Stanford Geothermal Workshop
February 12-14, 2018

This schedule is PRELIMINARY and will be updated as papers are received. Papers may be moved in response to session changes.
Papers will not be allocated to sessions until after the paper files are received and the authors are registered.

Monday 12th February 2018
(0) "Test Abstract - a Great New Paper the Thermal Fromage from Thebes," Roland N. HORNE, Bob JONES and ZHANG Ziyi [Abstract]

05:30 pm SESSION M: Wine and Cheese Reception
Chair: Roland Horne

Wine and Cheese Reception

Tuesday 13th February 2018
06:30 pm SESSION T: Reception and Dinner
Chair: Roland Horne

Reception and Dinner

Wednesday 14th February 2018
12:00 am SESSION 13: Publication Only
(3) "Parametric Study on Tracer Tests with Kinetic Exchange Processes for Georeservoir Characterization," Ahrar Haider NAQVI, Julia GHERGUT, Horst BEHRENS, Martin SAUTER [Abstract]

(4) "Deep Slimhole Well Performance for Geothermal Exploration," Fadhilah METRA, Fauzan MAKARIM, Hamzah, Dimas Taha MAULANA, Amega YASUTRA [Abstract]

(5) "Upscaling of EGS Systems in Different Geological Conditions: a European Perspective," Ghislain TRULLENQUE, Albert GENTER, Bernd LEISS, Bianca WAGNER, Romain BOUCHET, Eric LEOUTRE, Bruno MALNAR, Kristian BÄR, Ivan RAJŠL [Abstract]

(6) "Modeling Subsidence on Geothermal Reservoir Using STARS Reservoir Simulator," Haryanto ALLEN, Syihab ZUHER [Abstract]

(7) "Use of Arsenic as a Exploration Tool in Geothermal Areas," Hermas DAVILA [Abstract]

(8) "A Review on Robustness of Geothermal Energy in Japan," Hossein YOUSEFI, Seyed Mostafa MORTAZAVI [Abstract]

(9) "Microalgae as a Renewable Raw Material for Agriculture, Biofuel Production and Purification of Geothermal Water from Phenols," I.M. ABDULAGATOV, A.B. ALKHASOV, G.D. DOGEEV, R.M ALIYEV, G.B. BADAVOV, A.M. ALIEV [Abstract]

(10) "New Formulation for Analysing Injection Decline of Geothermal Wells," Jantiur SITUMORANG, Lutfhie AZWAR, Simon ADDISON, Ian RICHARDSON [Abstract]

(11) "Effects of Hydraulically-Obscure, ‘Nearby’ Large-Scale Fractures in Inter-Well Tracer Tests: Scoping Simulations, II," Julia GHERGUT, Bianca WAGNER, Bettina WIEGAND, Sebastian SCHMIDT, Martin SAUTER [Abstract]

(12) "A Review of Recovery Factors," Malcolm A GRANT [Abstract]

(13) "Connecting a Wellbore and Reservoir Simulation Model Seamlessly Using a Highly Refined Grid," Mitsuo MATSUMOTO [Abstract]

(14) "Heat Loss Assessments of Steaming Ground at Gedongsongo Thermal Area (Ungaran Geothermal Field), Indonesia," Mochamad NUKMAN, D.T. Tegak NURANI, Muslihul ZAIN, Aditya KURNIAWAN [Abstract]

(15) "Carbonates and Silica Scaling Model Applied to Hot Water Pipes for Sanitary Use at Hotel Río Perlas, Costa Rica," Olman ARIAS-MOLINA and Isaac ROJAS-HERNANDEZ [Abstract]

(16) "Early Time Flowback Tracer Test for Stimulated Crystalline-Georeservoir of Multiple Parallel Fracture Characterization," Shyamal KARMAKAR, Iulia GHERGUT, and Martin SAUTER [Abstract]

(17) "Evolution of Magma Chamber of Kikhpinych Hydrothermal-Magmatic System. Kamchatka," Vladimir BELOUSOV. Irina BELOUSOVA [Abstract]

12:00 am SESSION 14: Currently Unallocated
Chair: Roland Horne

(18) "Benchmarking and Experiments with Waiwera, A New Geothermal Simulator," Adrian CROUCHER, John O’SULLIVAN, Angus YEH and Mike O’SULLIVAN [Abstract]

(19) "Structural Architectures of Bandung-Garut Zone (BGZ), West Java, Indonesia: the Cluster Zone of Globally Rare Vapor Dominated Geothermal Systems," Ahmad F. ISMAYANTO, Julie V. ROWLAND, Jennifer D. ECCLESS, Asrizal MASRI, Shanti R.A SOEGIONO, Jamal MAMAY and Sonny MAWARDI [Abstract]

(20) "Analysis of Magma Injections Beneath Mutnovsky Volcano and Adjacent Geothermal Fields (Kamchatka)," Alexey KIRYUKHIN, Andrey POLYAKOV, Petr KIRYUKHIN [Abstract]

(21) "Injectivity Decline in Ultra-Filtered Water Flooding of High Permeability Sandstone Reservoir," Ali MURTAZA, Ali FADILI, Pacelli L.J ZITHA, Paul Vanden HOEK [Abstract]

(22) "The Hydraulic Connectivity, Possible Warming, and Relationship to Seismicity of the Davis-Schrimpf Seep Field, Salton Trough, California from New and Recent Temperature Time-Series," Amar RAO [Abstract]

(23) "3D Modelling of Huff and Puff Injection Test Using Nonlinear Contact Elements," Amirhossein KAMALI, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Abstract]

(24) "Converting Abandoned Hungarian Oil and Gas Wells Into Geothermal Sources," Aniko N. TOTH [Abstract]

(25) "Application of Geothermal Water for Honey Processing," Anirbid SIRCAR, Kriti YADAV [Abstract]

(26) "Communications and Outreach for Public Acceptance of Complex Technical Projects: Experience from the Fallon FORGE Project," Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT, Tara CAMACHO-LOPEZ, Patrick SULLIVAN, Maryann VILLAVERT, Jennifer TANG, Doug BLANKENSHIP, Mack KENNEDY, Ernie MAJER, Josh NORDQUIST, John AKERLEY, Bridget AYLING, James FAULDS and Raysa ROQUE-RIVERA [Abstract]

(27) "Flow of Nanoparticle Tracer in Fractured Porous Media," Anna SUZUKI, Junzhe CUI, Yuran ZHANG, Kewen LI, Roland N. HORNE [Abstract]

(28) "Geothermal Fluids Characteristic at Back Arc Basin in Riau and Jambi, indonesia," Anna YUSHANTARTI [Abstract]

(29) "Irregular Focal Mechanisms Observed at Salton Sea Geothermal Field: Possible Influences of Anthropogenic Stress Perturbations," Aren CRANDALL-BEAR, Andrew BARBOUR, Martin SCHOENBALL [Abstract]

(30) "Scaling Assessment, Inhibition and Monitoring of Geothermal Wells," Arjen BOERSMA, Frank VERCAUTEREN, Harmut FISCHER, Francesco PIZZOCOLO [Abstract]

(31) "Applying TLBO Algorithm for Optimizing a Double Flash Geothermal Power Plant," Ashkan TOOPSHEKAN, Hossein YOUSEFI [Abstract]

(32) "Modeling Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoir," Ayaka ABE, Roland HORNE [Abstract]

(33) "Parametric Optimization of Shallow Underground Thermal Storage System Used for Waste Heat Recovery," Babak DEHGHAN B, Mario MOTTA [Abstract]

(34) "An Evaluation of Single Flash Power Plants with ORC Bottoming Units at High NCG Content," Baran KAYPAKOGLU, Ugo BARBON [Abstract]

(35) "Successful Deployment of a Multi-Crossing Directional Drilling Method at Ormat’s New Tungsten Mountain Geothermal Field in Churchill County, Nevada," Benjamin DELWICHE [Abstract]

(36) "Audio-based Unsupervised Machine Learning Reveals Cyclic Changes in Seismicity Mechanisms in the Geysers Geothermal Field, California," Benjamin K. HOLTZMAN, Arthur PATE, John PAISLEY, Felix WALDHAUSER, Douglas REPETTO [Abstract]

(37) "Full-Waveform Inversion and Reverse-Time Migration of 2016 Walkaway VSP Data from the Raft River Geothermal Field," Benxin CHI and Lianjie HUANG [Abstract]

(38) "Characterization of Subsurface Permeability of the Olkaria East Geothermal Field," Bernard OMWENGA [Abstract]

(39) "Application of Controlled-Porosity Ceramic Material in Geothermal Drilling," Bill LOWRY and Dennis L. NIELSON [Abstract]

(40) "Analysis of Stuck Pipe Incidents in Menengai," Billy AWILI [Abstract]

(41) "Ground Water Geochemistry of the Celaya's Valley, Gto., México," Blanca Sofía AMEZAGA-CAMPOS, Ruth Esther VILLANUEVA-ESTRADA [Abstract]

(42) "Dispersion in Hyperporous Fractured Systems and the Impact of Matrix Permeability on Fracture Transmissivit," Bowen LING, Alexandre TARTAKOVSKY, Mart OOSTROM, Ilenia BATTIATO [Abstract]

(43) "Thermodynamic Analysis and Quality Mapping of A Geothermal Resource at the Ďurkov Hydrogeothermal Structure, Košice Depression, Eastern Slovakia," Branislav FRICOVSKY, Ladislav VIZI, Milos GREGOR, Marian ZLOCHA, Martin SUROVY [Abstract]

(44) "Review of Phase 2 Activities at the Fallon FORGE Site, Nevada, USA," Bridget AYLING, Douglas BLANKENSHIP, and The Fallon FORGE Team [Abstract]

(45) "Advanced Polymer-Modified Cements for Subsurface Applications," Carlos A. FERNANDEZ, Kenton A. ROD, Phillip K. KOECH, Vanda GLEZAKOU, Manh NGUYEN, Jaehun CHUN, Miguel CORREA, Nicolas HUERTA, Barbara KUTCHKO [Abstract]

(46) "Manufacturing Optimization of Thermoelectric Power Generation Chips for Low Enthalpy Thermal Resources," Changwei LIU, Shanshan JIANG, Kewen LI [Abstract]

(47) "A New Wyoming Basin Produced Waters REE Normalization and Its Application," Charles NYE, Davin BAGDONAS, Scott QUILLINAN [Abstract]

(48) "Study on Heat Transfer Characteristic of Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) in Karst Formation Based on Fractal Theory," Chenyang DUAN, Xiuhua ZHENG, Bairu XIA, Xinbo LEI [Abstract]

(49) "Volcanic Gas Controls the Alteration Mineral Assemblages in Tatun Volcano Group, Taiwan," Chia-Mei LIU, Ke-Han SONG, Yu-Wei TSAI, Ching-Huei KUO, Ryuichi SHINJO [Abstract]

(50) "The Mineral Assemblages of Hydrothermal Alteration in Slate Formation Area - Chingshui Geothermal Field, Taiwan," Ching-Huei KUO Chia-Mei LIU, Chun-Fa HUANG, Yu-Wei TSAI [Abstract]

(51) "The Role of Advanced Geophysical Monitoring in Improved Resource Expansion and Make-up Drilling Strategy," Chris BROMLEY [Abstract]

(52) "Review of Recent Unconventional Completion Technology Innovations and Their Applicability to EGS Wells," Christian GRADL [Abstract]

(53) "Production Test Analysis Using Separator Method with Respect to Separator Efficiency," Clinton SIHOMBING, Hendra Ardi KURNIAWAN, Achmad Djumarma WIRAKUSUMAH, Ahmad Fahmi FANANI, Ahmad YANI [Abstract]

(54) "An Embedded 3D Fracture Modeling Approach for Simulating Fracture-Dominated Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Geothermal Reservoirs," Cong WANG and Yu-Shu WU [Abstract]

(55) "Modeling Studies of CO2 Injection for Imaging and Characterizing Faults in Geothermal Systems," Curtis M. OLDENBURG, Andrea BORGIA, Rui ZHANG, Yoojin JUNG, Kyung Jae LEE, Christine DOUGHTY, Thomas M. DALEY, Nikita CHUGUNOV, Bilgin ALTUNDAS [Abstract]

(56) "Simulating Physical Processes in Rough Fractures with Variational Transfer Operators in Parallel," Cyrill VON PLANTA, Daniel VOGLER, Maria G. NESTOLA, Patrick ZULIAN and Rolf KRAUSE [Abstract]

(57) "Adding Value to Existing, Marginal Geothermal Wells Using a Closed-Loop Geothermal Technology," Dan HOYER, Brian HIGGINS [Abstract]

(58) "Feasibility of Providing All China's Energy Needs with Geothermal and Other Renewable Energies," Dan WANG, Guochen LIU, and Kewen LI [Abstract]

(59) "Experimental Modelling on Internal Force Response of Pile in Non-Uniform Temperature Field," Dan ZHANG, Yian WANG, Jian CHENG and Ziwen LIU [Abstract]

(60) "Evolution of Geothermal Fluids PVTX at Irruputuncu and Olca, Chile," Daniel MONCADA, Gregory DE PASCALE, Cristian SPROHNIE M., Rodrigo CASTAGNO, Alejandro SANHUEZA [Abstract]

(61) "Professional Collaborations Around 3D Geothermal Resource Visualization," Daniel SAITET [Abstract]

(62) "Thermo-Mechanical Modeling of Damage Processes for Thermal Spallation Drilling," Daniel VOGLER, Stuart D.C. WALSH, Daniel SCHWEN, Philipp RUDOLF VON ROHR, Martin O. SAAR [Abstract]

(63) "Numerical Simulation of a Fossil Geothermal System in Northern Chile," David CALISTO, Daniel MONCADA, Linda DANIELE, Dario CHINCHILLA, Eric SONNENTHAL [Abstract]

(64) "Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pumps for Cooling Telecommunications Data Centers," David P. ZURMUHL, Maciej Z. LUKAWSKI, Gloria A. AGUIRRE, George P. SCHNAARS, Jefferson W. TESTER [Abstract]

(65) "Energy-Based Upscaling of Immiscible Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media: Flow Regimes and Applicability Conditions," Davide PICCHI, Ilenia BATTIATO [Abstract]

(66) "Evaluation of the Mountain Home AFB Geothermal System for the Play Fairway Project," Dennis L. NIELSON, Trevor A. ATKINSON and John W. SHERVAIS [Abstract]

(67) "Using Borehole Induced Structure Measurements at Fallon FORGE Combined with Numerical Modeling to Estimate In-Situ Stresses," Derrick BLANKSMA, Kelly BLAKE, Will PETTITT, Andrew SABIN, Varun VARUN, Branko DAMJANAC [Abstract]

(68) "Application of Pattern Recognition and Classification Using Artificial Neural Network in Geothermal Operation," Dimas RULIANDI, Heneka Yoma PRIYANGGA [Abstract]

(69) "DAS and DTS at Brady Hot Springs: Observations About Coupling and Coupled Interpretations," Douglas MILLER, Thomas COLEMAN, and The PoroTomo Team [Abstract]

(70) "The Geologic and Structural Framework of the Fallon FORGE Site," Drew L. SILER, Nicholas H. HINZ, James E. FAULDS, Bridget AYLING, Kelly BLAKE, Andrew TIEDEMAN, Andrew SABIN, Douglas BLANKENSHIP, Mack KENNEDY, Greg RHODES, Jonathan GLEN, G.A. PHELPS, Mark FORTUNA, John QUEEN, Jeffrey B. WITTER [Abstract]

(71) "Potential Experimental Topics for EGS Collab - Experiment 3," Earl MATTSON and Team Collab [Abstract]

(72) "A Combined Thermo-Mechanical Drilling Method to Enhance the Drilling Capabilities for Deep Geothermal Resource Exploitation," Edoardo ROSSI, Michael A. KANT, Martin O. SAAR, Philipp RUDOLF VON ROHR [Abstract]

(73) "GEMex – A Mexican-European Research Cooperation on Development of Superhot and Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Egbert JOLIE, David BRUHN, Aída LÓPEZ HERNÁNDEZ, The GEMex Team and The CFE Team [Abstract]

(74) "Gases and Emanations at the Geosphere-Atmosphere Interface and Their Relevance for Geothermal System Analysis," Egbert JOLIE, Fátima RODRÍGUEZ [Abstract]

(75) "Fully Coupled Model for Fracturing of Porous Media Due to the Thermal Injection," Emil GALLYAMOV, Timur GARIPOV, Denis VOSKOV, Paul Van Den HOEK [Abstract]

(76) "Mapping of Olkaria Intrusives by Integration of Geologic and Geophysical Techniques," Emmanuel NGETICH [Abstract]

(77) "Measuring the Material Properties Beneath Geothermal Fields Using Interferometry," Eric MATZEL, Christina MORENCY and Dennise TEMPLETON [Abstract]

(78) "An Updated Numerical Model of the Greater Olkaria Geothermal System, Kenya," Eric ROP [Abstract]

(79) "Thermal-Hydrological-Mechanical-Chemical Modelling for the Fallon FORGE Site," Eric SONNENTHAL, Will PETTITT, Drew SILER, Mack KENNEDY, Torquil SMITH, Ernie MAJER, Bridget AYLING, Doug BLANKENSHIP, Bill FOXALL [Abstract]

(80) "Seismicity Near the Fallon FORGE Site and Development of an Induced Seismicity Mitigation Plan," Ernest L. MAJER, J. Ole KAVEN, Ann ROBERTSON-TAIT [Abstract]

(81) "3-D Reservoir Modeling of the Upper Jurassic Carbonate Aquifer in the City of Munich (Germany) Under the Thermal-Hydraulic Influence of Optimized Geothermal Multi-Well Patterns - Project GeoParaMoL," Ernesto MENESES RIOSECO, Jennifer ZIESCH, Britta WAWERZINEK, Hartwig VON HARTMANN, Rüdiger THOMAS, Hermann BUNESS [Abstract]

(82) "Groundwater Circulation Wells for Geothermal Use: Preliminary Results of the Project Integralsonde Type II," Eva DINKEL, Burga BRAUN, Josephin SCHRÖDER, Moritz MUHRBECK, Winfried REUL, Alexander MEEDER, Ulrich SZEWZYK, Traugott SCHEYTT [Abstract]

(83) "Experiments with PEST and Pilot Points," Eylem KAYA, John DOHERTY, Angus YEH [Abstract]

(84) "Geological Mapping, Structural Setting and Petrographic Description of the Archean Volcanic Rocks of Mnanka Area, North Mara," Ezra KAVANA [Abstract]

(85) "A Listric Fault Entirely Activated Beneath Tuzla/Çanakkale Geothermal Reservoir (Western Turkey)," Fatih BULUT, Emre HAVAZLI, Cenk YALTIRAK, Asli DOGRU, Asli SABUNCU and Haluk OZENER [Abstract]

(86) "Mechanical Responses of Formation and Wellbore Induced by Water Injection for Enhanced Geothermal System," Fei YIN, Xingru WU, Ziyi XU [Abstract]

(87) "Numerical Assessment of Stimulation of Geothermal Wells Via Hydraulic Fracturing," Francesco PIZZOCOLO, Jan Ter HEEGE, Peter FOKKER [Abstract]

(88) "Potential Field Poisson Wavelet Multiscale Edge Analysis ("Worms") for Geothermal; A Review with Case Studies," Frank HOROWITZ [Abstract]

(89) "Magnetotelluric and Gravity Surveys for Geothermal Resource Area in the Sungai Jipun – Gunung Pock Area, Kunak, Sabah, Malaysia," Fredolin JAVINO [Abstract]

(90) "Numerical Simulation of Fluid Flow in Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs for Design of Reinjection," Fuad IKHWANDA, Anna SUZUKI, Toshiyuki HASHIDA [Abstract]

(91) "Financial and Technical Feasibility Study of the Low-Enthalpy System ''La Jolla'' Baja California Mexico," GONZÁLEZ-GARCÍA Hector, PROL-LEDESMA Rosa María, AMARO-RODILES Fabiola., ARANGO-GALVÁN Claudia [Abstract]

(92) "Conceptual Study of a Single-Well EGS with Counter-Current Fluid Circulation," George DANKO, Davood BAHRAMI, Anita JOBBIK, Gyula VARGA [Abstract]

(93) "Developing EGS Collab Site Geologic Framework Models at the Sanford Underground Research Facility, Lead, South Dakota," Ghanashyam NEUPANE and EGS Collab Team [Abstract]

(94) "Distributions of Rare Earth Elements in Geothermal Brines from Southern Idaho," Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Travis L. MCLING, and Robert W. SMITH [Abstract]

(95) "Do Low Hydrocarbon Prices Help or Hinder Geothermal Development?," Gioia FALCONE, Catalin TEODORIU [Abstract]

(96) "Seismic Source Mechanism Estimation in 3D Elastic Media," Gregory NEWMAN and Petr PETROV [Abstract]

(97) "Impact of Thermo-Mechanical Stimulation on the Reservoir Rocks of the Geothermal System at Krafla, Iceland," Gudjon Helgi EGGERTSSON, Yan LAVALLÉE, Jackie E. KENDRICK [Abstract]

(98) "A Geothermal Separator Design by Considering of Non-Condensable Gas Effect," Gulcan KARADAS, Murat KARADAS [Abstract]

(99) "Modelling of the Deep Roots of Volcanic Geothermal Systems," Gunnar THORGILSSON, Gudni AXELSSON, Jean-Claude C. BERTHET, Lilja MAGNÚSDÓTTIR, Knútur ÁRNASON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON and Egill JÚLÍUSSON [Abstract]

(100) "Lab-scale Investigation of Multi Well Enhanced Geothermal Reservoir System," HU Lianbo, Ahmad GHASSEMI, John PRITCHETT, Sabodh GARG [Abstract]

(101) "Particle Deposition in Porous Geothermal Reservoir," Haiyan LEI, Likun DONG, DAI Chuanshan [Abstract]

(102) "Various Geoscientific Investigations of Low-Enthalpy Geothermal Sites in the United Arab Emirates," Hakim SAIBI [Abstract]

(103) "Practical Experiences About Reservoir Monitoring in Alasehir Geothermal Field," Hakki AYDIN, Serhat AKIN, Erdinc SENTURK, Aygun GUNEY [Abstract]

(104) "Direct Forecasting for Geothermal Applications," Halldora GUDMUNDSDOTTIR, Roland HORNE [Abstract]

(105) "Stochastic Velocity Modeling Applied to Vertical DAS in Borehole at Brady Geothermal System," Hayden POWERS, Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Samir JREIJ, Porotomo Team [Abstract]

(106) "The Effect of Noise Data and Non Condensable Gas in QA and QC to Determine Deliverability Curve Based on Field Data from One of Hot Fluid Reservoir Type in Indonesia," Hendra Ardi KURNIAWAN, Clinton SIHOMBING, Achmad Djumarma WIRAKUSUMAH, Muhammad THASRIL, Ermawan ISYAHTORO [Abstract]

(107) "Utilization of Magnetotelluric Data for Evaluation of Geothermal Reservoir Condition Associated with EGS Water Injection at Okuaizu Geothermal Area in Japan," Hideaki HASE, Tatsuya SATO, Takashi OKABE, Toshihiro UCHIDA, Shinichi TAKAKURA, Yasuyuki ABE, Hiroyuki KAMENOSONO, and Masatoshi TSUZUKI [Abstract]

(108) "Effects of Foaming Agent on the Properties of Geothermal Cement," Huijing TAN, Xiuhua ZHENG, Bairu XIA [Abstract]

(109) "Numerical Analysis of KA52 Production Well Mechanism: Understanding of Well “Coughing” Phenomenon and Irregular Productivity," Hyungsul MOON, Jantiur SITUMORANG, Lutfhie AZWAR [Abstract]

(110) "Self-Potential Monitoring at the Sumikawa Geothermal Field, Akita, Japan," ISHIDO Tsuneo, John W. PRITCHETT, NISHI Yuji, SUGIHARA Mituhiko, KANO Yuki, MATSUSHIMA Nobuo, KIKUCHI Tsuneo, TOSHA Toshiyuki, ARIKI Kazuharu [Abstract]

(111) "Mapping Geothermal Permeability Using Passive Seismic Emission Tomography Constrained by Joint Inversion of Active Seismic and Electromagnetic Data," Ian WARREN, Erika GASPERIKOVA, Michael GREALY [Abstract]

(112) "Experimental Design of Wellbore Heat Exchanger in Binary Optimization for Low - Medium Enthalpy to Utilize Non-Self Discharge Wells in Indonesia," Immanuel LUMBAN GAOL, Almas Ghaisani S. F. UTAMI [Abstract]

(113) "Experimental Evaluation of Turbulent Flow and Transport of Proppants in a Narrow Fracture," Ingrid TOMAC and Daniel M. TARTAKOVSKY [Abstract]

(114) "Geological Review of Surface Structures and Evolution Characteristics of Eburru-Badlands Geothermal Prospect, Central Kenyan Rift," Irene RONOH [Abstract]

(115) "Hydrothermal Spallation of Barre Granite Using Supercritical Water Jets," Ivan BEENTJES, Sean HILLSON, Jay BENDER, Jefferson TESTER [Abstract]

(116) "Coupling Coordination Between Geothermal Adoption and Regional Economy Based on Water-Heat-Energy Nexus, A Case Study of Beijing," JIANG Yong, LEI Yalin, LIU Jing [Abstract]

(117) "Interpretation of the 2014 Long Valley Caldera, California Earthquake Swarm Behavior in the Context of Fluid-Faulting Interactions," Jack NORBECK, David SHELLY [Abstract]

(118) "Fracture-Controlled Circulations in Geothermal Systems in Central and Southern Upper Rhine Graben," Jeanne VIDAL, Albert GENTER, Eva SCHILL, Clément BAUJARD [Abstract]

(119) "The Value and Limitations of 3D Models for Geothermal Exploration," Jeffrey B. WITTER and Glenn MELOSH [Abstract]

(120) "Curie Point Depths and Heat Production in Yukon, Canada," Jeffrey B. WITTER, Craig A. MILLER, Melissa FRIEND, and Maurice COLPRON [Abstract]

(121) "Geothermal Reservoir Characterization Using Distributed Temperature Sensing at Brady Geothermal Field, Nevada," Jeremy R. PATTERSON, Michael CARDIFF, Kurt FEIGL [Abstract]

(122) "Assessing EGS Reservoir Development with Induced Seismicity Catalogs," Jeremy RIFFAULT, David DEMPSEY, Rosalind ARCHER, Satish KARRA [Abstract]

(123) "Dynamic Modeling of Fluid Injection Induced Fracture Rupture with Application to Milford FORGE," Jianrong LU, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Abstract]

(124) "Analysis of a Long-Term Test by Inverse Modeling Surface Deformation as Measured by InSAR," John AKERLEY, Kurt L. FEIGL, Michael CARDIFF, Patrick WALSH [Abstract]

(125) "Heat Extraction from Municipal Solid Waste Landfills," John S. MCCARTNEY and Leticia NOCKO [Abstract]

(126) "Real-Time Sensors for Multi-Phase Flows: Results of Field Trials and Further Study," John SISLER [Abstract]

(127) "Provisional Conceptual Model of the Camas Prairie (ID) Geothermal System from Play Fairway Analysis," John W. SHERVAIS, Jonathan M. GLEN, Drew SILER, Jacob DEANGELO, Lee M. LIBERTY, Dennis L. NIELSON, Sabodh GARG, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Patrick DOBSON, Erika GASPERIKOVA, Eric SONNENTHAL, Dennis L. NEWELL, James P. EVANS, Neil SNYDER [Abstract]

(128) "The EGS Data Collaboration Platform: Enabling Scientific Discovery," Jon WEERS, Jay HUGGINS [Abstract]

(129) "The Value of Using Sedimentary Basin Geothermal Resources for Bulk Energy Storage in Transmission Constrained Electricity Systems," Jonathan D. OGLAND-HAND, Jeffrey M. BIELICKI, Ebony S. NELSON, Benjamin M. ADAMS, Thomas A. BUSCHECK, Ramteen SIOSHANSI [Abstract]

(130) "Process Control of Milk Pasteurization Using Geothermal Brine," Jonathan WIDIATMO [Abstract]

(131) "Modeling the Kawerau Geothermal System," Jonathon CLEARWATER, Peter FRANZ, Lutfhie AZWAR [Abstract]

(132) "Modeling the Ngatamariki Geothermal System," Jonathon CLEARWATER, Peter FRANZ, Lutfhie AZWAR [Abstract]

(133) "Modeling the Rotokawa Geothermal System," Jonathon CLEARWATER, Peter FRANZ, Lutfhie AZWAR [Abstract]

(134) "Modeling of Coupled Flow, Heat and Mechanical Well Integrity During Variable Geothermal Production," Jonny RUTQVIST, Lehua PAN, Mengsu HU, Quanlin ZHOU, Patrick DOBSON [Abstract]

(135) "Experimental Design for Hydrofracturing and Fluid Flow at the DOE Collab Testbed," Joseph MORRIS, Patrick DOBSON, Hunter KNOX, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Mark WHITE, Pengcheng FU, Tim KNEAFSEY, and Douglas BLANKENSHIP [Abstract]

(136) "First Year of Operation from EGS Geothermal Plants in Alsace, France: Scaling Issues," Justine MOUCHOT, Nicolas CUENOT, Albert GENTER, Clio BOSIA, Guillaume RAVIER, Julia SCHEIBER [Abstract]

(137) "Imaging the Fracture Zone Using Continuous Active Source Seismic Monitoring for the EGS Collab Project: A Synthetic Study," Kai GAO, Lianjie HUANG, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, and EGS-Collab Team [Abstract]

(138) "Technical and Economic Feasibility of Downhole Geothermal Power Generation in Oil Wells Using Thermoelectric Technology," Kai WANG, Xingru WU, Junrong LIU [Abstract]

(139) "Mineralogical and Hydraulic Characteristics of the Wasabizawa Geothermal Field, Akita Prefecture, Japan," Kenji SASAKI, Shigeo TEZUKA, Kengo TAKIZAWA, Hiroaki ASAI, Takashi KANEKO, Kenta ASANO, Shigetaka NAKANISHI Chitoshi AKASAKA [Abstract]

(140) "Effects of Flow Rates and Temperature on Thermoelectric Power Generation from Low Enthalpy Thermal Resources," Kewen LI [Abstract]

(141) "Integrating Advanced Reservoir Simulator in Techno-Economic Geothermal Energy Software Tool," Koenraad BECKERS, Kevin MCCABE, Bud JOHNSTON [Abstract]

(142) "Overview and Initial Results from the PoroTomo Project at Brady Hot Springs, Nevada: Poroelastic Tomography by Adjoint Inverse Modeling of Data from Seismology, Geodesy, and Hydrology," Kurt L. FEIGL and The POROTOMO Team [Abstract]

(143) "Rock Pore Micro Flow Simulation Based on SEM Image," LEI Jian, PAN Baozhi, FAN Yufei [Abstract]

(144) "Simulation of Micro Flow in Rock Pores Based on SEM Images," LEI Jian, PAN Baozhi, FANG Chunhui [Abstract]

(145) "3D MT Characterization of the Bouillante Geothermal Resource," Lara OWENS, Doug PERKIN, Enrique PORRAS, Paul SPEILMAN, Stefano GARANZINI [Abstract]

(146) "Evolution of Reservoir Tracer Pathways During Multiple Phases of Exploitation," Lara OWENS, Peter ROSE, John AKERLEY, Ben DELWICHE, Michael MELLA [Abstract]

(147) "Numerical Modeling of High Energy Geothermal Systems with Soil Atmosphere Boundary Condition," Laurence BEAUDE, Konstantin BRENNER, Simon LOPEZ, Roland MASSON, Farid SMAI [Abstract]

(148) "Short Term Production Well: Estimation of the Shut-in Temperature," Lev EPPELBAUM and Izzy KUTASOV [Abstract]

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