin Region: an Integrated Geologic, Geochemical, and Geophysical Approach for Establishing Geothermal Play Fairways," James E. FAULDS, Nicholas H. HINZ, Mark F. COOLBAUGH, Craig M. DEPOLO, Drew L. SILER, Lisa A. SHEVENELL, William C. HAMMOND, Corné KREEMER, and John. H. QUEEN [Paper]

Chair: Aniko Toth

(80) "Demonstration of Geothermal Energy Production Using CO2 as a Working Fluid at the SECARB Cranfield Site, Cranfield, Mississippi," Barry FREIFELD, Lehua PAN, Christine DOUGHTY, Steve ZAKEM, Kate HART, Steve HOSTLER [Paper]

(81) "The Midas Geothermal System, North Central Nevada," Stuart SIMMONS [Paper]

(82) "Processes in the Vicinity of an Injection Well of a Geothermal Facility in the Malm Aquifer," Mark LAFOGLER, Frank WENDEROTH, Jörn BARTELS, Gabriella SOMOGYI, Thomas HINKOFER, Katharina HESS, Thomas BAUMANN [Paper]

(83) "Dealing with Intense Production Density: Challenges in Understanding and Operating the Hellisheiði Geothermal Field, SW-Iceland," Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Anette K. MORTENSEN [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 6(C): MODELING 4
Chair: Masami Nakagawa

(84) "Numerical Modeling of Flow-Mechanics Coupling in a Fractured Reservoir with Porous Matrix," Rajdeep DEB, Patrick JENNY [Paper]

(85) "Operator-based Linearization for Modeling of Low-enthalpy Geothermal Processes," Mark KHAIT, Denis VOSKOV [Paper]

(86) "The Effect of Bottom Boundary Conditions on Predictions of Steam Production from Geothermal Reservoir Models," John O'SULLIVAN, Mike O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

(87) "Local Thermal Non-Equilibrium Interfacial Interactions in Heterogeneous Reservoirs - Divergence of Numerical Methods to Simulate the Fluid and Heat Flow," Mario-Cesar SUAREZ-ARRIAGA [Paper]

Chair: Anna Wall

(88) "The Geochemical Weathering of Andesite in the Tatun Volcano Group Geothermal System, Taiwan," Chia-Mei LIU, Yu-Wei TSAI, Ching-Huei KUO, Ke-Hen SONG [Paper]

(89) "Hydrochemical Characterization for Identifying Hydrothermal Systems in the Bandung Volcanic Basin," Irwan ISKANDAR, Andre P ARIFIN, Cipto PURNANDI, Sudarto NOTOSISWOYO, Koki KASHIWAYA, Yohei TADA, Katsuaki KOIKE [Paper]

(90) "The Geochemical Response of the Rotokawa Reservoir to the First Five Years of Nga Awa Purua Production," Jeffrey WINICK, Simon ADDISON, Steve SEWELL, Etienne BUSCARLET, Dario HERNANDEZ, Farrell SIEGA [Paper]

(91) "Origin and Impacts of High Concentrations of Carbon Dioxide in Geothermal Fluids of Western Turkey," Jill R. HAIZLIP, Manon M. STOVER, Sabodh K. GARG, Fusun TUT HAKLIDIR, and Nicholas PRINA [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 7(A): GENERAL 7 -- Play Fairway 3
Chair: Nicole Lautze

(92) "Risk of Seismicity from Potential Direct-Use Operations in the Appalachian Basin Geothermal Play Fairway Project," Franklin G. HOROWITZ, Applachian Basin GPFA Team [Paper]

(93) "Hydrogeologic Windows and Estimating the Prospectivity of Geothermal Resources," Jeffrey BIELICKI, David BLACKWELL, Dylan HARP, Satish KARRA, Richard KELLEY, Shari KELLEY, Richard MIDDLETON, Mark PERSON, Glenn SUTULA, James WITCHER [Paper]

(94) "A Play Fairway Analysis for Structurally Controlled Geothermal Systems in the Central Cascades Arc-Backarc Regime, Oregon," Philip E. WANNAMAKER, Andrew J. MEIGS, John D. TRIMBLE, Ellen A. LAMONT, B. Mack KENNEDY, Joseph N. MOORE, Virginie MARIS, Eric L. SONNENTHAL, Gregory D. NASH [Paper]

(95) "A Play Fairway Analysis for Structurally Controlled Geothermal Systems in the Eastern Great Basin Extensional Regime, Utah," Philip E. WANNAMAKER, Kristine L. PANKOW, Joseph N. MOORE, Gregory D. NASH, Virginie MARIS, Stuart F. SIMMONS, Christian L. HARDWICK [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(B): EGS 3
Chair: Earl Mattson

(96) "On the Versatility of Rheoreversible, Stimuli-responsive Hydraulic-Fracturing Fluids for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Carlos A. FERNANDEZ, Senthil KABILAN, Tamas VARGA, M. Ian CHILDERS, Alain BONNEVILLE [Paper]

(97) "Laboratory Scale Investigation of Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation," HU Lianbo, Ahmad GHASSEMI, John PRITCHETT, Sabodh GARG [Paper]

(98) "Experimental and Numerical Investigation of EGS Shear Stimulation," S. J. BAUER, Q. CHEN, K. HUANG, A. GHASSEMI [Paper]

(99) "Laboratory Determination of Fracture Sustainability in EGS Systems," Timothy J. KNEAFSEY, Seiji NAKAGAWA, Patrick F. DOBSON, B. Mack KENNEDY, Sharon E. BORGLIN, Li YANG, J. Torquil SMITH, Marco VOLTOLINI [Paper]

Chair: Abdurrahman Satman

(100) "Numerical Simulation of Mixed Brine-CO2/H2S-Rock Interaction During the Reinjection of Non-condensable Gases," Alex Grey M. SALDAÑA, Eylem KAYA, Sadiq J. ZARROUK, Victor CALLOS, Bruce W. MOUNTAIN [Paper]

(101) "The Relation Between Well Spacing and Net Present Value in Fluvial Hot Sedimentary Aquifer Geothermal Doublets; a West Netherlands Basin Case Study," Cees WILLEMS, Twan GOENSE, Hamid NICK, David BRUHN [Paper]

(102) "Slim Hole Reservoir Characterization for Risk Reduction," Dennis L. NIELSON, Sabodh K. GARG [Paper]

(103) "Effects of Observation Well Location in Lumped Parameter Models," Ufuk OZTURK, Omer Inanc TUREYEN and Abdurrahman SATMAN [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 7(D): GEOLOGY 1
Chair: William Cumming

(104) "Magnetotelluric Reliability for Exploration Drilling Stage: Cases Study in Muara Laboh and Rantau Dedap Geothermal Project, Sumatera, Indonesia," Dayinta Adi DYAKSA, Irvan RAMADHAN, Novi GANEFIANTO [Paper]

(105) "3D Analysis of Geothermal Fluid Flow Favorability; Brady’s, Nevada, USA," Drew L. SILER, James E. FAULDS, Nicholas, H. HINZ and John QUEEN [Paper]

(106) "Favorable Structural–Tectonic Settings and Characteristics of Globally Productive Arcs," Nicholas HINZ, Mark COOLBAUGH, Lisa SHEVENELL, Pete STELLING, Glenn MELOSH, William CUMMING [Paper]

(107) "Geothermal Distribution and Their Origin in Southwest China," Jianyun FENG, Zhiliang HE, Ying ZHANG and Pengwei LI [Paper]

(108) "Exploring Structure and Stress from Depth to Surface in the Wairakei Geothermal Field, New Zealand," David D MCNAMARA, Stephen BANNISTER, Pilar VILLAMOR, Fabian SEPLÚVEDA, Sarah D MILICICH, Samantha ALCARAZ, Cécile MASSIOT [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 8(B): EGS 4 -- FORGE 3
Chair: Yu Chen

(109) "Characterizing Microseismicity at the Newberry Volcano Geothermal Site Using PageRank," Ana C. AGUIAR, Stephen C. MYERS [Paper]

(110) "Seismic Characterization of the Newberry and Cooper Basin EGS Sites," Dennise TEMPLETON, Jingbo WANG, Meredith GOEBEL, Gardar JOHANNESSON, Stephen MYERS, David HARRIS [Paper]

(111) "A Conceptual Geologic Model for the Newberry Volcano EGS Site in Central Oregon: Constraining Heat Capacity and Permeability Through Interpretation of Multicomponent Geosystems Data," Mackenzie MARK-MOSER, Jeremy SCHULTZ, Adam SCHULTZ, Ben HEATH, Kelly ROSE, Scott URQUHART, Esteban BOWLES-MARTINEZ, Paul VINCENT [Paper]

(112) "Analysis and Interpretation of Stress Indicators in Deviated Wells of the Coso Geothermal Field," Martin SCHOENBALL, Nicholas DAVATZES, Jonathan GLEN [Paper]

(113) "Migration of Shut-in Pressure and Its Effect to Occurrence of the Large Events at Basel Hydraulic Stimulation," Yusuke MUKUHIRA, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Markus HÄRING [Paper]

Chair: Omer Inanc Tureyen

(114) "Fractal Modeling of Outcrop Fracture Patterns in Alasehir Geothermal Reservoir Turkey," Emrah GUREL, Yakup Berk COSKUNER, Serhat AKIN [Paper]

(115) "Modeling Thermal Breakthrough in Sedimentary Geothermal System, Using COMSOL Multiphysics," Kamran JAHANBAKHSH, Masami NAKAGAWA, Mahmood ARSHAD, Lucila DUNNINGTON [Paper]

(116) "Application of Numerical Methods for Geothermal Pressure Transient Analysis: A Deflagration Case Study from New Zealand," Katie MCLEAN, Sadiq J. ZARROUK [Paper]

(117) "Characterizing Pressure Transients in Shear-Stimulated Fracture Networks," Thein HTAIK and Mark W. MCCLURE [Paper]

(118) "Comparison of Nonlinear Formulations for Geothermal Reservoir Simulations," Zhi Yang WONG, Roland HORNE, Denis VOSKOV [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 8(D): GEOLOGY 2
Chair: Adam Schultz

(119) "Quantifying Surface Roughness to Detect Geothermal Manifestations from Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (PolSAR) Data," Asep SAEPULOH, Katsuaki KOIKE, Mohamad Nur HERIAWAN, and Taiki KUBO [Paper]

(120) "Monitoring Fluid-Rock Interactions at In-Situ Conditions Using Computed Tomography," Mathias NEHLER, Thomas ANDOLFSSON, Ferdinand STÖCKHERT, Jörg RENNER, Rolf BRACKE [Paper]

(121) "Use of Hydrothermal Mineralogy and Geological Structures in Identifying Drill Sites in Olkaria Domes Geothermal Field, Naivasha, Kenya," David WANJOHI [Paper]

(122) "Hydrothermal Alteration of a Hidden Granite in the Geothermal Context the Upper Rhine Graben," Jeanne VIDAL, Marc ULRICH, Hubert WHITECHURCH, Albert GENTER, Jean SCHMITTBUHL, Eléonore DALMAIS, Violaine GIRARD-BERTHET [Paper]

(123) "The Formation Conditions and Enrichment Regularity of Buried Hill Karst Geothermal Resources in Bohai Bay Basin," LI Pengwei, HE Zhiliang, ZHANG Ying, HU Zongquan, FENG Jianyun, SUN Jiefu [Paper]

06:30 pm SESSION T: Reception and Dinner
Reception and Dinner

Wednesday 24th February 2016
08:30 am SESSION 9(A): GENERAL 4
Chair: Yidong Xia

(125) "Geothermal Energy Operated Heat Transport Processes at Natural Gas Pressure Reduction Station," Aniko TOTH [Paper]

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08:30 am SESSION 9(B): EGS 5
Chair: Tim Kneafsey

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08:30 am SESSION 9(C): MODELING 5
Chair: John OSullivan

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Chair: Maren Brehme

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10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 10(A): GENERAL 2
Chair: Benedict Holbein

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10:45 am SESSION 10(B): EGS 6
Chair: Martin Schoenball

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10:45 am SESSION 10(C): MODELING 6
Chair: Eylem Kaya

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Chair: Fredolin Javino

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12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 11(A): GENERAL 3
Chair: Laura Garchar

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01:30 pm SESSION 11(B): EGS 7
Chair: Tabrez Ali

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01:30 pm SESSION 11(C): DIRECT USE
Chair: John Sisler

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01:30 pm SESSION 11(D): GEOPHYSICS 4
Chair: Phil Wannamaker

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03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 12(A): EGS 8
Chair: Markus Hilpert

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Chair: Norio Yanagisawa

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Chair: Adrian Sabau

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03:45 pm SESSION 12(D): GEOLOGY 3
Chair: Gillian Foulger

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12:00 am SESSION 13: Publication Only
Chair: Roland Horne

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12:00 am SESSION 14: Currently Unallocated
Chair: Roland Horne

(208) "A Comprehensive Model of Slimhole Geothermal Well Drilling Design," Bonar MARBUN, Danni DWICAHYO, Deni SETIAWAN, M. Israr FIRDAUS [Paper]

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