Over the years, I have changed my baskets from reed baskets to kelp baskets, and more. Hope you enjoy seeing some of my recent baskets.
Woven Baskets
an old basket
from 1996 - I used to sign the bottoms
Made while living in Menlo Park. Palm pieces from palms trees from Stanford.
Large laundry baskets that I give to friends and family as wedding gifts
With a little kelp on the edge
Bottom pattern of the laundry baskets
quite faded form the sunshine
in Hartland, MI
Top view of coiled baskets with
coconut cording.
One of my very few baskets with a top
Given to my realtor who helped me buy my first home in San Rafael
Side view of same basket.
Palm and canning.
My first or second bull kelp basket. I think I started in the summer of 2003.
Side view of kelp basket
Top view of kelp basket. Stipes of kelp and red elastic string.
bottom view of kelp basket
side view of kelp basket
First or second kelp basket
A wedding basket that my cat took as her own
made at my first Fiber convention
under the direction of Flo Hoppe
Looks like a simple basket  . . .
. . . but another basket is in the first . . .
A double walled basket!
from eucalyptus bark