Stanford Geothermal Workshop
February 12-14, 2024

This schedule is FINAL but may be updated if we learn of cancellations or time conflicts.

Monday 12th February 2024
08:30 am. SESSION 1: INTRODUCTION/OPENING [Add to calendar]
Chair: Roland Horne

(0) "Introduction to the Stanford Geothermal Workshop," [Presenter: Roland Horne], Roland HORNE [Paper]

(1) "Update on the US Department of Energy Geothermal Activities," [Presenter: Lauren Boyd], Lauren BOYD [Abstract]

(2) "Update on 2023 Activities at FORGE," [Presenter: Joseph Moore], Joe MOORE [Abstract]

(3) "Update on Fervo Energy’s EGS Development Projects in Nevada and Utah," [Presenter: Jack Norbeck], Jack NORBECK, Timothy LATIMER, Christian GRADL [Abstract]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am. SESSION 2(A): FORGE 1
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Chair: Kewen Li

(4) "Analysis of Circulation Tests and Well Connections at Utah FORGE," [Presenter: Pengju Xing], Pengju XING, Kevin ENGLAND, John MCLENNAN, Rob PODGORNEY, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

(5) "Coupled Hydro-Mechanical Back-Analysis of Circulation Program at FORGE in July of 2023," [Presenter: Branko Damjanac], Zorica RADAKOVIC-GUZINA, Branko DAMJANAC, Wei FU, Aleta FINNILA, Rob PODGORNEY, John MCLENNAN [Paper]

(6) "Updated Reference Discrete Fracture Network Model at Utah FORGE," [Presenter: Aleta Finnila], Aleta FINNILA, Clay, JONES [Paper]

(7) "Updates on the Development of Chloride-based Wireline Tool for Measuring Feed Zone Inflow in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) Wells," [Presenter: Sarah Sausan], Sarah SAUSAN, Marshall HARTUNG, Jiann-cherng SU, Melanie SCHNEIDER, Andrew WRIGHT, Roland HORNE [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 2(B): RESERVOIR ENGINEERING 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: John Murphy

(8) "Inferring Zonal Contributions and Productivity from a High-temperature, High-salinity Reservoir," Afrah K. SIDDIQUE, D.D. FAULDER and Santiago ROCHA [Paper]

(9) "Assessment and Optimization for Flowing Readiness of Newly Drilled Production Wells in Mak-Ban Geothermal Field, Philippines," [Presenter: Dave Ramos], Dave RAMOS [Paper]

(10) "Evaluation of Machine Learning Models Based on Different Data Preprocessing Methods of Predicting Geothermal Heat Flow in China," [Presenter: Kewen Li], Jifu HE, Kewen LI, Lin JIA [Paper]

(11) "Geothermal Reservoir Simulation Workflow for a Low-Enthalpy Fracture Hosted Resource," [Presenter: Colleen Barton], Tim SALTER, Ehsaan NASIR, Colleen BARTON, Ayman SAMY, Christopher HARPER, Peter VIVIAN-NEAL [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 2(C): FIELD STUDIES 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Trenton Cladouhos

(12) "Newberry Volcano: Reassessing Enigmatic Volcanic-Geothermal System in the Northernmost Basin and Range from Joint Inversion of MT and Gravity Data, and Reappraisal of Legacy Seismic Tomography and Well Data," Adam SCHULTZ, Xiaolei TU, Alain BONNEVILLE, Amanda KOLKER, Hannah PAULING, Esteban BOWLES-MARTINEZ [Paper]

(13) "Geology, Temperature, Geophysics, Stress Orientations, and Natural Fracturing in the Milford Valley, UT Informed by the Drilling Results of the First Horizontal Wells at the Cape Modern Geothermal Project," [Presenter: Steven Fercho], Steven FERCHO, Gabe MATSON, Emma MCCONVILLE, Greg RHODES, Ryan JORDAN, Jack NORBECK [Paper]

(14) "An Early-Stage Exploration Update on the Grover Point Blind Geothermal System in Dixie Valley, Nevada: Highlights of Geophysics Results and Conceptual Modeling," Matthew FOLSOM, Carmen WINN, Alex Milton, Jade ZIMMERMAN, Kelly BLAKE, Andrew SABIN, Christine DOWNS, Steve SEWELL, Kurt KRAAL, Stephanie Nale, Wei-Chuang HUANG, Paul SCHWERING [Paper]

(15) "Replacement of the Onikobe Geothermal Power Station, Japan," [Presenter: Daisuke Yanai], Daisuke YANAI, Kengo TAKIZAWA, Hiroaki ASAI, Takumi YANAZE, Shigetaka NAKANISHI, Shuji AJIMA and Chitoshi AKASAKA [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 2(D): GEOCHEMISTRY 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Stuart Simmons

(16) "Fluid Compositions, Heat Sources and Fracture Interconnectivity in Geothermal Systems Along an Active Subduction Zone," Agnes REYES [Paper]

(17) "Experimental Study of the Mineral Precipitation Dynamics During Geothermal Reinjection," [Presenter: Anna Kottsova], Anna KOTTSOVA, Xiang-Zhao KONG, Pacelli L.J. ZITHA, David F. BRUHN, Martin O. SAAR, Maren BREHME [Paper]

(18) "Mineral Extraction from Geothermal Reservoirs: A Case Study from Western Anatolia," [Presenter: Hakki Aydin], Raziye SENGUN CETIN, Hakki AYDIN, Fusun TUT HAKLIDIR [Paper]

(19) "Experiments on the Precipitation Behavior of Silicic Acid and Aluminum in Geothermal Water at the Olkaria Geothermal Field, Naivasha, Kenya," [Presenter: Edwin Wafula Wanyonyi], Edwin WANYONYI, Kotaro YONEZU, Yokoyama TAKUSHI, and Mutinda JUMA [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm. SESSION 3(A): FORGE 2
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Chair: Pengju Xing

(20) "The Interplay of Impermeable Crystalline Basement Rocks, Tectonic Fracturing and Magmatic Intrusion in the Development of Geothermal Resources at Utah FORGE and Roosevelt Hot Springs," Stuart SIMMONS, Clay JONES, Stefan KIRBY, Phil WANNAMAKER, Kris PANKOW, Joe MOORE [Paper]

(21) "Near-Wellbore DEM Model of Hydraulic Fracture Initiation for Utah FORGE Site," [Presenter: Wei Fu], Wei FU, Branko DAMJANAC, Zorica RADAKOVIC-GUZINA, Aleta FINNILA, Robert PODGORNEY, John MCLENNAN [Paper]

(22) "Numerically Testing Conceptual Models of the Utah FORGE Reservoir Using July 2024 Circulation Test Data," [Presenter: Robert Podgorney], Lynn MUNDAY, Robert PODGORNEY [Paper]

(23) "Machine Learning-Based Rock Facies Prediction Using Geothermal Data: A Comparative Analysis of Algorithms," [Presenter: Zeming Hu], Zeming HU, Cesar VIVIAS, Saeed SALEHI, Orkhan KHANKISHIYEV [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 3(B): RESERVOIR ENGINEERING 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Sarah Sausan

(24) "Greenfield Reservoir Engineering for the Wattenberg Field with Comparison of Advanced, Enhanced, and Caged Geothermal Systems," Luke FRASH, Meng MENG, Bijay K C [Paper]

(25) "Using Petroleum Industry Data to Locate, Characterize, and Simulate a Hot Sedimentary Aquifer Geothermal Prospect," [Presenter: Alfred Lacazette], Alfred LACAZETTE, Stephen CUMELLA, Veit MATT, Mark COTTRELL, Saman KARIMI, Bruce MARSH, William CHMELA [Paper]

(26) "Utilization of Oil and Gas Wells for Geothermal Applications," Hakki AYDIN, Seher YÜKSEL, Cihan TOPUZ [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 3(C): GENERAL 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Patrick Dobson

(27) "Updated Three-dimensional Temperature Maps for the Great Basin, USA," [Presenter: Erick Burns], Erick R BURNS, Jacob DEANGELO, Colin F WILLIAMS [Paper]

(28) "Techno-economics of Enhanced Geothermal Systems Across the United States Using Novel Temperature-at-Depth Maps," [Presenter: Mohammad Aljubran], Mohammad ALJUBRAN, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(29) "Evaluation of the Geothermal Energy Potential of Switzerland - a Techno-economic Approach," [Presenter: Maren Brehme], Rebekka MERKOFER, Roman SHOR, Maren BREHME [Paper]

(30) "Learning in Geothermal Power and Heat Generation – A German Case Study," [Presenter: Florian Mueller], Florian MUELLER, Bjarne STEFFEN, Tobias S. SCHMIDT [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 3(D): GEOPHYSICS 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Lianjie Huang

(31) "Microseismic Monitoring of a Horizontal EGS System: Case Study and State of the Art," [Presenter: Sireesh Dadi], Sireesh DADI, Jack NORBECK, Aleksei TITOV, Travis PAYEUR, Sean MACHOVOE, Kanu CHINAEMEREM [Paper]

(32) "3D Seismic Imaging and Fault Detection at the Lightning Dock Geothermal Field," Lianjie HUANG, Kai GAO, David LI, Chenglong DUAN, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Yingcai ZHENG, Boming WU, and Michael SWYER [Paper]

(33) "Investigation of Seismic Anisotropy in the Rotondo Granite by Crosshole Seismic Surveys," [Presenter: Kathrin Behnen], Kathrin BEHNEN, Marian HERTRICH, Hansruedi MAURER, Domenico GIARDINI [Paper]

(34) "Fiber Seismic Tomography for Geothermal Exploration," [Presenter: Ettore Biondi], Ettore BIONDI, Jiaxuan LI, Valey KAMALOV, Zhongwen ZHAN [Paper]

15:15 pm BREAK

[Add to calendar]
Chair: Florian Wellmann

(35) "Heat Extraction Processes Using Unconventional Geothermal Technologies (GreenLoop) Applied in Different Reservoir Types," [Presenter: Alvaro Amaya], Alvaro AMAYA, Harish CHANDRASEKAR, Saul MOLINA, Steven BROWN, Joseph SCHERER [Paper]

(36) "Geologic Thermal Energy Storage: Integrated Subsurface Characterization and Modeling to Decode Wellbore Operability Limits," [Presenter: Uno Mutlu], Uno MUTLU, Ahmad GHASSEMI, Derek ADAMS, Gregory BOITNOTT [Paper]

(37) "The Rheology of Temperature-Responsive Volume-Phase Transition Hydrogels for the Improved Thermal Performance and Lifetime of GeoThermal Reservoirs," Aaron BAXTER, Adam HAWKINS, Danni TANG, Uli WIESNER, Patrick FULTON, Jefferson TESTER, Sarah HORMOZI [Paper]

(38) "Evaluating Heat Extraction Performance of Closed-Loop Geothermal Systems with Thermally Conductive Enhancements in Conduction-Only Reservoirs," [Presenter: Koenraad Beckers], Koenraad BECKERS, Adam KETCHUM, Chad AUGUSTINE [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 4(B): DIRECT USE 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Nicholas Fry

(39) "Techno-Economic Analysis of Geothermal Deep Direct-Use Systems for District Heating and Cooling in Southeastern New York and Eastern Michigan," [Presenter: Hyunjun Oh], Hyunjun OH, Koenraad BECKERS, and Matt MITCHELL [Paper]

(40) "Subsurface Insights from the Cornell University Borehole Observatory (CUBO): A 3km Deep Exploratory Well for Advancing Earth Source Heat Deep Direct-Use Geothermal for District Heating," Patrick FULTON, Roberto CLAIRMONT, Sean FUCHER, Daniela PINILLA, Ivan PURWAMASKA, Madeline FRESONKE, Reeby PUTHUR, Juliette TORRES, Taylor HEATON, Koenraad BECKERS, Stephen BEYERS, Wayne BENZER-KERR Robert BLAND, Burak ERDINC J. Olaf GUSTAFSON, Terry JORDAN, Jefferson TESTER [Paper]

(41) "The Path of Direct Uses of Geothermal Energy in Nicaragua," Norman Andres REYES SUSANO [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 4(C): RESERVOIR ENGINEERING 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Caleb Darko

(42) "Pressure Transient Analysis of Alaşehir Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Hakki Aydin], Hakki AYDIN, Sukru MEREY, Serhat AKIN [Paper]

(43) "Innovative Recharge Heat Recovery Project: Retrieving Steam One Drop at a Time," [Presenter: Irene Marice Fernandez], Irene Marice FERNANDEZ, Marie Hazel URIBE, Katrina DACILLO and Jericho OMAGBON [Paper]

(44) "A Microseismic Events Cluster Analysis-based Method for Modelling Complex Fractures in Geothermal Reservoir," [Presenter: Shibo Sun], SUN Shibo, WANG Wendong, SU Yuliang, DENG Yuxuan, LI Haoyu [Paper]

(45) "Estimation of Fracture Porosity Using Radon in Japan and Taiwan," T. KUO, F. TSUNOMORI [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 4(D): GEOLOGY 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Kevin Mccarthy

(46) "Preliminary Regional Play Fairway Workflow for the Great Basin Region, USA," [Presenter: James Faulds], Nicole HART-WAGONER, Mark COOLBAUGH, James FAULDS, Elijah MLAWSKY, Cary LINDSEY, Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Stephen BROWN [Paper]

(47) "Regional Tectonic Setting of Pilgrim Hot Springs, Seward Peninsula, Alaska," [Presenter: Elizabeth Miller], Elizabeth L MILLER and Jason W. CRAIG [Paper]

(48) "Application of Low Temperature Thermochronology for Exploration of Blind Geothermal Systems: A Case Study from the Kigluaik Fault System and Pilgrim Hot Springs, Northwestern Alaska," [Presenter: Jason Craig], Jason W. CRAIG, Elizabeth L. MILLER, Jeff A. BENOWITZ, Max MANSON, Trevor A. DUMITRU, and Carl W. HOILAND [Paper]

(49) "Characterization and Analysis of a Potential Hidden Geothermal Resource in the Jersey Summit Area, North-Central, Nevada," [Presenter: Quentin Burgess], Quentin P. BURGESS, James E. FAULDS [Paper]

(50) "Preliminary Tectonic and Structural Controls of Geothermal Springs of the Tibetan Plateau: Insight from Regional-Scale Sampling of Helium-Isotopes (3He/4He), Stable Isotopes, and Aqueous Geothermometry," [Presenter: Jason Craig], Jason W. CRAIG, Simon L. KLEMPERER, Laura J. CROSSEY, Karl E. KARLSTROM, Ping ZHAO [Paper]

06:30 pm. SESSION T: Reception and Dinner [Add to calendar]
Chair: Roland Horne

Reception and Dinner

Tuesday 13th February 2024
08:30 am. SESSION 5(A): FORGE 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Aleta Finnila

(52) "The Role of thermo-poroelastic Effects on Transverse Fractures in the Utah FORGE Well 16-A," Ahmad GHASSEMI, Zhi YE, RATNAYAKE, Mudi [Paper]

(53) "Numerical Modeling of Stimulation and Circulation in Utah FORGE Wells," SANG H. LEE, AHMAD GHASSEMI, JONATHAN AJO-FRANKLIN, AND MATT BECKER [Paper]

(54) "The Updated Wellbore Stress Models for Utah FORGE," [Presenter: Zhi Ye], Zhi YE, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

(55) "Design and Experimental Validation of a Unique Geothermal Downhole Valve for FORGE Project," [Presenter: Andres Baena Velasquez], Andrés Felipe BAENA VELÁSQUEZ, Alberto TOLEDO VELAZCO, Jorge Andrés ÁLVAREZ ESCOBAR, Khizar ABID, Yosafat ESQUITIN, Ricardo REVES VASQUES, Leonardo ROCHA DE QUEIROZ, Catalin TEODORIU [Paper]

08:30 am. SESSION 5(B): FIELD STUDIES 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Tait Earney

(56) "Geothermal Investigation on the UC Berkeley Campus," [Presenter: Jiahui Yang], Jiahui YANG, Kecheng CHEN, Kenichi SOGA [Paper]

(57) "A Research and Production Geothermal Project on the TU Delft Campus: Project Implementation and Initial Data Collection," [Presenter: Phil Vardon], Phil VARDON, Hemmo ABELS, Auke BARNHOORN, Alexandros DANIILIDIS, David BRUHN, Guy DRIJKONINGEN, Kaylee ELLIOTT, Beer VAN ESSER, Susanne LAUMANN, Piet VAN PAASSEN, Liliana VARGAS MELEZA, Andrea VONDRAK, Denis VOSKOV [Paper]

(58) "A Research and Production Geothermal Project on the TU Delft Campus: Initial Modelling and Establishment of a Digital Twin," Denis VOSKOV, Hemmo ABELS, Auke BARNHOORN, Yuan CHEN, Alexandros DANIILIDIS, David BRUHN, Guy DRIJKONINGEN, Sebastian GEIGER, Susanne LAUMANN, Guofeng SONG, Phil VARDON, Liliana VARGAS, Eric VERSCHUUR, Andrea VONDRAK [Paper]

(59) "Characterization of Thermal Ground at the Roosevelt Hot Springs Hydrothermal System, Utah," Aileen ZEBROWSKI, Brian J. MCPHERSON [Paper]

08:30 am. SESSION 5(C): PRODUCTION 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Ram Kumar

(60) "DeepStor - Heat Cycling in the Deep and Medium-Deep Subsurface," [Presenter: Eva Schill], Eva SCHILL, Roland KNAUTHE, Xheni GARIPI, Florian BAUER [Paper]

(61) "Field Test of Thermoelectric Generators for Power Generation Using Low Temperature Industrial Waste Heat," [Presenter: Kewen Li], Yuhao ZHU and Kewen LI [Paper]

(62) "Identification of Undesirable Events in Geothermal Fluid/Steam Production Using Machine Learning," [Presenter: Orkhan Khankishiyev], Orkhan KHANKISHIYEV, Saeed SALEHI, Hamidreza KARAMI, Vagif MAMMADZADA [Paper]

(63) "Double Energy Input V, a Proposal for a Novel Source of Energy," Daniel RAMIREZ [Paper]

08:30 am. SESSION 5(D): GEOLOGY 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Owen Callahan

(64) "Hydrothermal Alteration and Fluid Inclusions Microthermometry Analysis of the Geothermal Exploratory Well N1 from EL Hoyo-Monte Galan Geothermal Area, Central Western Nicaragua, Central America," [Presenter: Lisbeth Herrera], Lisbeth HERRERA, Kotaro YONEZU, Aira IMAI, Akane ITO, Kelym MARTINEZ [Paper]

(65) "Remote sensing-based Identification of Potential Geothermal Zones in the Himalaya-Karakoram Orogenic Belt, Northern Pakistan," [Presenter: Muhammad Anees], Muhammad ANEES, Klaus WEMMER, Graciela SOSA, Alfons VAN DEN KERKHOF, Bernd LEISS, Jonas KLEY, Mumtaz SHAH, Javed Akhter QURESHI [Paper]

(66) "Deep Learning to Infer Geothermal Reservoir Quality from Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Images," [Presenter: Sarah Sausan], Arkanu ANDARU, Sarah SAUSAN [Paper]

(67) "Development of Shallow (2-m) Temperature Survey Standard Operating Procedures and Interpretation Workbook," [Presenter: Kurt Kraal], Kurt KRAAL, Cary LINDSEY, Jade ZIMMERMAN, Chris SLADEK, Quentin BURGESS [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

[Add to calendar]
Chair: Mohammad Aljubran

(68) "Towards Utilization of Superhot Geothermal Resources – the IDDP Project and Beyond," [Presenter: Gunnar Gunnarsson], Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Arna PÁLSDÓTTIR, Kolbrún Ragna RAGNARSDÓTTIR, Þráinn FRIÐRIKSSON [Paper]

(69) "Nationwide Assessment of Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Power," [Presenter: Jonathan Ogland-Hand], Jonathan OGLAND-HAND, Emily CAIRNCROSS, Benjamin ADAMS, Richard MIDDLETON [Paper]

(70) "Geological Thermal Energy Storage (GeoTES) Charged with Solar Thermal and Heat Pumps Into Depleted Oil/gas Reservoirs and Shallow Reservoirs:," Guangdong ZHU, Dayo AKINDIPE, Joshua McTIGUE, Erik WITTER, Trevor ATKINSON, Travis McLING, Ram KUMAR, Pat DOBSON, Mike UMBRO, Jim LEDERHOS, Derek ADAMS [Paper]

(71) "Meeting Net-Zero America Direct Air Capture Targets with Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Heat While Considering Environmental Justice," [Presenter: Jonathan Ogland-Hand], Jonathan OGLAND-HAND, Nathan HOLWERDA, Benjamin ADAMS, Jeffrey BENNETT, Nils JOHNSON, Erin MIDDLETON, Peter PSARRAS, Richard MIDDLETON [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 6(B): FIELD STUDIES 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Miklos Antics

(72) "“Heat Below the City” – City-Wide Groundwater Temperature Measurements Reveal Underground Urban Heat Islands in Vienna (Austria)," [Presenter: Cornelia Steiner], Cornelia STEINER, Christian GRIEBLER, Eszter NYEKI, Eva KAMINSKY, Constanze ENGLISCH, Christine STUMPP [Paper]

(73) "Preparing Geothermal Energy Profiles in the Pannonian Basin in Hungary," [Presenter: Attila Kujbus], Attila KUJBUS, Attila TALAMON [Paper]

(74) "Developing Geothermal Projects Using Energy Demand Profiles in the Pannonian Basin," [Presenter: Attila Talamon], Attila TALAMON, Attila KUJBUS [Paper]

(75) "Underwater Geothermal Exploration – Diving Into the Deep," [Presenter: Maren Brehme], Maren BREHME and Anna JENTSCH [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 6(C): DRILLING 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Arash Dahi Taleghani

(76) "Long-Term Thermal Conductivity of Neat Cement (C, G, H) for Geothermal Applications and Its Impact on Geothermal Well Behavior," [Presenter: Catalin Teodoriu], Khizar ABID, Miguel Leonardo ROMERO TELLEZ, Catalin TEODORIU [Paper]

(77) "Aluminum-Rich Cements for High Temperature Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Tatiana Pyatina], Tatiana PYATINA, Toshifumi SUGAMA [Paper]

(78) "Effect of Gilsonite on the Mechanical Properties of Geopolymer Cement," [Presenter: Catalin Teodoriu], Miguel Leonardo ROMERO TELLEZ, Khizar ABID, Catalin TEODORIU [Paper]

(79) "Measuring Cement Thermal Expansion Coefficient and Its Impact Towards Geothermal Well Construction," [Presenter: Alberto Toledo Velazco], Alberto TOLEDO VELAZCO, Khizar ABID, Miguel Leonardo ROMERO TELLEZ, Catalin TEODORIU [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 6(D): GEOPHYSICS 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Sireesh Dadi

(80) "Microseismicity Observation and Characterization at Cape Modern and Utah FORGE," [Presenter: Nori Nakata], Nori NAKATA, Sin-Mei WU, Chet HOPP, Michelle ROBERTSON and Sireesh DADI [Paper]

(81) "Characterizing Structure in Southern Summer Lake Valley, Oregon Using Ground- and sUAS-Based Potential Field Geophysics," Tait EARNEY, Jonathan GLEN [Paper]

(82) "The Ring of Fire and the Mantle Convection Rolls Model: the Regularity of Subduction Zones Distribution and Relative Arrangement of Volcanic Arcs," Steingrimur THORBJARNARSON [Paper]

(83) "Towards a New Zealand Crustal Temperature Model," [Presenter: Alison Kirkby], Alison KIRKBY, Rob FUNNELL, Phil SCADDEN, Anya SEWARD, Matt SAGAR, Nick MORTIMER, Fiona SANDERS [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

[Add to calendar]
Chair: James Tinjum

(84) "Medium-Deep Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (MD-BTES): from Exploration to District-Heating Grid Connection, Insights from SKEWS and PUSH-IT Projects," [Presenter: Claire Bossennec], Ingo SASS, Matthias KRUSEMARK, Lukas SEIB, Claire BOSSENNEC, Tien Hung PHAM, Markus SCHEDEL, Leandra WEYDT, Hermann BUNESS, Benjamin HOMUTH [Paper]

(85) "Unlocking the Flexibility Potential of Geothermal with Reversible Organic Rankine Cycles," [Presenter: Christopher Schifflechner], Christopher SCHIFFLECHNER, Florian KAUFMANN, Kai ZOSSEDER, Hartmut SPLIETHOFF [Paper]

(86) "Geopolymers as Alternatives to Cements for Geothermal Well Applications," [Presenter: Waltraud Kriven], Allison S. BRANDVOLD and Waltraud M. KRIVEN [Paper]

(87) "Developing High-Temperature Functional Microcapsules for Delayed Flow Diverter Formation in EGS Reservoirs," [Presenter: Chun Chang], Chun CHANG, Seiji NAKAGAWA, Oscar SANDOVAL, William KIBIKAS, Timothy KNEAFSEY, Patrick DOBSON, Abraham SAMUEL, Michael OTTO, Stephen BRUCE, Carlos RODRIGUEZ, Nils KAARGESON-LOE, Robert Banker COMER [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 7(B): MODELING 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Mamadsho Ilolov

(88) "Geothermal Play Fairway Analysis (GPFA): A Texas/Gulf Coast Case Study," [Presenter: Kevin McCarthy], Kevin MCCARTHY, Will PETTITT, Ole ENGELS [Paper]

(89) "Power Density Geothermal Resource Estimation Revisited," [Presenter: Chadwick Holmes], R. Chadwick HOLMES [Paper]

(90) "Fluid Flow and Thermal Anomalies in Naturally Fractured Media: A New Guide for Geothermal Exploration of Crustal Fault Zone," [Presenter: Hugo Duwiquet], Hugo DUWIQUET, Laurent GUILLOU-FROTTIER, Frédéric-Victor DONZE, Albert GENTER, Roland HORNE, Patrick LEDRU, Fabien MAGRI, Théophile GUILLON, Laurent ARBARET, Christine SOUQUE [Paper]

(91) "Analytical Estimates on the Deep Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Using Electromagnetic Heating," Grigori CHAPIRO, Samuel O. ALMEIDA, Pacelli L. J. ZITHA [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 7(C): TRACERS [Add to calendar]
Chair: Irene Marice Fernandez

(92) "Tracer Testing in Well 16B-32 at the Utah FORGE EGS Project," Peter ROSE, John McLENNAN, Clay JONES, Stuart SIMMONS and Kevin ENGLAND [Paper]

(93) "Tracer Response and Evaluation of Thermal Front Migration at an Operating Geothermal Field in the Western USA," Zachary BROWN, Leland DAVIS, Alexander MILTON [Paper]

(94) "Active Tracers for Hydraulic Control of Cooled Short Circuits: Bench-Scale Demonstration and Numerical Simulation," [Presenter: Adam Hawkins], Adam HAWKINS, Dani TANG, Aaron BAXTER, Reeby PUTHUR, Daniel KORZUKHIN, Zach ZODY, Bryan ABDULAZIZ, Patrick FULTON, Sarah HORMOZI, Chris ALABI, Uli WIESNER, Jefferson TESTER [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 7(D): EGS 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Alain Bonneville

(95) "WHOLESCALE Modeling of Hydro-mechanical Processes at San Emidio, Nevada, U.S. on Time Scales of Years," [Presenter: Kurt Feigl], Kurt L. FEIGL, Xi LUO, Chris SHERMAN, Corné KREEMER, Sam A. BATZLI, Michael A. CARDIFF, and Herbert F. WANG [Paper]

(96) "WHOLESCALE Modeling of Hydro-Mechanical Processes at San Emidio, Nevada, U.S. on Time Scales of Days," [Presenter: Xi Luo], Xi LUO, Chris SHERMAN, Kurt L. FEIGL, John MURPHY, John AKERLEY, Hiroki SONE, Michael A. CARDIFF, Jesse HAMPTON, Hao GUO, Neal E. LORD, Peter E. SOBOL, Clifford H. THURBER, and Herbert F. WANG [Paper]

(97) "Optimizing and Monitoring Thermal Shock Stimulation of Tight Lithologies: Exploring the Impact of Repeated Thermal Shock Cycles on Timelapse Permeability and Acoustic Wave Velocities," Margariete MALENDA, Tiziana VANORIO [Paper]

(98) "Methods and Challenges of Heat Extraction from SuperHot Rock," Trenton CLADOUHOS, Owen CALLAHAN [Paper]

15:15 pm BREAK

[Add to calendar]
Chair: Alfred Lacazette

(99) "Application of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) in Geothermal Wells," [Presenter: Orkhan Khankishiyev], Orkhan KHANKISHIYEV, Saeed SALEHI, Gurban HASANOV, Zeming HU [Paper]

(100) "Feasibility of Measuring Strain at Geothermal Reservoir Temperatures," [Presenter: Clem Laffaille], Clem LAFFAILLE, Josh PARRIS, Scott DEWOLF, Leonid GERMANOVICH, Lawrence C. MURDOCH [Paper]

(101) "Development of an Integrated Reservoir and Production System Modelling (IPSM) Workflow for Simulating CO2-Plume Geothermal (CPG) Systems at the Aquistore CCS Site," [Presenter: Kevin Hau], Kevin P. HAU, Maren BREHME, Alireza RANGRIZ SHOKRI, Erik NICKEL, Reza MALAKOOTI, Rick J. CHALATURNYK, Martin O. SAAR [Paper]

(102) "Bioenergy-Boosting: Improving the Energy, Economic, and Emissions Profile of Marginal Geothermal Resources," David DEMPSEY, Karan TITUS, Rebecca PEER [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 8(B): MODELING 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Yuan Tian

(103) "Including Permeability Anisotropy in Fault Zones Models Helps Coping with Both Geothermal Reservoir Storage Estimation and Induced Seismicity," [Presenter: Nicolas Wynants-Morel], Nicolas WYNANTS-MOREL, Jeanne VIDAL, David SOUBEYRAND [Paper]

(104) "The Role of Probabilistic Geomodelling in Geothermal Exploration and Risking," [Presenter: Florian Wellmann], Florian WELLMANN, Jan Von HARTEN, Jan NIEDERAU, Alexander JÜSTEL, Nora KOLTZER [Paper]

(105) "Evolution of a Complex Conceptual Geological Model for Co-Producing Electricity at the Blackburn Oil Field, Nevada," [Presenter: Abra Gold], Abra GOLD, Estefanny DAVALOS ELIZONDO, Kagan KUTUN [Paper]

(106) "Structural and Dissolution Trapping of Carbon in Geothermal Reservoirs: A Numerical Assessment," Dale Emet ALTAR, Eylem KAYA, Sadiq J. ZARROUK [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 8(C): GENERAL 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Us Us Anang Ischak

(107) "An Overview of Efforts Towards Utilizing Geothermal Energy in Interior Alaska," Zachary ZODY, Robbin GARBER-SLAGHT, Anna WAGNER, Jamie POTTER, Matt MITCHELL, Vanessa MATHEWS, Viktoria GISLADOTTIR [Paper]

(108) "Probabilistic Assessment and Uncertainty Quantification of a Geothermal Resource, Red River Formation, North Dakota," [Presenter: Emmanuel Gyimah], Emmanuel GYIMAH, Olusegun TOMOMEWO, William GOSNOLD, Adesina FADAIRO, Charles KPORXAH, Jerjes PORLLES, Abdesselem DEHDOUH [Paper]

(109) "Derisking Superhot Geothermal Plays with Value of Information: Utilizing Play Fairway Analysis, Geophysics and Technoeconomics," [Presenter: Whitney Trainor-Guitton], Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Geoffrey MIBEI, Nicole TAVERNA, Hannah PAULING, Amanda KOLKER [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 8(D): EGS 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Hongkyu Yoon

(110) "Measurements of Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Coupling in Granite Shear Fractures at FORGE Using the Triaxial Direct-Shear Test Method," [Presenter: Uwaila Iyare], Uwaila Charles IYARE, Luke Philip FRASH, Bijay K C, Meng MENG, Kayla KROLL, Megan SMITH, Gabriela DAVILA, James Williams CAREY, Wenfeng LI, Oana MARINA, Yerkezhan MADENOVA [Paper]

(111) "Evaluating the Efficiency of High Temperature Preformed Particle Gels in Sealing Fractures Within Granite-Based Enhanced Geothermal Systems: A Preliminary Study," [Presenter: Caleb Darko], Caleb K DARKO, Yanbo LIU, Mingzhen WEI, Baojun BAI, Thomas SCHUMAN [Paper]

(112) "Thermo-Hydraulic Performance of an Enhanced Geothermal System Under Different Spatiotemporal Heterogeneous Conditions," [Presenter: Jerome Sfeir], Jerome SFEIR, George MORIDIS, Jean-Louis BRIAUD [Paper]

(113) "Deep Sensor Seismic Stimulation Background Wavefield Empirics for Ambient Crust Surface Seismic Flow Imagingace Seismic Flow Imaging," [Presenter: Peter Malin], Peter LEARY Peter MALIN Peter GEISER Charles SICKING [Paper]

Wednesday 14th February 2024
08:30 am. SESSION 9(A): EGS 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Wei Fu

(114) "Numerical Modeling of Hydraulic Stimulation and Long-Term Fluid Circulation at the Utah FORGE Project," Mark W. MCCLURE, Rohan IRVIN, Kevin ENGLAND, and John MCLENNAN [Paper]

(115) "Modeling of Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFITs) for In-situ Stress Characterization in the Utah FORGE Reservoir," [Presenter: Fan Fei], Fan FEI, Chaoyi WANG, Matteo CUSINI, Luke FRASH, Kayla KROLL [Paper]

(116) "Minimum Proppant Pack Conductivity for Economic Multi-stage Enhanced Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Bijay K C], Bijay KC, Luke P. FRASH, Bulbul Ahmed [Paper]

(117) "Thermal Hydrological Mechanical Modelling of Anticipated Stimulation in Utah," [Presenter: J Torquil Smith], Torquil SMITH, Eric SONNENTHAL, Nori NAKATA [Paper]

08:30 am. SESSION 9(B): MODELING 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Denis Voskov

(118) "Geothermal Uncertainty Representation in reV: the Renewable Energy Potential Model," [Presenter: Whitney Trainor-Guitton], Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Pablo PINCHUK, Sophie-Min THOMSON, Reid OLSON, Galen MACLAURIN [Paper]

(119) "Investigating Reinjection Strategies to Optimise Lithium Production from the Salton Sea Geothermal Field," [Presenter: John OSullivan], John O'SULLIVAN, Naod ARAYA, Joris POPINEAU, Theo RENAUD, Jeremy RIFFAULT and Mike O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

(120) "The Combined Effect of Mineral Dissolution/Precipitation and Matrix thermal Contraction on Fracture Aperture in Enhanced Geothermal Systems: A Reactive Transport Approach," [Presenter: Hannah Gatz-Miller], Hannah S. GATZ-MILLER, Jennifer M. FREDERICK, Thomas S. LOWRY [Paper]

(121) "Assessment of the Impacts of Multi-Scale Sedimentological Heterogeneity on Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Energy Production," [Presenter: Kiley Baird], Kiley BAIRD, Dan ARNOLD, Florian DOSTER, Sebastian GEIGER, Dmytro PETROVSKYY, Gary J. HAMPSON, Carl JACQUEMYN, Matthew D. JACKSON, Julio Machado SILVA, Fazilatur RAHMAN, Sicilia JUDICE, Mario COSTA SOUSA [Paper]

08:30 am. SESSION 9(C): DIRECT USE 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Hyunjun Oh

(122) "Quantifying the Long-term Performance of a District-scale Geothermal Exchange Field," Evan HEEG, James TINJUM, Dante FRATTA, Shubham Dutt ATTRI, David HART, and Alicia LUEBBE [Paper]

(123) "Thermohydrogeologic Modeling for the Geothermica Project G2C (Galleries to Calories)," [Presenter: Patrick Dobson], Christine DOUGHTY, Patrick DOBSON, Curtis OLDENBURG, Yingqi ZHANG, Tim KNEAFSEY, Robert EGERT, Travis MCLING, Trevor ATKINSON, and Wencheng JIN [Paper]

(124) "Field Tests and Numerical Simulation of Thermal Response Test Equipment Applicable to Water Wells of Large Diameters," [Presenter: Satoshi Tanaka], Satoshi TANAKA, Hikari FUJII, Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA, Retsu HARADA [Paper]

(125) "Review of Latest Geothermal Applications in Turkiye: A Glimpse Into the Future of Renewable Energy," [Presenter: Coskun Cetin], Cenk TEMIZEL, Yusuf PAMUKCU, Coskun CETIN [Paper]

08:30 am. SESSION 9(D): GEOPHYSICS 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Adam Schultz

(126) "Summary of Annual Repeat Magnetotelluric Surveys of the Geysers Geothermal Field," Jared PEACOCK, Michael MITCHELL, David ALUMBAUGH, Craig HARTLINE [Paper]

(127) "The Effect of Temperature on the Static Elastic Moduli of Fractured Granitoid from the Patua Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Harrison Lisabeth], Harrison LISABETH, Nori NAKATA, Heather SAVAGE, Kristina OKAMOTO [Paper]

(128) "Source Characterization of Picoseismic Events During Hydraulic Stimulation at Hectometer Scale," [Presenter: Martina Rosskopf], Martina ROSSKOPF, Virginie DURAND, Linus VILLIGER, Anne OBERMANN, Domenico GIARDINI, and The Bedretto Team [Paper]

(129) "Factors Controlling Rate and Magnitudes of Injection-Induced Earthquakes," [Presenter: Taeho Kim], Taeho KIM, Jean-Philippe AVOUAC [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am. SESSION 10(A): EGS 4
[Add to calendar]
Chair: Tai Subia

(130) "Electric Self-potential Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Äspö Hard Rock Laboratoy, Sweden," [Presenter: Nadine Haaf], Nadine HAAF, Luis GUARRACINO, Damien JOUGNOT, Eva SCHILL [Paper]

(131) "Using Borehole Failure Geometry and Stress Measurements to Study Stress-Strength Profiles in Geothermal Projects," Farid ZABIHIAN, Asmae DAHRABOU, Reza SOHRABI, Andrés ALCOLEA, Peter MEIER, Benoît VALLEY [Paper]

(132) "Review of Drilling Performance in a Horizontal EGS Development," [Presenter: Kareem Elsadi], Kareem EL-SADI, Brittany GIERKE, Elliot HOWARD, Christian GRADL [Paper]

(133) "Evaluation of Ultra-high Temperature Delayed-swelling Hydrogels for the Preferential Fluid Flow Control," [Presenter: Yanbo Liu], Yanbo LIU, Tao SONG, Caleb K DARKO, Baojun BAI, Thomas SCHUMAN [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 10(B): MODELING 4 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Jeff Pepin

(134) "A Novel Workflow for Coupled Simulation of Hydraulic Stimulation with Simultaneous Injection of Proppant," [Presenter: Robert Egert], Robert EGERT, Chunfang MENG, Aimé FOURNIER, Wencheng JIN [Paper]

(135) "Exploring Physics-Based Machine Learning for Geothermal Applications," [Presenter: Denise Degen], Denise DEGEN, Mauro CACACE, Florian WELLMANN [Paper]

(136) "On the Thermodynamic and Economic Performance of Binary Power Plant Configurations for the Exploitation of Two-Phase Geothermal Resources," [Presenter: Tristan Merbecks], Tristan MERBECKS, Dario ALFANI, Paola BOMBARDA, Paolo SILVA [Paper]

(137) "Entropy Production as A Comprehensive Indicator to Address Epistemic Uncertainties - A Case Study of the Hague, Netherlands," [Presenter: Denise Degen], Ryan SANTOSO, Denise DEGEN, Dominique KNAPP, Renate PECHNIG, Florian WELLMANN [Paper]

(138) "Downhole Flow Management to Enhance Efficiency of Fractured Geothermal Systems in Horizontal Wells," [Presenter: Arash Dahi Taleghani], Qitao ZHANG, Arash DAHI TALEGHANI [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 10(C): DRILLING 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Uwaila Iyare

(139) "Evaluation of Physics-Based Limiter Redesign Drilling and Alternative Bit Design at the Geysers," Jiann SU, Peter SO, Justin WRIEDT, John MCLENNAN, Milind DEO, Samuel F. NOYNAERT, David RAYMOND, Melanie SCHNEIDER [Paper]

(140) "Simulating Lost Circulation Treatment at Geothermal Conditions and Comparing the Efficacy of Different Materials Utilized," William KIBIKAS, Matthew INGRAHAM, Stephen BAUER, Seiji NAKAGAWA, Patrick DOBSON, Chun CHANG, Timothy KNEAFSEY, Abraham SAMUEL [Paper]

(141) "Revolutionizing Reservoir Management: Real-time Petrophysical Analysis with NMR Technology of Drill Cuttings," [Presenter: Catalin Teodoriu], Eretoru ROBERT, Fatemeh KARBALAEI SALEH, Catalin TEODORIU [Paper]

(142) "Multilateral Wells a Key Architecture in Maximising Geothermal Exposure and Multilayered Reservoir Performance. A Review of Paris Basin Well Design Achievements," [Presenter: Miklos Antics], Pierre UNGEMACH, Miklos ANTICS, Damien SARDA, Gillian BETHUNE and Maxence GAILLARD [Paper]

(143) "An Integrated Data and Physics-based Temperature Model for the Real-Time Estimation of Bottomhole Temperature for Downhole Tool Failure Prevention," [Presenter: Naveen Velmurugan], Sadjad NADERI, Naveen VELMURUGAN, Pragna NANNAPANENI, Michael YI, Pradeepkumar ASHOK [Paper]

10:45 am. SESSION 10(D): EMERGING TECHNOLOGY 5 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Mark Tozzi

(144) "Polymer-Treated Graphite Nanocomposite for Sealing Applications in Geothermal," [Presenter: Arash Dahi Taleghani], Sai LIU, Arash DAHI TALEGHANI [Paper]

(145) "Progress in Development and Testing of Anchoring Technology for Hard and Abrasive Drilling Conditions," [Presenter: Liam Lines], Matus GAJDOS, Graham WATSON, Mark WEBB, Dick GLOVER, Tomas KRISTOFIC, Igor KOCIS, Liam LINES, William MURRAY, Daniel CODAZZI, Benjamin JEFFRYES [Paper]

(146) "Techno-Economic Comparison of Different Air Cooled Condenser Technologies for Geothermal ORC Applications," [Presenter: Lorenzo Galieti], Lorenzo GALIETI, Umberto MERLO, Stefano FILIPPINI, Carlo DE SERVI, Piero COLONNA, Paolo SILVA, Paola BOMBARDA, Dario ALFANI [Paper]

(147) "Exploring Autoencoders and XGBoost for Predictive Maintenance in Geothermal Power Plants," [Presenter: Rudraksh Nanavaty], Rudraksh NANAVATY [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm. SESSION 11(A): FIELD STUDIES 4
[Add to calendar]
Chair: Stephen Cheung

(148) "Evaluation and Integration of Reservoir Tracer Results in Optimizing Reinjection Strategies," [Presenter: Kenneth Jireh Taboco], Kenneth Jireh TABOCO, Jennifer DALES, Mary Ann TORRES [Paper]

(149) "Research Development for Geothermal Heat Flux Understanding and Evaluation by Numerical Modeling of the Ground Surface Heat Balance System in Mount Meager Area During Snow Covering Period," Yu ZHENG, Yue ZHUO, Wanju YUAN, Zhuoheng CHEN and Gang ZHAO [Paper]

(150) "Investigations of Geothermal Energy Production in Coal Fires Affected Jharia Basin, India," [Presenter: Anupal Jyoti Dutta], Anupal Jyoti DUTTA, KUMARI W.G. P, Ramprasad ADHIKARY, Debasis DEB, Sandeep D. KULKARNI [Paper]

(151) "Updating Numerical Simulation Model of Sibayak Field, Indonesia," [Presenter: Eric Firanda], Eric FIRANDA, Shanti LASMININGSIH, Fasya MEDIATI H., Maulana FATWA, M. Permadi SUGIHARTO., M. Bayu SAPUTRA, M. Tajul ARIFIN, Pudyo HASTUTI, Fernando PASARIBU [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 11(B): LOW TEMPERATURE 1 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Erick Burns

(152) "On Thermal Drift in a Double Well Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage System," [Presenter: Emma Lepinay], Emma LEPINAY, Andy WOODS [Paper]

(153) "An Efficient annual-Performance Model of a Geothermal Network for Improved System Design, Operation, and Control," [Presenter: Juliet Simpson], Juliet G. SIMPSON, Guangdong ZHU [Paper]

(154) "Shallow Subsurface Temperature at the Selected Locations in Poland," Maciej R. KŁONOWSKI, Mateusz ŻERUŃ [Paper]

(155) "Adaptation of Engineering-Geological Database for Very Shallow Geothermal Potential Mapping of the Urban Areas. Case Study: Warsaw," [Presenter: Mateusz Zerun], Mateusz ŻERUŃ, Ewa JAGODA, Edyta MAJER, Aleksandra ŁUKAWSKA, Krzysztof MAJER, Grzegorz RYŻYŃSKI, Izabela SAMEL [Paper]

01:30 pm. SESSION 11(D): GENERAL 3 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Catalin Teodoriu

(156) "Machine-Learning Methods and Tools Designed for Community-Based Equitable and Inclusive Geothermal Development," Velimir (Monty) VESSELINOV, Hope JASPERSON, Tracy KLIPHUIS [Paper]

(157) "Mineralogical Analysis of Silver Peak and Alum Peak Geothermal Well Cores Using X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)," [Presenter: Zeming Hu], Zamakhosi MAGAGULA, Zeming HU, Saeed SALEHI, Ezat HEYDARI, Amelia LETVIN, Yuxing WU, John DEYMONAZ [Paper]

(158) "Interaction of Silica Glass Solubility and Metal Corrosion Under Supercritical Condition," [Presenter: Norio Yanagisawa], Norio YANAGISAWA, Yoshiaki KURATA [Paper]

(159) "Can Eastern Europe Use New EU Funding and Legislation to Help Europe Achieve Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050?," Aniko N. TOTH, Orsolya L. SZTERMEN, David K. FENERTY [Paper]

15:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm. SESSION 12(A): MODELING 5
[Add to calendar]
Chair: Amanda Kolker

(160) "Open-source Simulation Study for Direct Use Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Yuan Chen], Yuan CHEN, Denis VOSKOV, Alexandros DANIILIDIS [Paper]

(161) "Uncertainty Quantification of the Performance of a Deep Borehole Heat Exchanger at Newcastle Helix, UK," [Presenter: Tom Charlton], Tom CHARLTON, Mohamed ROUAINIA [Paper]

(162) "Time Series Analysis for Long-term Monitoring and Forecasting of Subsurface Temperatures for a Campus-scale Geothermal Exchange Field," Shubham Dutt ATTRI, Evan HEEG, James TINJUM, Dante FRATTA, David HART, and Orhun AYDIN [Paper]

(163) "On the Inverse Problems of Geothermic," Mamadsho ILOLOV, Fumiaki INAGAKI, Sherali KABIROV, Anvar Kodirov, Jamshed RAHMATOV, Ahmadsho ILOLOV [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 12(B): GEOCHEMISTRY 2 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Norio Yanagisawa

(164) "Evaluation of Tiron as a Silica Scale Inhibitor by Metal Plates Immersion Batch Experiment," [Presenter: Ryunosuke Terashi], Ryunosuke TERASHI, Kotaro YONEZU, Saefudin JUHRI, Koichiro MORI, Shogo SATO, Eiki WATANABE, Takushi YOKOYAMA [Paper]

(165) "Lithium Evolution and Reservoir Sustainability in the Salton Sea Geothermal Reservoir from Reactive-Transport Modeling," Eric SONNENTHAL, Nicolas SPYCHER, Naod ARAYA, John O'SULLIVAN, Patrick DOBSON, Jennifer HUMPHREYS, MaryJo BROUNCE, Michael MCKIBBEN [Paper]

(166) "Procedure for the Determination of Rock-Fluid Interaction Reactions with Barium Sulfate Supersaturated Fluids," [Presenter: Dietmar Kuhn], Sabine BAUR, Andrea SEIBT, Christian BUSE, Frank WOLTER, Dietmar KUHN [Paper]

03:45 pm. SESSION 12(D): GENERAL 4 [Add to calendar]
Chair: Shigetaka Nakanishi

(167) "Geothermal Power Plant Retrofit to Optimize Generation: A Case Study from Salak Unit 4/5/6," [Presenter: Us Us Anang Ischak], Anang ISCHAK, Ilham KURNIAWAN [Paper]

(168) "Harnessing Energy and Water in the Salton Sea," Nikola LAKIC [Paper]

(169) "Revisiting the Kinetic of Polymerization of Silicic Acid: AI-Assisted Prediction of Polymerization and Adsorption Behavior of Silicic Acid," [Presenter: Saefudin Juhri], Saefudin JUHRI, Kotaro YONEZU, Eiki WATANABE, Koichiro MORI, Shogo SATO, M. Istiawan NURPRATAMA, Haryo Edi WIBOWO, Agung HARIJOKO, Takushi YOKOYAMA [Paper]

12:00 am. SESSION 14: Publication Only [Add to calendar]
Chair: Roland Horne

(170) "Social Safeguard Measures in Geothermal Exploration: Fulfilling Requirements for the Geothermal Resource Risk Mitigation Program (GREM)," AFANDI, PURBA, DESAK, FERDINO, ASTRI [Paper]

(171) "Exploring the Impact of Lender Procurement Guidelines on Geothermal Project Exploration Planning: Indonesia’s GREM Perspective," ARYANI Amir, Agung HARDINUGROHO, Chandra Hasudungan PANJAITAN, Dorman PURBA, Desak Nyoman Inten APRIANI, Ery SURANDARU [Paper]

(172) "Unlocking the Potential of Geothermal Energy in Yemen: A Comparative Analysis with Global Trends," Abdulrahman AL-FAKIH, and Abbas AL-KHUDAFI [Paper]

(173) "Unveiling Reservoir Fluid Property Dynamics: an Integrated Time-lapse Seismic Tomography and Microgravity Analysis in the Ulubelu Geothermal Field, Indonesia," Aditya A. JUANDA, Sotarduga S. NAINGGOLAN, R.M. Tofan SASTRANEGARA, MULYANTO, Jayanti ANGGRAINI [Paper]

(174) "Initial State Fluid Geochemistry of the Dieng Geothermal Field, Indonesia: New Constraints for Conceptual Model," Aditya Yuda KENCANA, ELFINA, Julia Satriani ALIBAZAH, Reza Jamil FAJRI, Marchel Christian SUPIJO, M Istiawan NURPRATAMA [Paper]

(175) "Correlative Analysis of Parameters for Taking Decision of Geothermal Well Completion," Alfonso ARAGON-AGUILAR, Siomara LOPEZ-BLANCO, Dominic A. BECERRA-SERRATO, Aldo AZOÑOS-FIGUEROA [Paper]

(176) "The Inventory Data Characteristics of Puriala, Parora, Toreo, Laonti Hot Springs of the Non Volcanic Area at South East Sulawesi, Indonesia," Anna YUSHANTARTI, Soetoyo, and Harapan MARPAUNG [Paper]

(177) "Technoeconomic Analysis of Multi-Effect Distillation System in Gujarat, India," Aparajita PAL [Paper]

(178) "The Study of Supercritical Geothermal Potential in Indonesia from Geoscience Perspective," Astri Indra MUSTIKA, Triwening LARASATI, Aulia Rizky PRATAMA [Paper]

(179) "Data Driven Web Based Simulation for Geothermal Heat Pump Drilling Around Saxony, Germany," Berat Tuğberk GÜNEL [Paper]

(180) "Direct Large-Scale Vs. Staged Geothermal Field Development: Evaluating Economic Impacts and Feasibility for Indonesia," Daniel ADITYATAMA, Ferdino R. FADHILLAH, M. Rizqi Al ASYARI, Dorman PURBA, Nadya ERICHATAMA, Vincentius Adven BRILIAN [Paper]

(181) "Recent Slimhole Drilling Experience for Geothermal Exploration in Indonesia: Problem Summary and Potential Improvement," Daniel W ADITYATAMA, Rizqi Al ASYARI, Nadya ERICHATAMA, Vincentius Adven BRILIAN, Dorman PURBA, Ferdino R. FADHILLAH [Paper]

(182) "Modified Isochronal Testing in Patuha Geothermal Project Indonesia," Dito Budi SUKARNO, Siti Olivinia YUSRA, Rudy MARTIKNO, Yuris RAMADHAN, Randy Wijaya ATMAJA, Nurlianto SADJI, Asum SUMARNA, Ramonchito Cedric M. MALATE [Paper]

(183) "Optimizing Geothermal Drilling Rig Selection in Indonesia: Factors and Decision Criteria," Dorman PURBA, Daniel ADITYATAMA, M. Rizqi Al ASYARI, Brian CHRISTIANTORO, Vincentius A. BRILIAN, Nadya ERICHATAMA, Astri Indra MUSTIKA, Desak Nyoman Inten APRIANI [Paper]

(184) "Stuck Pipe Prediction and Avoidance: Invocation of Basic Principle of Standard Methods, Pre and Post Sticking," Douglas MATI [Paper]

(185) "Updating Fault Model with Using Borehole Image Data on Patuha Geothermal System, West Java, Indonesia," Ezidin RESKI, Yuris RAMADHAN, and Randy Wijaya ATMAJA [Paper]

(186) "Artificial Intelligence Approaches for Sustainable Geothermal Energy Systems: with A Case Study," Fusun TUT HAKLIDIR, Feyza OZEN, Rusen HALEPMOLLASI, Zeynep KORKMAZ, Mehmet HAKLIDIR [Paper]

(187) "Geologic Assessment of Four Greenfield Sites for Solar-Geothermal Hybrid Power Plants," Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Daniel S. WENDT, Joshua D. MCTIGUE, and Juliet G. SIMPSON [Paper]

(188) "De-Risking Geothermal for Direct-Use Heating in North America: Lessons Learned from Europe," Gordon BRASNETT, Floris VEEGER, Han CLARINGBOULD [Paper]

(189) "Insights on the Water Produced from a Vapor-Dominated System at Patuha Geothermal Field, Indonesia," Hendy SUJARMAITANTO, Andrian P. WARDANA, Chevy ISKANDAR, Rhyno S. SESESEGA, Muhammad Istiawan NURPRATAMA [Paper]

(190) "Steam and Water Relative Permeabilities Calculation Using Production Test Data and Tortuous Channel Model Modified Equations," Hermas DAVILA [Paper]

(191) "Lesson Learned: Well Logging Analysis to Interpret Shallow Connection Between Two Wells in Dieng Geothermal Field, Indonesia," Ichwan Agusta ELFAJRIE, Reza Jamil FAJRI, ELFINA, Muhammad Istiawan NURPRATAMA, Nurkholis HARIYADI, Alan MUHADJIR [Paper]

(192) "Optimizing Power Generation in Patuha Geothermal Field: an Integrated Approaches to Field Management for Optimum Capacity and Reliability," Ilen KARDANI, Budi SANTOSO, Andisyah PURDANTO [Paper]

(193) "Constructing the Sileri Area's Permeability Distribution Through Integrated Analysis of Surface Structure, Mechanical Zone, and PTS Trend," Iqbal MARATAMA, Rizkhy Ridoh ALAMSYAH, ALFIADY, Siti Olivinia YUSRA, Ezidin RESKI, Randy Wijaya ATMAJA [Paper]

(194) "Well Temperature and Pressure Profiling Using Machine Learning," Jainul TRIVEDI [Paper]

(195) "3D Model of Bora Pulu Non-Volcanic Geothermal Prospect, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia," Jessica IVANA, Triwening LARASATI, Vicky Rai CHANDRA, Andri Eko Ari WIBOWO, Dwiandaru DARMAWAN, Ferdino R. FADHILLAH, Galih B. PERMADI, Muhammad G. J. SHALIHIN, Astri Indra MUSTIKA, Clare BAXTER [Paper]

(196) "Exploring the Synergy: Leveraging Oil and Gas Drilling Solutions for Enhanced Geothermal Drilling," Jie CAO, Jen LYE, Margie Maria GONZALEZ, Melissa MAGALHAES [Paper]

(197) "Lithium Co-Production from Hydrothermal Reservoir, Eastern Upper-Rhine Rift Valley: Solute Output Prediction Based on Mid-Late Signals from Inter-Well Tracer Test," Julia GHERGUT, Bettina WIEGAND, Horst BEHRENS, Ulrich MAIER, Martin SAUTER [Paper]

(198) "Regulation of Output Voltage and Rotation Speed of the Turbine-Generator Assembly for a Geothermal Power Plant," Julien RAJOMALAHY and Lala ANDRIANAIVO [Paper]

(199) "Mahanagdong Reservoir Response to the Termination of Infield Cold Reinjection," Kay Kimberly L. KOBAYASHI, Kenneth G. TABOCO, Joeny Q. BERMEJO, Aldrine O. ALMANZOR, Danilo B. DACILLO [Paper]

(200) "Discovering Geothermal Potential Resources with Land Surface Temperature and Lineament Density in the Low Temperature Geothermal Prospect: Case Study in Pentadio, Gorontalo, Indonesia," M. Ghassan J. SHALIHIN, Ferdino R. FADHILLAH, Dani MARDIATI, Astri I. MUSTIKA, Triwening LARASATI [Paper]

(201) "Beyond Electricity: Geothermal Direct Use Business Models and Potential Applications in Indonesia," M. Rizqi AL ASYARI, Daniel W. ADITYATAMA, Vincentius Adven BRILIAN, Nadya ERICHATAMA, Dorman PURBA [Paper]

(202) "Dieng Reservoir Numerical Model: A Robust Update," Marchel Christian SUPIJO, Ichwan Agusta ELFAJRIE, Zahratul KAMILA, ELFINA, Reza Jamil FAJRI, Julia Satriani ALIBAZAH, Aditya Yudha KENCANA, Muhammad Istiawan NURPRATAMA, Ali ASHAT [Paper]

(203) "Impact of Coupled Behavior of Natural Fractures on Geothermal Systems," Matthew L. MCLEAN, Jose I. ADACHI, Matthew J. RAMOS [Paper]

(204) "Yemen Geothermal Potential (Geothermal Exploration from1980 to 2024)," Moneer ALNETHARY, Ameen SHARIAN, Mohamed MATTASH, Angelo MINISSALE, and Mohammed ALKUBATI [Paper]

(205) "Drilling Performance Evaluation and Well Integrity with JIWA DBase," Monica Gabriella GRACIELLA, Budiman Dwi PUTRA, Muhammad SIDQI, Welly PRABATA, Jantiur SITUMORANG [Paper]

(206) "Borehole Geology Data Update and Analysis with JIWA DBase," Muhammad Alzaid PONKA, Annisa AMALIA, Muhammad SIDQI, Welly PRABATA, Jantiur SITUMORANG [Paper]

(207) "JIWA DBase: Integrated Geothermal Data Management and Analysis in Cloud System," Muhammad SIDQI, Welly PRABATA, Jantiur SITUMORANG, Bagus M. IQBAL, Imam NUGROHO, Hendryansyah WILLIAM [Paper]

(208) "Enhancing Geothermal Well Workover Planning Through Data-Driven Performance Evaluation," Nadya ERICHATAMA, Daniel ADITYATAMA, M. Rizqi Al ASYARI, Dorman PURBA [Paper]

(209) "Generative AI: Prospects and Applications in Geothermal Energy," Praise EKEOPARA, Prosper NEKEKPEMI [Paper]

(210) "Dynamic Numerical Simulation for Sustainability of Geothermal Reservoirs: an Enhanced Model of Patuha Geothermal Field," Renaldio Jackli KEINTJEM, Ichwan Agusta ELFAJRIE, Andrian Putra WARDANA, Chevy ISKANDAR, Hendy SUJARMAITANTO, Rhyno Senbyla SESESEGA, Muhammad Istiawan NURPRATAMA, Ali ASHAT [Paper]

(211) "Project Development Update of the Dieng Unit-2 Geothermal Power Plant, Dieng Geothermal Field, Indonesia," Rizkhy Ridoh ALAMSYAH, Iqbal MARATAMA, Siti Olivinia YUSRA, Randy Wijaya ATMAJA, Ingria Yunanda Muhammad ARRASY [Paper]

(212) "Mapping the Distribution of the Neutral Zone in Assist of Shallow Geothermal Applications in the United States," Rui MAO, Zilong ZHAO, Lei TIAN, Xinlei WANG, Ronaldo MAGHIRANG [Paper]

(213) "Geochemical Study of Hanle Geothermal Field, Djibouti," Sadik BACHIR, Daisuke FUKUDA, Rokiya HOUSSEIN, Daher ALI, Hassan MOHAMED, Kayad MOUSSA [Paper]

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