Course Number

Course Title

Science / Engineering
CEE 262A Hydrodynamics
CEE 363F Oceanic Fluid Dynamics
CEE 364F Advanced Topics in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
EESS 246A Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics: The Atmospheric Circulation
EESS 246B Atmosphere, Ocean, and Climate Dynamics: The Ocean Circulation
ME 361 Turbulence
ME 451B Advanced Fluid Mechanics Flow Instablity
CEE 262B Transport and Mixing in Surface Water Flows
CEE 262D Introduction to Physical Oceanography
CEE 262F Ocean Waves
CEE 363G Field Techniques in Coastal Oceanography
PHYSICS 211 Continuum Mechanics
ME 351A Fluid Mechanics
ME 351B Fluid Mechanics
ME 461 Advanced Topics in Turbulence
EESS 241 Remote Sensing of the Oceans
EESS 244 Marine Ecosystem Modeling
EESS 305 Climate Change: An Earth Systems Perspective
CME 200 Linear Algebra
CME 204 Partial Differential Equations in Engineering
EESS 260 Advanced Statistical Methods for Earth System Analysis
CME 206 Introduction to Numerical Methods in Engineering
CME 302 Numerical Linear Algebra
CME 303 Partial Differential Equations of Applied Mathematics
CME 306 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
CME 326 Numerical Methods for Initial Boundary Value Problems
CEE 378 Statistical Analysis of Environmental Data
ME 408 Spectral Methods in Computational Physics
CEE 362G Stochastic Inverse Modeling and Data Assimilation Methods
GEOPHYS 281 Geophysical Inverse Problems
Modeling/Computer Science
CEE 262C Modeling Environmental Flows
CEE 264 Sediment Transport Modeling
ME 469 Computational Methods in Fluid Mechanics
CME 215A Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
CME 215B Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics
CME 211 Computer Programming in C++ for Earth Scientists and Engineers
CME 212 Introduction to Large Scale Computing



















Strongly recommended