Stanford Geothermal Workshop
February 11-13, 2019

This schedule is FINAL but may be updated if we learn of cancellations or time conflicts.

Monday 11th February 2019
Chair: Roland Horne

(0) "An Update on the US Department of Energy Geothermal Program," Susan HAMM [Abstract]

(1) "EGS Collab Project: Status and Progress," [Presenter: Tim Kneafsey], Timothy J. KNEAFSEY, Doug BLANKENSHIP, Hunter A. KNOX, Timothy C. JOHNSON, Jonathan B. AJO-FRANKLIN, Paul C. SCHWERING, Patrick F. DOBSON, Joseph P. MORRIS, Mark D. WHITE, Robert PODGORNEY, William ROGGENTHEN, Thomas DOE, Earl MATTSON, Carol VALLADAO, and The EGS COLLAB TEAM [Paper]

(2) "The Utah Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE): an International Laboratory for Enhanced Geothermal System Technology Development," [Presenter: Joseph Moore], Joseph MOORE, John McLENNAN, Rick ALLIS, Kristine PANKOW, Stuart SIMMONS, Robert PODGORNEY, Philip WANNAMAKER, William RICKARD [Paper]

(3) "Experimental Study on the Effects of Flow Rates and Temperature on Thermoelectric Power Generation," [Presenter: Kewen Li], Kewen LI, Geoffrey GARRISON, Michael MOORE, Yuhao ZHU, Changwei LIU, Roland HORNE, and Susan PETTY [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 2(A): EGS COLLAB 1
Chair: Pat Dobson

(4) "Subsurface Seismic Structure Around the Sanford Underground Research Facility," [Presenter: Chengping Chai], Chengping Chai, Monica MACEIRA, Hector J. SANTOS-VILLALOBOS, EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(5) "Microseismic Monitoring of Meso-scale Stimulations for the DOE EGS Collab Project at the Sanford Underground Research Facility," [Presenter: Martin Schoenball], Martin SCHOENBALL, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Doug BLANKENSHIP, Paul COOK, Patrick DOBSON, Pengcheng FU, Yves GUGLIELMI, Timothy KNEAFSEY, Hunter KNOX, Petr PETROV, Michelle ROBERTSON, Paul SCHWERING, Dennise TEMPLETON, Craig ULRICH, Todd WOOD, and The EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(6) "Microseimsic Signatures of Hydraulic Fracturing: A Preliminary Interpretation of Intermediate-Scale Data from the EGS Collab Experiment 1," [Presenter: Pengcheng Fu], Pengcheng FU, Martin Schoenball, Joseph MORRIS, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Hunter KNOX, Timothy KNEAFSEY, Jeffrey BURGHARDT, Mark WHITE, and EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(7) "Real-Time Microearthquake Event Detection and Location Using a Multiscale Scanning Approach for EGS Collab Experiments," [Presenter: Yu Chen], Yu CHEN, Lianjie HUANG, Martin SCHOENBALL, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Timothy KNEAFSEY, and EGS Collab Team [Paper]

Chair: Tianfu Xu

(8) "Wellbore Simulation to Model Calcite Deposition on the Ngatamariki Geothermal Field, NZ," [Presenter: George Allan], George ALLAN, Justin POGACNIK, Farrell SIEGA, Simon ADDISON [Paper]

(9) "A Fractal Gas-Water Relative Permeability Model in Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Pengliang Yu], Pengliang YU, Rosalind ARCHER [Paper]

(10) "A Discussion of Methodology Study on Geothermal Reservoir Evaluating," Jianyun FENG, Ying ZHANG, Zhiliang HE, Cheng GAO, Le ZHANG [Paper]

Chair: Bridget Ayling

(11) "Low Enthalpy Geothermal System at Dabeiba, Colombia; an Assessment Through the Hydrogeochemistry of Thermal Waters," [Presenter: Esteban Gomez], Esteban GOMEZ DIAZ [Paper]

(12) "The Recharge Characteristics in the Highly Geothermal Potential Area, Tatun Volcano Group, Taiwan," [Presenter: Jun-yi Lin], Jun-Yi LIN, Ching-Huei KUO, Chia-Mei LIU, Pin-Yi LEE [Paper]

(13) "A Nationwide Study of REEs in Geothermal and Produced Waters: Final Results," [Presenter: Charles Nye], Charles NYE, Ghanashyam NEUPANE, Scott QUILLINAN [Paper]

(14) "Geochemical Fluid Characteristics and Some Findings of Tracer Tests in the Ilan Geothermal Field, Taiwan," [Presenter: Ching-huei Kuo], Ching-Huei KUO, Peter ROSE and Chia-Mei LIU [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 3(A): EGS COLLAB 2
Chair: Stuart Simmons

(15) "The Necessity for Iteration in the Application of Numerical Simulation to EGS: Examples from the EGS Collab Test Bed 1," [Presenter: Mark White], M.D. WHITE, T.C. JOHNSON, T.J. KNEAFSEY, D. BLANKENSHIP, P. FU, H. WU, A. GHASSEMI, J. LU, H. HUANG, G.H. NEUPANE, C.M. OLDENBURG, C.A. DOUGHTY, B.H. JOHNSTON, P. WINTERFELD, R. POLLYEA, R. JAYNE, A.J. HAWKINS, Y. ZHANG, EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(16) "A Numerical Scheme to Reduce Numerical Diffusion for Advection-Dispersion Modeling: Validation and Application," [Presenter: Hui Wu], Hui WU, Pengcheng FU, Joseph P. MORRIS, Randolph R. SETTGAST, Frederick J. RYERSON, EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(17) "Code Modifications for Modeling Chemical Tracers and Embedded Natural Fractures at EGS Collab," [Presenter: Philip Winterfeld], Philip WINTERFELD, Bud JOHNSTON, Koenraad BECKERS, Yu-Shu WU, and The EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(18) "EGS Collab Experiment 1 Site Geomechanical and Hydrological Properties by Triaxial Direct Shear," [Presenter: Luke Frash], Luke P. FRASH, J.W. (Bill) CAREY, Nathan J. WELCH, and EGS Collab Team [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 3(B): DIRECT USE 1
Chair: JJ Jenks

(19) "Field Test of Horizontal Ground Heat Exchangers Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology," [Presenter: Hikari Fujii], Hikari FUJII, Shunsuke TSUYA, Retsu HARADA, Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA [Paper]

(20) "Feasibility of Development of Geothermal Deep Direct-use District Heating and Cooling System at West Virginia University Campus-Morgantown, WV," Nagasree GARAPATI, Oluwasogo ALONGE, Landon HALL, Victoria IRR, Yingqi ZHANG, Jordan SMITH, Pierre JEANNE; Christine DOUGHTY [Paper]

(21) "Risk Reduction in Geothermal Deep Direct-Use Development for District Heating: A Cornell University Case Study," [Presenter: Olaf Gustafson], J. Olaf GUSTAFSON, Jared D. SMITH, Stephen M. BEYERS, Jood A. AL ASWAD, Teresa E. JORDAN, Jefferson W. TESTER, Tasnuva Ming KHAN [Paper]

(22) "Long-Term Heating Test Using the Semi-open Loop Ground Source Heat Pump System," [Presenter: Hiroyuki Kosukegawa], Hiroyuki KOSUKEGAWA, Hikari FUJII [Paper]

01:30 pm SESSION 3(D): GEOLOGY 1
Chair: Tobias Weisenberger

(23) "Update to the Hawaii Play Fairway Project, Now in Phase 3," [Presenter: Nicole Lautze], Nicole LAUTZE, Donald THOMAS [Paper]

(24) "Geothermal Exploration North of Mount St. Helens: Washington State Play-Fairway Project," [Presenter: Drew Spake], Drew SPAKE, Alexander STEELY, Trenton CLADOUHOS, Michael SWYER, Corina FORSON, Matt UDDENBERG, Nicholas DAVATZES [Paper]

(25) "Conceptual Model for a Basalt-Related Geothermal System: Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, USA," [Presenter: Dennis Nielson], Dennis L. NIELSON, John W. SHERVAIS, Jonathan GLEN [Paper]

(26) "Hyperspectral Characterization of Fallon FORGE Well 21-31: New Data and Technology Applications," [Presenter: Kurt Kraal], Kurt KRAAL, Bridget AYLING [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 4(A): EGS COLLAB 3
Chair: Pengcheng Fu

(27) "Preliminary Collab Fracture Characterization Results from Flow and Tracer Testing Efforts," Earl MATTSON, Yuran ZHANG, Adam HAWKINS, Tim JOHNSON, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Ghanashyam NEUPANE and The COLLAB TEAM [Paper]

(28) "Characterizing Fracture Flow in EGS Collab Experiment Based on Stochastic Modeling of Tracer Recovery," [Presenter: Hui Wu], Hui WU, Pengcheng FU, Joseph P. MORRIS, Earl D. MATTSON, Adam J. HAWKINS, Yuran ZHANG, Randolph R. SETTGAST, Frederick J. RYERSON, EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(29) "Mechanistically Modeling of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation and Interaction with Natural Fractures at EGS-Collab Site," Hai HUANG, Ghanashyam H. Neupane, Robert PODGORNEY, Earl MATTSON and EGS COLLAB Team [Paper]

(30) "Getting Data Out of the Ground: Modern Data Challenges Facing EGS Collab, the DOE Geothermal Data Repository, and the Geothermal Industry," Jon WEERS, Jay HUGGINS [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 4(B): GENERAL 1
Chair: Nicole Lautze

(31) "Lessons Learned from the Growth of the Solar Industry," Sarah KURTZ [Paper]

(32) "A Brief Stocktake of the Deep Geothermal Projects in Bavaria, Germany (2018)," [Presenter: Ferdinand Flechtner], Ferdinand FLECHTNER, Katharina AUBELE [Paper]

(33) "A Reviewed Hydrogeothermal Evaluation of the Ďurkov Depression Hydrogeothermal Structure: Insights from Probabilistic Assessment and Sustainable Production Optimization," [Presenter: Branislav Fricovsky], Branislav FRICOVSKY, Ladislav VIZI, Klement FORDINAL, Radovan CERNAK, Daniel MARCIN [Paper]

Chair: William Osborn

(34) "A Fiber Optic Single Well Seismic System for Geothermal Reservoir Imaging and Monitoring," Bjorn PAULSSON, Mike WYLIE, Jon THORNBURG, Ruiqing HE, Halley HARDIMAN, Deep PATEL [Paper]

(35) "Extinct Geothermal Systems in the Continental Rift Zones of the Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia, Turkey," Nevzat ÖZGÜR [Paper]

(36) "Exploration of Geothermal Resources in Farafra Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt," [Presenter: Mohamed Mahmoud], Mohamed ABDEL ZAHER [Paper]

05:30 pm SESSION M: Wine and Cheese Reception
Chair: Roland Horne

Wine and Cheese Reception

Tuesday 12th February 2019
08:30 am SESSION 5(A): FORGE 1
Chair: Jaime Jose Quinao

(38) "Update on the Geological and Geochemical Understanding of the Utah FORGE Site," Stuart SIMMONS, Stefan KIRBY, John BARTLEY, Clay JONES, Emily KLEBER, Tyler KNUDSEN, John MILLER, Kristen RAHILLY, John McLENNAN, Tobias FISCHER, Joseph MOORE, Rick ALLIS [Paper]

(39) "Experimental Evaluation of Effect of Hydro-Shearing on Fracture Conductivity at the Utah FORGE Site," [Presenter: Joseph Moore], NADIMI, S., FORBES, B., MOORE, J., YE, Z., GHASSEMI A. and MCLENNAN, J. D [Paper]

(40) "A Framework for Modeling and Simulation of the Utah FORGE Site," Robert PODGORNEY, Aleta FINNILA, John MCLENNAN, Ahmad GHASSEMI, Hai HUNAG, Bryan FORBES, Janina Elliott [Paper]

(41) "Potential Use of Distributed Acoustic Sensors to Monitor Fractures and Micro-seismicity at the FORGE EGS Site," Robert MELLORS, Christopher SHERMAN, Pengcheng FU, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MORRIS, Frederick RYERSON, and Christina MORENCY [Paper]

Chair: Kewen Li

(42) "Temperature and Permeability Structure of Low Enthalpy Geothermal Field, Paratunsky, Kamchatka," Alexey V. KIRYUKHIN, Dennis L. NIELSON [Paper]

(43) "Constraining Conductive Heat Flux at the Surface Using Dimensional Analysis," Cary LINDSEY, Jerry FAIRLEY, Peter LARSON [Paper]

(44) "Controls on Geothermal Activity in the Sevier Thermal Belt, Southwestern Utah," Stuart F. SIMMONS, Stefan KIRBY, Rick ALLIS, Phil WANNAMAKER Joseph MOORE [Paper]

(45) "Integrating Magnetotellurics, Soil Gas Geochemistry and Structural Analysis to Identify Hidden, High Enthalpy, Extensional Geothermal Systems," Philip WANNAMAKER, James FAULDS, B. Mack KENNEDY, Virginie MARIS, Drew SILER, Craig ULRICH, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

Chair: Dennise Templeton

(46) "High-Resolution Imaging of a Geothermal Reservoir Using a Cost-Effective Dense Seismic Network," [Presenter: Roland Gritto], Roland GRITTO, Donald W. VASCO, Lawrence J. HUTCHINGS, Kurt T. NIHEI [Paper]

(47) "Seismic Imaging of Supercritical Geothermal Reservoir Using Full-waveform Inversion Method," [Presenter: Junzo Kasahara], Junzo KASAHARA, Yoko HASADA, Takashi YAGAGUCHI [Paper]

(48) "Integrating Magnetotelluric and Microseismic Data with Geothermal Reservoir Models," [Presenter: David Dempsey], David DEMPSEY, Jeremy RIFFAULT, Alberto ARDID, Ted BERTRAND, Rosalind ARCHER [Paper]

(49) "Technical Development for Geothermal Exploration by Seismic Survey and the Second Verification Experiment," Takuji MOURI, Naoshi AOKI, Akio HARA, Hisako MOCHINAGA, Takao NIBE, Kaoru SATOH, Yusuke KUMANO, Mamoru NAKATA, Akira FUJIWARA [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 6(A): FORGE 2
Chair: Peter Leary

(50) "Building and Utilizing a Discrete Fracture Network Model of the FORGE Utah Site," [Presenter: Aleta Finnila], Aleta FINNILA, Bryan FORBES, Robert PODGORNEY [Paper]

(51) "Mechanical Specific Energy Analysis of the FORGE Utah Well," [Presenter: Bill Rickard], William M. RICKARD, John MCLENNAN, Nasikul ISLAM, Ernesto RIVAS [Paper]

(52) "Analysis of Forge DFIT Considering Hydraulic and Natural Fracture Interactions," [Presenter: Ahmad Ghassemi], Amirhossein KAMALI, Ahmad GHASSEMI, John MCLENNAN, Joseph MOORE [Paper]

(53) "Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing of EGS with Application to Forge," Dharmendra KUMAR, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 6(B): DRILLING 1
Chair: Shigemi Naganawa

(54) "In-depth Investigations of Casing-Cement System Failure Modes in Geothermal Wells Considering Cement Voids and Improper Centralization," [Presenter: Catalin Teodoriu], Michael F. MENDEZ, Lihong HAN, Shangyu YANG, Catalin TEODORIU, Xingru WU, [Paper]

(55) "Cement De-bonding Under Elevated Temperature Conditions: What Is Different?," [Presenter: Catalin Teodoriu], Mi Chin YI, Catalin TEODORIU, Saeed SALEHI [Paper]

(56) "Identifying Casing While Drilling (CWD) Potential in Geothermal Scenario Along with Economics," [Presenter: Dipal PATEL], Dipal PATEL, Manan SHAH, Vivek THAKAR, Anirbid SIRCAR [Paper]

Chair: Lianjie Huang

(57) "Microseismic Focal Mechanisms and Implications for Changes in Stress During the 2014 Newberry EGS Stimulation," [Presenter: Ana Aguiar], Ana C. AGUIAR, Stephen C. MYERS [Paper]

(58) "Unravel Faults on Seismic Migration Images Using Structure-Oriented, Fault Preserving and Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering," [Presenter: Lianjie Huang], Kai GAO, Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(59) "Geophysical Characterization of the Northwest Geysers, California," [Presenter: Jared Peacock], Jared PEACOCK, Margaret MANGAN, Mark WALTERS, Craig HARTLINE, Jonathan GLEN, Tait EARNEY, William SCHERMERHORN [Paper]

(60) "Time-dependence of Seismic Wave Speeds in Volcanic and Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Bruce Julian], Bruce R. JULIAN, Gillian R. FOULGER, Najwa MHANA, Ceri NUNN, Andrew SABIN, David MEADE [Paper]

12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 7(A): EGS COLLAB 4
Chair: Yu Chen

(61) "Microseismic Correlation and Cluster Analysis of DOE EGS Collab Data," [Presenter: Dennise Templeton], Dennise TEMPLETON, Joseph MORRIS, Martin SCHOENBALL, Todd WOOD, Michelle ROBERTSON, Paul COOK, Patrick DOBSON, Craig ULRICH, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Timothy KNEAFSEY, Paul SCHWERING, Doug BLANKENSHIP, Hunter KNOX, and The EGS COLLAB TEAM [Paper]

(62) "Anisotropic Elastic-Waveform Inversion and Least-Squares Reverse-Time Migration of CASSM Data for Experiment I of the EGS Collab Project," [Presenter: Wenyong Pan], Wenyong PAN, Lianjie HUANG, Kai GAO, Jonathan AJO-FRANKLIN, Timothy J. KNEAFSEY, and EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(63) "EGS Collab Project Electrical Resistivity Tomography Characterization and Monitoring," [Presenter: Chris Strickland], Tim JOHNSON, Chris STRICKLAND, Hunter KNOX, Jonathan THOMLE, Vince VERMEUL, Craig ULRICH, Tim KNEAFSEY, Doug BLANKENSHIP, and The EGS Collab Team [Paper]

(64) "Failure Behavior of the Poorman Schist and Its Fractures from EGS Collab Stimulation Site," [Presenter: Zhi Ye], Zhi YE, Alex VACHAPARAMPIL, Xuejun ZHOU, Ahmad GHASSEMI, Tim KNEAFSEY [Paper]

Chair: Halldora Gudmundsdottir

(65) "Thermal Mapping of Icelandic Geothermal Surface Manifestations with a Drone," Grimur BJORNSSON, Gunnar GRIMSSON, Ari SIGURDSSON, Valdimar Steinar LAENEN [Paper]

(66) "Vectoring Into Potential Blind Geothermal Systems in Granite Springs Valley, Western Nevada: Application of the Play Fairway Analysis at Multiple Scales," James E. FAULDS, Nicholas H. HINZ, Mark F. COOLBAUGH, Alan R. RAMELLI, Jonathan M. GLEN, Bridget AYLING, Philip E. WANNAMAKER, Stephen DEOREO, Drew L. SILER, and Jason W. CRAIG [Paper]

(67) "Structural and Paleomagnetic Analysis of Geothermal Core, Akutan Alaska," [Presenter: Molly Johnson], Molly JOHNSON, Pete STELLING [Paper]

(68) "Sustainable Energy Development and Water Supply Security in Kamojang Geothermal Field: the Energy-Water Nexus," [Presenter: Yayan Sofyan], Yayan SOFYAN, Yunus DAUD, Jun NISHIJIMA, Yasuhiro FUJIMITSU [Paper]

Chair: Bjorn Paulsson

(69) "Geothermal Reservoir Imaging Using 2016 Walkaway VSP Data from the Raft River Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Benxin Chi], Benxin CHI and Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

(70) "Surface Deformation at the Heber Geothermal Field in Southern California," [Presenter: Mariana Eneva], Mariana ENEVA, David ADAMS, Vicky HSIAO, Giacomo FALORNI, and Roberto LOCATELLI [Paper]

(71) "Imaging the Blue Mountain Geothermal Site Using Seismic Interferometry," Eric MATZEL, Dennise TEMPLETON, Sutton CHIORINI and Trenton CLADOUHOS [Paper]

(72) "Adaptive Viscoelastic-Waveform Inversion Using the Local Wavelet Transform for Geothermal Reservoir Characterization at the Blue Mountain Geothermal Field," [Presenter: Wenyong Pan], Wenyong PAN and Lianjie HUANG [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

03:45 pm SESSION 8(A): EGS 1
Chair: Arjav Shah

(73) "Numerical Modeling and Laboratory Experiments on a Propagating Hydraulic Fracture Intersecting with a Preexisting Fracture," [Presenter: Ayaka Abe], Ayaka ABE, Takuya ISHIBASHI, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(74) "Induced Earthquake by Hot Dry Rock Power Generation - Influence of Injection Energy and Underground Structure -," [Presenter: Koichi Yamada], Tamaki ISHIKAWA, Koichi YAMADA [Paper]

(75) "Thermal Performance Implications of Flow Orientation Relative to Fracture Shear Offset in Enhanced Geothermal Systems," Rita Esuru OKOROAFOR, Roland HORNE [Paper]

(76) "Investigation of Fracture Permeability Evolution in Phyllite Reservoir Rock Specimen from Blue Mountain Geothermal Field," Bijay KC, Arash KAMALI-ASL, Ehsan GHAZANFARI, Nicolas PERDRIAL and Trenton T CLADOUHOS [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 8(B): MODELING 1
Chair: Nagasree Garapati

(77) "Reduced Models for Optimizing Well Placement and Scheduling," [Presenter: Rishi Adiga], Rishi ADIGA, John O'SULLIVAN, Andy PHILPOTT [Paper]

(78) "Working with Multi-million Block Geothermal Reservoir Models," [Presenter: John OSullivan], John O'SULLIVAN, Adrian CROUCHER, Angus YEH and Mike O'SULLIVAN [Paper]

(79) "Transient Thermoelectric Generation in Oil Wells Under Transient Production," [Presenter: Kai Wang], Kai WANG, Xingru WU [Paper]

(80) "Performance Evaluation of a Physics-Based Multi-Stage Preconditioner in Numerical Simulation of Coupled Fluid and Heat Flow in Porous Media," [Presenter: Xiangyu Yu], Xiangyu YU, Shihao WANG and Yu-Shu WU [Paper]

03:45 pm SESSION 8(D): GEOLOGY 2
Chair: Alexey Kiryukhin

(81) "Uncertainty and Risk Evaluation During the Exploration Stage of Geothermal Development: a Review," [Presenter: Jeff Witter], Jeff WITTER, Whitney TRAINOR-GUITTON, Drew SILER [Paper]

(82) "Identifying Potential Geothermal Area Beneath Thick Alluvium Sediments of Ilan Plain, Taiwan by Clay Mineral Assemblages and Petrography," [Presenter: Chia-Mei Liu], Chia-Mei LIU, Yu-Kai HU, Ching-Huei KUO [Paper]

(83) "Preliminary Conceptual Model of the Domo San Pedro Geothermal Field - Western Sector of Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, Nayarit, Mexico," Violeta Mirthala REYES OROZCO, David AVALOS TAPIA, Julio GARCIA TIRADO, Esteban RODRIGUEZ PINEDA, Fernando OCAMPO AGUILAR [Paper]

06:30 pm SESSION T: Reception and Dinner
Chair: Roland Horne

Reception and Dinner

Wednesday 13th February 2019
08:30 am SESSION 9(A): EGS 2
Chair: Trenton Cladouhos

(85) "Flow Path of Injected Water Inferred from Microseismic Monitoring in the Okuaizu Geothermal Field, Japan," [Presenter: Kyosuke Okamoto], Kyosuke OKAMOTO, Hiroshi ASANUMA, Takashi OKABE, Yasuyuki ABE, Masatoshi TSUZUKI [Paper]

(86) "Analysis of HDR Resources Development Potential in North China," Ying ZHANG, Jianyun FENG, Xiaoling Wu [Paper]

(87) "Geologic Setting of the Potential EGS Site at the Gonghe Basin, China: Suitability for Research and Demonstration of Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy Development," [Presenter: Tianfu Xu], Tianfu XU, Xu LIANG, Bo FENG, Zhenjiao JIANG [Paper]

(88) "A Techno-Economic Concept of EGS Power Generation in Pakistan," [Presenter: Muhammad Waqas], Mahmood ARSHAD, Muhammad ASSAD, Tayyaba ABID, Ahbar WAQAR, Muhammad WAQAS, Maryum KHAN [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(B): MODELING 2
Chair: Jonathon Clearwater

(89) "Three-Dimensional Temperature Simulations of the Acoculco Caldera Complex, Puebla, Mexico," Fernando J. GUERRERO-MARTINEZ, Rosa Maria PROL-LEDESMA, Eduardo J. GRANADOS-PASTRANA, Juan L. CARRILLO-DE LA CRUZ, Augusto A. RODRIGUEZ-DIAZ, Irving A. GONZALEZ-ROMO [Paper]

(90) "Modelling the Complex Structural Features Controlling Fluid Flow at the Carbfix Reinjection Site, Hellisheidi Geothermal Power Plant, SW-Iceland," Thomas RATOUIS, Edda Sif ARADÓTTIR, Ingvi GUNNARSSON, Gunnar GUNNARSSON, Sigrún TÓMASDÓTTIR, Sandra Ósk SNÆBJÖRNSDÓTTIR [Paper]

(91) "Modeling of Heat Extraction in Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells," [Presenter: Arjav Shah], Arjav SHAH, Sachchida Nand PANDEY, Vikram VISHAL, Sandip K. SAHA [Paper]

(92) "Benchmark Test and Sensitivity Analysis for Geothermal Applications in the Netherlands," [Presenter: Yang Wang], Yang WANG, Denis VOSKOV, Mark KHAIT, Sanaz SAEID, David BRUHN [Paper]

08:30 am SESSION 9(C): DIRECT USE 2
Chair: Frank Horowitz

(93) "An Analysis on Cost Reduction Potential of Vertical Bore Ground Heat Exchangers Used for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems," [Presenter: Xiaobing Liu], Xiaobing LIU, Yarom POLSKY, Defeng QIAN, Joshua MCDONALD [Paper]

(94) "Grid Adaptive Harmonic Adsorption Recuperative Power and Cooling System," [Presenter: Jj Jenks], B. Peter MCGRAIL, Jeromy J. JENKS, Radha K. MOTKURI, Nathan R. PHILLIPS and Paul L. PORTER [Paper]

(95) "Ground Source Heat Pump Application in Tropical Countries," [Presenter: Arif Widiatmojo], Arif WIDIATMOJO, Yohei UCHIDA, Isao TAKASHIMA, Kasumi YASUKAWA, Punya CHARUSIRI, Srilert CHOTPANTARAT, Sasimook CHOKCHAI [Paper]

(96) "Heat Transfer Experiment of a Deep Downhole Heat Exchanger," Chuanshan DAI, Haiyan LEI, Jiashu LI, Jialing Zhu [Paper]

Chair: Sara Shahmohammadi

(97) "Geothermal Drilling Training and Certification: Should It Be Different?," [Presenter: Catalin Teodoriu], Vimlesh BAVADIYA, Saket SRIVASTAVA, Catalin TEODORIU, Saeed SALEHI [Paper]

(98) "Application of Biosorption for Rare Earth Recovery from Geothermal Brines," [Presenter: Yongqin Jiao], Yongqin JIAO, Aaron BREWER, Dan M. PARK, Elliot CHANG, Laura LAMMERS, Tianyi KOU, and Yat LI [Paper]

(99) "Demonstration Tests of a Robust Engineered Geothermal System," George DANKO, Anita JOBBIK, Krisztian BARACZA, Gyula VARGA, Imre KOVACS, and Volker WITTIG [Paper]

(100) "The Future Role of Geothermal Resources in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California and Beyond," Wilfred A. ELDERS, William L. OSBORN, Arun S.K. RAJU, and Alfredo MARTINEZ-MORALES [Paper]

10:15 am BREAK

10:45 am SESSION 10(A): EGS 3
Chair: Robert Podgorney

(101) "Research Considerations for Foam Fracturing in Stimulation Development for Enhanced Geothermal Systems," [Presenter: Hong Wang], Hong WANG, Jy-An John WANG, Yarom POLSKY, Fei REN [Paper]

(102) "Coupling Crustal Seismicity to Crustal Permeability – Power-law Spatial Correlation for EGS-induced and Hydrothermal Seismicity," [Presenter: Peter Leary], Peter LEARY, Peter MALIN, Tero SAARNO, Pekka HEIKKINEN, Wahyuddin DININGRAT [Paper]

(103) "Seismic Time-lapse Approach to Monitor Temporal Changes in the Supercritical Water Reservoir," [Presenter: Junzo Kasahara], Junzo KASAHARA, Yoko HASADA, Haruyasu KUZUME, Yoshihiro FUJISE, Takashi YAMAGUCHI, Hitoshi MIKADA [Paper]

(104) "Processing of Magnetotelluric Data for Monitoring Changes During Drilling Operation," [Presenter: Nadine Haaf], Nadine HAAF, Eva SCHILL [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(B): MODELING 3
Chair: Mark White

(105) "Possibility to Use CO2 as Working Fluid from Temporally Closed Hydrocarbon Wells Generate Energy," Aniko TOTH, Elemer BOBOK, David FENERTY, Attila NYIKOS [Paper]

(106) "Subhorizontal Well Architecture and Geosteering Navigation Enhance Well Performance and Reservoir Evaluation. A Field Validation," [Presenter: Pierre Ungemach], Pierre UNGEMACH, Miklos ANTICS, Melanie DAVAUX [Paper]

(107) "Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Seismic Modeling of Fracture Reservoir Stimulation with Application to EGS Collab," [Presenter: Jianrong Lu], Jianrong LU, Ahmad GHASSEMI [Paper]

(108) "High-Enthalpy Geothermal Simulation with Continuous Localization in Physics," [Presenter: Yang Wang], Yang WANG, Denis VOSKOV [Paper]

10:45 am SESSION 10(C): DRILLING 2
Chair: Catalin Teodoriu

(109) "Downhole Sensors in Drilling Operations," Nathan PASTOREK, Katherine YOUNG, Alfred EUSTES [Paper]

(110) "Drilling Performance of PDC Bits for Geothermal Well Development in Field Experiments," Hiroyuki IMAIZUMI, Tetsuji OHNO, Hirokazu KARASAWA, Kuniyuki MIYAZAKI, Eko AKHMADI, Masahiro YANO, Yosuke MIYASHITA, Naoto YAMADA, Tetsuomi MIYAMOTO, Masatoshi TSUZUKI, Satoshi KUBO, Yasuyuki HISHI [Paper]

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Chair: Jerry Salera

(112) "The Impact of Pore-Scale Flow Regimes on Two-Phase Relative Permeabilities in Geothermal Reservoirs," [Presenter: Davide Picchi], Davide PICCHI, Ilenia BATTIATO [Paper]

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12:30 pm LUNCH

01:30 pm SESSION 11(A): EGS 4
Chair: Bisheng Wu

(116) "Numerical Study on Effects of Hydraulic Fracture Geometries on Heat Extraction Performance of a Multilateral-well Enhanced Geothermal System," [Presenter: Yu Shi], Yu SHI, Xianzhi SONG, Gaosheng WANG, Jiacheng LI, Feixue YULONG [Paper]

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Chair: David Adams

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01:30 pm SESSION 11(C): DRILLING 3
Chair: Abraham Samuel

(122) "Estimation of Bottom Hole and Formation Temperature by Drilling Fluid Data: A Machine Learning Approach," [Presenter: Volkan Aslanoglu], Sercan GUL, Volkan ASLANOGLU, Mahmut Kaan TUZEN, Erdinc SENTURK [Paper]

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(125) "Rate of Penetration (ROP) Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network for Nearby Well in a Geothermal Field," Astrini YUSWANDARI, Advarel PRAYOGA, Dorman PURBA [Paper]

03:15 pm BREAK

12:00 am SESSION 13: Publication Only
Chair: Roland Horne

(126) "Calculation Characteristics of A Feeding Aquifer of A Steam-Water Well by Wellhead Measurements," Alexandr SHULYUPIN, Alla CHERMOSHENTSEVA [Paper]

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