Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Leif Thomas


Nicolas Grisouard (2013 - present) - Starting as Assistant Prof. at U. Toronto in 2015

2010 PhD Universite de Grenoble

2005 BS Physics, Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan

Graduate students

Ryan Holmes (EESS, 2011 - present)

2010 Physics Honours, Australia National University

Dan Whitt (EESS, 2011 - present) - NSF International Post-doctoral Fellow, 2015

2011 MSc Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University

2009 AB Math, BS Applied Math, Columbia University


Former graduate students

Jessica Benthuysen (WHOI/MIT Joint Program, 2006-2010; now faculty at Australian Institute of Marine Science).

2010 PhD Physical Oceanography, MIT/ WHOI Joint Program

2004 BS Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences, BS Physics, University of Washington

Maggie Hoffman

Maggie Hoffman (MSc. EESS, 2011 - 2013)

2013 MSc EESS, Stanford University

2009 BA Physics, University Colorado Boulder